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Petition to Theresa May MP

Stop Julian Assange being evicted and arrested by British Police.

Julian Assange is the creator of the website WikiLeaks, this website is a place in where whistle blowers and other government officials commonly expose corruption inside their administration. What got this website famous was when Julian published a video named "Collateral Murder", this video contained a video of a US Army Squadron located in Iraq,  firing missiles and machine guys at innocent citizens from a helicopter, while firing these weapons, the squad also killed two journalists for the news site Reuters, the news site tried to get the video under the freedom of information act but they failed to get the video sent. Two young children were almost killed with many others but left with only serious injuries. Julian Assange is currently living inside the Ecuadorian Embassy located in the United Kingdom, today it was exposed that the United Kingdom and the Ecuadorian Embassy are trying to get him evicted with a serious agreement, when he is evicted he will instantly be arrested by British Police. Mr Assange has been inside the Embassy for 6 years now, and his health is getting bad, he is not fit for a jail cell. Julian is the knight in the fight for freedom online, he does not deserve to be arrested, and he is scared that the American Government will almost force the British government to send him there for trial due to the documents he put online. After reading you may now ask, what is the real reason I should sign this petition to protect this man? That reason is that if you want to not be watched online by your government, every link and every message you send to be watched, let this man free and let him keep fighting for free speech. German Translation: Julian Assange ist der Schöpfer der Webseite WikiLeaks. Diese Website ist ein Ort, an dem Whistleblower und andere Regierungsbeamte häufig Korruption innerhalb ihrer Verwaltung aufdecken. Was die Webseite berühmt machte, war die Veröffentlichung des Videos "Collateral Murder" durch Julian. Es zeigte, wie ein im Irak stationiertes US-Armee-Schwadrons Raketen und Maschinengewehre auf unschuldige Bürger aus einem Hubschrauber feuerte. Dabei töteten sie unter anderem zwei Journalisten der Nachrichten-Webseite Reuters. Die Agentur versuchte über das nationale Informationsfreiheitsgesetz an das Video zu kommen, was ihnen nicht gelang. Zwei kleine Kinder starben beinahe; viele andere trugen schwere Verletzungen davon. Julian Assange lebt derzeit in der ecuadorianischen Botschaft in London. Heute wurde bekannt, dass Großbritannien und die ecuadorianische Botschaft an einem Abkommen arbeiten, ihm das Asyl zu entziehen und aus der Botschaft hinaus zu werfen. Rausgeworfen, wird er sofort von der britischen Polizei verhaftet werden. Mr Assange lebt nun seit 6 Jahren in der Botschaft Ecuadors, seine Gesundheit verschlechtert sich, und den Umzug in eine Zelle würde er nicht verkraften. Julian ist ein Verfechter der Meinungsfreiheit im Internet, der eine Verhaftung nicht verdient hat. Er hat Angst, dass die USA Großbritannien quasi dazu zwingen wird ihn-wegen der Dokumente die er veröffentlicht hat- für eine Strafverfolgung dorthin Auszuliefern. Nachdem Sie das jetzt gelesen haben fragen Sie sich vielleicht was der wahre Grund ist, warum Sie eine Petition um diesen Mann zu schützen unterschreiben sollten. Ganz einfach: Wenn Sie im Internet nicht von der Regierung ausspioniert werden wollen, jede Textnachricht oder E-Mail die sie verschicken von Dritten mitgelesen wird, verhelfen Sie diesem Mann zur Freiheit, damit er weiter für Meinungsfreiheit kämpfen kann.  Portuguese Translation:Julian Assange é o criador do site WikiLeaks, este site é um lugar onde denunciantes e outros funcionários do governo geralmente expõem a corrupção dentro de sua administração. Ele tornou-se famoso quando Julian publicou um vídeo chamado "Collateral Murder", este vídeo continha imagens de um Esquadrão do Exército dos EUA localizado no Iraque, disparando mísseis e metralhadoras contra cidadãos inocentes de um helicóptero, enquanto disparavam mataram dois jornalistas do site de notícias Reuters, o site de notícias tentou colocar o vídeo sob a liberdade de informação, mas eles não conseguiram o vídeo enviado. Duas crianças pequenas quase morreram junto com muitas outras pessoas, mas ficaram com apenas ferimentos graves. Julian Assange está atualmente morando dentro da Embaixada do Equador localizada no Reino Unido, hoje foi exposto que o Reino Unido e a Embaixada do Equador estão tentando levá-lo a despejo com um acordo sério, quando ele for expulso será imediatamente preso pela Polícia Britânica. Assange está dentro da embaixada há 6 anos e sua saúde está piorando, ele não está apto para uma cela. Julian é o cavaleiro na luta pela liberdade online, ele não merece ser preso, e teme que o governo americano quase force o governo britânico a mandá-lo para julgamento por causa dos documentos que ele expos. Depois de ler, você pode perguntar: qual é a razão pela qual eu devo assinar esta petição, sera para proteger este homem? A verdadeira razão é que, se você não quiser ser observado e vigiado pelo seu governo, por cada link e cada mensagem que você enviar, deixe este homem livre e deixe-o continuar lutando pela liberdade de expressão.  

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Petition to European Parliament's Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI)

Stop censorship in Europe

EN / BG / DE The EU is proposing that robots should decide what can and can not be shared by us. Yep, that’s right - robots. Article 13 is a provision in the EU Copyright Reform mandating that all content uploaded to the internet be monitored by robots and potentially deleted if a likeness to existing copyrighted content is detected. Robots do not understand when the content is used lawfully for purposes of quoting, analyzing, criticizing or educating purposes, under licenses or in remixes. We cannot allow robots to monitor our actions on the Internet and censor them. Why does this interest me? Robots will decide what can and can not be shared by us. They have no sense of humor, irony, or nuance. They do not distinguish the legitimate use of foreign authorship from piracy - they will simply wipe out. Robots do not understand when the content is used lawfully for purposes of quoting, analyzing, criticizing or educating purposes, under licenses or in remixes. Robots will monitor our actions on the Internet and censor them. Robots will limit our access to knowledge. The robots will end the open internet without the censorship Europe knew so far. This ruling will be voted on in April 2018, alongside with another one thousand amendments to the proposal to reform EU Copyright. Whether a creator or a consumer, everyone who uses the internet will be affected by this law — which is why we all need to speak out against it. If you are a creator or independent business, the content that you upload to share with your audience might be deleted without your consent. Creators include but are not limited to Artists –such as Cartoonists, Gamers, Illustrators, Photographers, Documentary Filmmakers, Animators, Musicians, DJs, and Dancers,– Bloggers, Journalists, and Technologists. Online platforms will be required to implement complex filtering systems and will be held liable for copyright infringement, potentially incurring fines that threaten their economic viability. Article 13 would restrict the ability of internet users to consume content –meaning they won’t be able to find and enjoy diverse kinds of cultural expressions that they have grown accustomed to. The days of communicating through gifs and memes, listening to our favourite remixes online or sharing videos of our friends singing at karaoke might be coming to an end. Ultimately, the internet culture that has emerged in recent years –a culture that enables connections and democratises information– will become bureaucratic and restrictive Please sign our petition to stop Article 13 from being implemented!    

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Petition to Google Inc., Google, Inc, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Google UK Limited, UK Parliament

Call on Google to Lift Anti-Censorship Blocks on Iranian People

Over the past few days, Iranians all over the country have been protesting and standing up for their basic human rights. So far, at least  21 people have died, with at least 450 people arrested alone in Tehran. Iranians have been using social media applications such as Telegram, a messaging app that offered them a crucial platform for the free flow of information, often used to connect and organise effectively.  On 31st December 2017, Iran blocked the use of Telegram in an attempt to stop the anti-government protests across the country from spreading further as part of a clampdown on Iranian citizens' internet communications. This has resulted in many Iranians turning to alternatives to communicate, either local platforms or turning to insecure and compromised circumvention tools to bypass the filters. The risk of surveillance and further repression by the Iranian authorities is often very real. As an alternative to the now blocked Telegram, Iranians could potentially use secure messaging apps such as ‘Signal’ to connect and organise. Trusted by well-respected cryptographers and privacy advocates, Signal has been long targeted by repressive governments and censored in countries like Iran and Egypt. In Egypt however, the platform was able to make use of an in-built circumvention technique called ‘domain fronting’. According to cybersecurity expert Collin Anderson, Signal’s feature to bypass filtering uses a cloud platform called Google App Engine (GAE) to conceal traffic. However, Google's decision to filter GAE in Iran means Google is denying Iranians access to Signal’s circumvention features. In a recent interview, Dr Steven Murdoch, a security researcher in the Computer Science Department at University College London, noted that this decision by Google could be due to export control.  Additionally, Anderson notes that in reality GAE could be labelled as cloud services which would be exempt from sanctions. GAE could possibly be exempt under OFAC  GL D-1 under which, Google could make GAE available to users in Iran allowing them to connect safely. Alternatively, Google could simply whitelist important services that use AppEngine such as Signal. This way Google would not be violating their own interpretation of sanction laws. With this, Google could potentially aid in secure and unfiltered communications in Iran and live up to its own slogan of 'AppEngine for All'-including Iranians. Please sign this petition to:  Call on Google Inc. & Google Limited UK to investigate this matter immediately. Call on Google to either lift the block the company has placed on its service of Google AppEngine for Iranian users or whitelist safe messaging applications such as Signal for Iranian users. Call on U.S & UK politicians and officials to stand by their words to support the Iranian people and free flow of information, urging Google to investigate this matter, encouraging Google to provide a solution on this matter immediately.  Please help us spread the word by sharing this petition and use #GoogleForIran 

Azadeh Akbari
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