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Petition to Kerry McCarthy MP, BT, Virgin Media, Sky, VirginMedia

Better broadband speeds for Barkleys Hill, Bristol and environs

October Update: We have the quote and are now fundraising for the upgrade click here to donate We would like to petition the main broadband suppliers (BT, Sky, Virgin) to improve the substandard internet connection on Barkleys Hill and the neighbouring streets of Little Parr Close, Baileys Mead Road and The Chine. Superfast broadband is defined as a connection with download speeds of 24Mb or above. Broadband under 2Mb is considered to be slow enough to apply for a government grant.We have one of slowest internet connections in Bristol with download speeds of 2Mb to 5Mb and yet many of the surrounding roads in the area get download speeds of 22Mb to 40Mb. Our local exchange, Fishponds New (SSFIS), is enabled for Openreach FTTC and should be able to provide a better speed however the broadband suppliers need some additional convincing that it is financially worth their while to upgrade the connection. I am hoping that with this petition and completing the 'register your interest' links will help with this. Barkleys Hill is a family area and the slow speeds are surely putting a strain on households with the increase in mobile devices, streaming TV shows and sharing photos. Any resident trying to run a home business would struggle to keep an effective connection with the current speed levels. We would therefore urge residents and local businesses to push suppliers to take action to enforcing superfast broadband in the area to enable homes and offices to maximise their internet experience and to remove the current limitations and difficulties they face with lower upload speeds. Please check the website for updates and how you can help: I would urge all signees to register their interest directly as this will also make a big impact: BT:

Eva B
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Petition to Commerce Commission Fiji, Consumer Council Fiji

Internet Service Providers in Fiji should be providing better services- data and support.

The consumers in Fiji need better access to the Internet. The current providers are not being competitive enough and are taking advantage of the consumers in Fiji by splitting data into peak and off peak usage and limited data caps. Considering Fiji has the Southern Cross Cable directly connected to it, they provide an unfair service for which the people are already paying for. The Internet Service Providers in Fiji need to: Provide better consumer services. Provide larger data caps. Give freedom to consumers to use their data when they please to do so. The ever growing industries on the internet have pushed light years ahead and the consumers in Fiji are not able to use the internet to its maximum potential. We need better data packages and services from our Internet Service Providers so we can keep up with the rest of the world.   Internet Service Providers in Fiji should be providing better services- data and support. The consumers deserve data packages which are sufficient and does not limit half of the usage from midnight to early morning when most of the consumers are asleep. Better data caps need to be given so consumers can access services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, PSN, YouTube, and relevant websites where the people of Fiji can further their knowledge and use the same for entertainment purposes as well. In this interconnected world, we also need more data to keep track of relevant political issues that occur around the globe. This would also enable more Fijians to put themselves out there in the world on a global scale and potentially help many of us make a way of living through the commercial capacity.

Raman Reddy
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