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Internet Access for Rural Teachers & Students

The lack of broadband internet in the rural communities of Alexander/Caldwell County is a huge issue.  Especially at a time such as now.  I find many of the efforts disingenuous, as most of the county outside of city limits still lack modern broadband internet access. The lack of access to consistent, wired broadband internet is a daily frustration and barrier to success for those living in rural areas within these counties. Let me clear up any misunderstanding before going any further, "rural" in Alexander/Caldwell County is not the same as being hundreds of miles in the middle of nowhere Montana.  I live just outside of the Northwestern part of Alexander County in the Northeastern part of Caldwell, a mere 8 miles to the city limits of Lenoir and 8 miles to the city limits of Taylorsville city limits.  Secondly, Complaining about the lack of internet access isn't about watching the latest movie on Netflix or playing the latest online game. We are limited to two choices of home internet: satellite internet or mobile carrier provided hotspots.  Both are slow, throttled and very expensive.  Neither of these options can keep up with the amount of data and the required speed of daily applications and websites, providing single digit mbps speeds.  They are both throttles offerings, meaning you are limited to a certain amount of data each month.  They both cost hundreds of dollars a month. Internet has never been more vital than at a time like this.  Basic functions in 2019 have now become critical in 2020. I could fill a page in the newspaper with all the hassles: the majority of our kids can hardly access or complete their online school work; some online textbooks don't even load because the connection is so slow; teachers working from home cannot access email or complete online planning for students; banking applications timeout, causing errors; some websites don't even work all-together; having online security systems is not an option; sharing large files for personal or work-related reasons is brutally slow. People across the county are trying to continue business and school from home during this unprecedented time and cannot achieve progress without better internet.  Small businesses struggle to keep a strong signal and waste much needed revenue on higher bills, farmers are limited from accessing more modern tools, and many people are self-employed or remote-based employees for companies. We are long past the days when internet access is optional or a luxury.  Internet access must be a basic utility, no different than electricity and water.  That is not hyperbole.  It's a necessity in today's America and without it, segments of our population fall farther behind in every aspect of life. Please contact these providers on our behalf and take the necessary measure to mandate that they provide access for our community.  The latest response I received from At&t today 4/1/2020, "Sorry, maybe if you get enough people interested in your area we could set up service in your location".  That's not good enough.  The service is in our area they just refuse to allow new accounts to access these services.  

Rebecca Beckner-Richey
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Petition to Joko Widodo, Menkopolhukam, Menkominfo

Nyalakan lagi internet di Papua dan Papua Barat

[English below] Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika Republik Indonesia pada Rabu (21/8) malam mengirimkan siaran pers yang mengejutkan. "Kementerian Komunikasi dan Teknologi Informasi Republik Indonesia memutuskan untuk sementara waktu memblokir layanan Data Telekomunikasi, mulai Rabu (21/8) hingga atmosfer di tanah Papua kembali kondusif dan normal." Kenapa Papua? Apa salah Papua pada Indonesia? “Kita sudah 74 tahun merdeka, seharusnya tindakan-tindakan intoleran, rasis dan diskriminatif tidak boleh terjadi di negara Pancasila yang kita junjung bersama,” tulis Gubernur Papua dalam keterangan pers pada Minggu (18/8). Gubernur Papua Lukas Enembe juga menyatakan protes dan meminta perlakukan yang adil dari Indonesia dengan tidak mengucapkan kata yang merendahkan dan tidak pantas kepada masyarakat Papua. Apa karena itu mereka salah? Apa karena masyarakat Papua di sejumlah kota dan kabupaten turun ke jalan menuntut pelaku rasisme di Insiden Surabaya agar dihukum dan memperlakukan mereka secara sederajat, seperti Provinsi Papua di Kota Jayapura, Kab. Mimika dan Kab. Jayapura dan di Provinsi Papua Barat di Kab. Manokwari, Kota Sorong dan Kab. Kaimana. Kemudian menyusul di Fakfak hari Rabu (21/8) ini? Kalau mereka tidak salah, lalu kenapa internet di Provinsi Papua dan Provinsi Papua Barat diblokir hari ini? Siaran Pers No. 155/HM/KOMINFO/08/2019Pernyataan Pers Kemkominfo RIRabu, 21 Agustus 2019 Pemblokiran Data di Papua dan Papua Barat Untuk mempercepat proses pemulihan situasi keamanan dan ketertiban di Papua dan sekitarnya, setelah berkoordinasi dengan aparat penegak hukum dan instansi terkait, Kementerian Komunikasi dan Informatika RI memutuskan untuk melakukan pemblokiran sementara layanan Data Telekomunikasi, mulai Rabu (21/8) hingga suasana Tanah Papua kembali kondusif dan normal.Kalau tidak salah, kenapa sebelumnya dilakukan pembatasan informasi dalam bentuk bandwith throttling yang dilakukan di Papua sejak Senin (19/8) pukul 13.00 sampai 20.30 WIT dan Selasa (20/8) oleh Kemkominfo atas permintaan Kepolisian Republik Indonesia. Tahukah kamu, kalau tindakan blokir dan pembatasan akses malahan membuat masyarakat di luar Papua tidak bisa mencari kebenaran peristiwa yang terjadi, mengecek keselamatan sanak-saudara, karena masyarakat di Papua tidak bisa mengirim pesan. Langkah sensor/internet shutdown dalam bentuk blokir data dan pencekikan internet di provinsi Papua dan Papua Barat dengan dalih menekan peredaran hoaks harus kita protes bersama. Tindakan blokir dan pembatasan akses informasi ini melanggar hak digital, terutama hak warga negara untuk dapat mengakses informasi yang sebenarnya dilindungi oleh pasal 19 ICCPR. Kebebasan berpendapat, termasuk kebebasan menyatakan tuntutan terkait self determination atau hak untuk menentukan nasib sendiri, adalah hak asasi manusia yang diatur dalam pembukaan UUD 1945, Konvenan Hak Sipil dan Politik, serta Konvenan Hak Ekonomi, Sosial, dan Budaya yang telah diratifikasi Indonesia. Dukunganmu sangat dibutuhkan, suaramu akan sangat berarti, tindakanmu akan membuktikan kecintaanmu pada Papua dan Papua Barat yang merupakan bagian dari Indonesia tercinta. Kalau kamu cinta Indonesia dan juga cinta Papua, ayo kita serukan #NyalakanLagi internet di Papua dan Papua Barat Denpasar, 21 Agustus 2019 Damar JuniartoExecutive Director SAFEnetSoutheast Asia Freedom of Expression Network/SAFEnet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #KeepItOn in Papua and West Papua! The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia on Wednesday (21/8) night send a shocking press release. “The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia decided to temporarily block the Telecommunications Data services, starting Wednesday (21/8) until the atmosphere in the soil of Papua returned to being conducive and normal.” Why Papua? What has Papua done wrong to Indonesia? “We have been independent for 74 years, actions of intolerant, racist and discriminatory must not occur in the country of Pancasila that we uphold together,” the Governor of Papua wrote in a press release on Sunday (8/18). Papua Governor Lukas Enembe also expressed his protest and asked for fair treatment from Indonesia by not saying derogatory and inappropriate words to the people of Papua. Is that why they are wrong? Is it because Papuan in the Papua Province (Jayapura City, Mimika and Jayapura Regency) and West Papua Province (Manokwari Regency, Sorong City, Kaimana Regency, and Fakfak Regency which happened on Wednesday (21/8)) have taken to the streets and demanded the racist perpetrators in Surabaya Incident to be punished and to treat Papuan as equals? If Papuan have done nothing wrong, why the internet is blocked in Papua and West Papua provinces today? Press Release Number 155/HM/KOMINFO/08/2019Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Press ReleaseWednesday, August 21, 2019Data Blocking in Papua and West Papua To accelerate the process of restoring security and order in Papua and surrounding areas, after coordinating with law enforcement officials and related agencies, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the Republic of Indonesia decided to temporarily block the Telecommunications Data services, starting Wednesday (21/8) until the atmosphere in the soil of Papua returned to being conducive and normal. If Papuan have done nothing wrong, why Ministry of Communication and Information Technology–at the request of the Indonesia National Police–restricted information in Papua from Monday (8/19) at 13:00 to 20.30 East Indonesia Time and Tuesday (8/20) by throttling the internet bandwidth? Blocking and restricting access to the internet in Papua and West Papua instead will make it harder for people living outside of the two provinces to verify facts and what has happened, to check on the safety of friends and relatives because people in Papua have no or limited access to send messages. We need to collectively protest this decision to censor or shut down the internet (by data blocking and internet throttling) in Papua and West Papua, which was done under the pretext of suppressing the circulation of hoaxes. The blocking and restricting access to information violate digital rights, especially citizens’ rights to access information which is protected by article 19 of the ICCPR. Freedom of opinion, including the freedom to declare demands related to self determination or the right to determine oneself, is part of human rights that are regulated in the opening of the 1945 Constitution, the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which are already ratified by Indonesia. Your support is needed. Your voice is meaningful. Your action is important. Let’s call for Indonesian Government to #KeepItOn in Papua and West Papua. Denpasar, August 21, 2019 Damar JuniartoExecutive Director of SAFEnetSoutheast Asia Freedom of Expression Network/SAFEnet Link: 

SAFEnet/Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network
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