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Free Nazanin Ratcliffe

My wife Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 37 year old charity worker, was on holiday visiting her family in Iran. She was at the airport returning to the UK on the 3rd April when she was detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. She has been transferred to an unknown location in Kerman Province, 1,000 kilometres south of Tehran, and is being held in solitary confinement. Gabriella Ratcliffe our 22 month old daughter (who has British citizenship only) has had her British passport confiscated, and is stranded in Iran with her grandparents. Nazanin has not been allowed to access a lawyer or her daughter. She has not been able to call out of the country to speak to me, her British husband, and the Red Cross have not been able to make contact. There have been no charges. Nazanin has informed her family that she has been required to sign a confession under duress, its content unknown. Her family have been informed that the investigation relates to an issue of ‘national security’. It is hard to understand how a young mother and her small child on holiday could be considered an issue of national security. She has been to Iran to visit her family regularly since making Britain her home. Nazanin currently works as a project manager for the Thomson-Reuters Foundation; which delivers charitable projects around the world. It does not work in Iran. Nazanin has now been in solitary confinement for over 30 days. Please help bring my wife and daughter home by signing my petition calling on our Prime Minister Theresa May to use her power and intervene.

Richard Ratcliffe
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Petition to home office, Amber Rudd MP

Ban Hezbollah in the UK in its entirety

Hezbollah is a Lebanese-based terrorist organisation banned throughout the world, including by the Arab League, United States, France and Israel, but not in the UK. This must change! Britain has only banned its "military" arm but not its "political" wing meaning there is a legal loophole that is currently allowing support for the organisation to grow. However Hezbollah, by its own admission, does not differentiate between its political and military wings. The flag, which features an assault rifle, is used for both. There is no difference! Hezbollah should be banned in the UK entirely. Hezbollah calls for Islamist revolution around the world, has carried out terror attacks for over 30 years, and calls for the “liberation of Jerusalem” and for the destruction of Israel. Backed by Iran, it has tens of thousands of rockets that can reach every city in Israel. Hezbollah is an anti-Israel, anti-West organisation that should NOT be allowed in Britain, yet on Sunday 18 June its supporters marched through central London flying Hezbollah flags. Organisers used the legal loophole to encourage protesters to carry the flag at the Al Quds march, which is an annual day created to call for the destruction of Israel.  Enough is enough. If Britain is to genuinely say "no to terror" then all terrorist organisations must be banned without compromise. Following the Arab League and United States in proscribing Hezbollah is one simple step that the UK Government can take in ensuring that extremism will not be tolerated in this country. Therefore, we call upon the UK Government to ban Hezbollah in the UK in its entirety.

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Petition to Nasrin Sotoudeh

Nasrin Sotoudeh: Please end your hunger strike – Iranians need you alive

Nasrin Sotoudeh is Iran's foremost human rights lawyer and a symbol for non-violent resistance in the pursuit of the rule of law in the Islamic Republic, according to the exiled human rights lawyer Mehrangiz Kar.   The 54-year-old was arrested in June and handed a five-year prison term after being sentenced in absentia – with no charges, no right to a defence – in a move that makes a mockey of Iran's own laws. On 24 August Ms Sotoudeh announced she was going on hunger strike to protest against the harrassment of her family at the hands of the authorities.  Her husband, Reza Khandan was arrested on 3 September. Both arrests have been condemned by Amnesty International and other human rights organisations.  Hadi Ghaemi of the US-based Center for Human Rights in Iran told the New Yorker: “Her arrest was Orwellian, as the agents carrying it out claimed she has a five-year sentence in a case that has been decided in secret. She and her husband have no idea of when this prosecution took place, under what charges, and based on what evidence. That is an unbelievable miscarriage of justice.” It is imperative that she ends her hunger strike for as Ms Mehrangiz Kar put in, in an interview of with Deutsche Welle radio, liquidating herself with a hunger strike will please her captors and deprive the people of Iran of a hero of resistance in the pursuit of the rule of law in Iran.  In short, we the undersigned, need you Ms Sotoudeh. We need you alive. We have heard your voice. We will relay your message to the world from outside Iran. Please end your hunger strike. As Ms Kar says: "We haven't got a hundred Nasrin Sotoudehs. We haven't got a thousand".   We have one. Please end your hunger strike.  (Photo: Kaveh Kazemi / Getty)

Peyvand Khorsandi
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