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Petition to National University Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway)

Micheline's Three Conditions

Dr Micheline Sheehy Skeffington, a botanist for 34 years at NUI Galway, last month won a case against the University who were found to have discriminated against her because of her gender when they failed to promote her to Senior Lecturer. However, five other eligible women lecturers at NUI Galway were also denied promotion in 2009 and have a similarly strong case. Dr Sheehy Skeffington is donating her €70,000 damages to these women to help them pay legal fees to fight the University for their right to be promoted. The fight for women's rights is as important as ever. Women are overwhelmingly under-represented in senior academic roles at third-level institutions in Ireland. Of the Irish institutions examined, NUI Galway has the lowest percentage of women holding senior academic posts with only 21% at Senior Lecturer and above.  In addition, Dr Sheehy Skeffington, granddaughter of famous suffragette Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, has been asked by the University to join a task force designed to review gender equality practices. This is part of the aim to win an Athena SWAN award. She will agree to join the task force ONLY if the University meets three conditions, which she also feels are essential for the award. See e.g.  Please sign this petition and demand that NUI Galway meet Micheline's three conditions. When signing the petition, please indicate if you are NUI Galway staff, student, past staff or past student in the Commentary box.  These are Dr Sheehy Skeffington's three conditions:   1.   That NUI Galway promotes the five other women who, along with Dr. Sheehy Skeffington, were interviewed but not promoted in 2009 when only one woman was promoted out of 15 applying but 16 men were promoted out of 32 applying. The women want their promotion back-dated to 2009 but are willing to forgo any damages because it is the recognition of their worth which means most to them.  2.   That NUI Galway admits that the subsequent round of promotions in 2014, for which there have been at least 20 appeals, was also flawed. That NUI Galway immediately puts this right in a way which at least ensures gender balance among the successful candidates.  The only fair way to do this is to promote all the shortlisted candidates, all of whom were deemed eligible, as half of them were female.   3.   That the aim of any attempt by NUI Galway to address the issue of gender imbalance in senior posts be to have an equal number of women as men in such posts and that NUI Galway starts to achieve this aim by promoting the same percentage of women from each level as the percentage of women at that level. According to recent government statistics, in NUI Galway, there are 53% women lecturers (lowest level), but only 30% senior lecturers and 14% professors. For non-academic posts, it is a similar pattern.        

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Petition to bus eireann

Killaloe-Limerick 323, Petitition to Increase Very Limited Bus Service

I am looking for people to sign this petition so it can be sent to Bus Eireann to re-evaluate the Bus Timetable that serves Killaloe/Ballina which is very Limited and Outdated With a Growing Population between both Killaloe and Ballina with it currently standing at 2,442 for Ballina and 1292 for Killaloe, the bus service that serves these two towns is inadequate.  Lots of residents commute to and from Work,school,college, university and lots of tourists visit the area,relying solely on, an out of touch, very limited bus service. With 4 buses leaving Killaloe a day at 07.40,10.00,14.40 and 15.45 and 5 buses heading to Killaloe at 08.30,13.15,14.30,16.15 and 17.30 and no buses on a sunday it doesn't serve the community very well. With the Last bus leaving Killaloe at 15.45 it really limits tourists on visiting and Last bus leaving Limerick at 17.30, your fairly pushed to leave work on time to get the last remaining bus home. Especially if your not working in the city but places like Castletroy and Raheen with increased traffic due to rush hour it makes it nearly impossible to catch the last bus. Also with no bus service on a sunday any visitors staying overnight on a saturday are left with no public transport. I would propose the timetable to be changed,close the gap between the 10.00 and 14.40 bus, thats 4 hrs 40 mins between the next bus, one's whole day could be ruined by missing the bus at 10.00. I propose possibly pushing out the 17.30 to 18.15 to accommodate people finishing work at 5 and 5.30 so as to be able to travel to Arthurs Quay from the likes of Castletroy to catch the last bus home. I propose a late bus at 21.00 to accomodate students from Universities and Third Level Colleges like University of Limerick,Limerick Institute of Technology,Griffith College Limerick,Limerick College of Further Education,Central College Limerick and Mary Immaculate that need to stay late. I propose having a sunday service so visitors from Limerick and far awide can visit Killaloe thus increasing tourism and business. Maybe sunday service at 12 noon and returning at 18.00 hrs. I propose last bus leaving Killaloe from Monday to Sunday to be at least 18.00 so people can travel into Limerick in the evening times. I propose like the 10 o clock bus that the 07.40 also changes at Bridgetown so people working in Castletroy can avail of an alternative route in the mornings to get to work rather than just going the back roads heading in towards Corbally. I propose to increase the frequency of buses leaving Killaloe and Limerick, to take a realistic look at how people can benefit from using your service. I'm calling on all residents that live in Killaloe and Ballina, Neighbouring towns, Limerick and further afield that wish to see changes in the bus service to support me and sign this petition. The more signatures we have, the stronger a case we have on making changes to this service for the future and guarantee a proper service that serves the people. When this petition has received a significant amount of signatures,this petition and letter will be sent to head of Bus Eireann. Thank you for Support

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