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Petition to AT&T

To the appropriate ISP: Get better internet for Ranting Monkey!

This is primarily an experiment to see if an ISP will respond to a significant enough public response. Regardless of your opinions of the man, the Ranting Monkey is a public personality with an audience of tens of thousands. He streams his thoughts to a live audience, usually in the 150-250 range on a regular basis. Currently, his former ISP (which I BELIEVE is AT&T) does not provide him with robust enough service to livestream from OBS, and his satellite service has high latency (which prevents him from having proper live discussions). I want to see if we can get his former ISP to bump up the service to his location (without forcing him to pay the astronomical costs associated with increased service). It is well known that Monkey did NOT receive the service as advertised that he paid for on that ISP. Maybe if we all let the company know there's a demand for internet at his location, they'll consider it good public relations to deliver him at least HALF the internet speeds he was supposed to be getting on his previous plan. I figure the company could contact me over Twitter at @QuippersUnited OR @Ranting_Monkey if they're really interested in helping. I do NOT represent the Ranting Monkey. In fact, there's a good possibility he doesn't want me making this petition (as he hates dealing with ISPs), but while I enjoy Monkey's content, it's funny as hell to spite him.

jack gunski
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Petition to Ephrata Borough Council

Affordable & Quality Internet for Ephrata

The struggle to find an affordable and quality ISP (internet service provider) within Ephrata is a problem for many. There are few options. Blue Ridge Communications, Windstream, HughesNet, and Frontier are the few options available. The only one that offers true high-speed internet is Blue Ridge Communications. This creates a problem. Blue Ridge Communications has become a monopoly in the area. With no competition, it gives Blue Ridge every opportunity to raise their prices and place data caps. With no other companies to turn to, people are stuck. Blue Ridge knows this and abuses this fact. Their prices rise every year and data caps are placed. (Data caps are almost unheard of nowadays.) For many, Blue Ridge is simply not affordable. Some may go without internet at all. Little to no care is given to their customers. Often complaints go unheard. To resolve this issue, more competition needs to be welcomed into Ephrata. Xfinity and Verizon Fios are two possible examples. With more competition, the quality of service is guaranteed to improve. Competition is what makes things more affordable and better in quality. In this day and age where internet is a necessity and not a luxury, it is important that affordable and quality internet is available to all. If we do not resolve this issue, it may be a deterrent for future people to move into Ephrata, or it may force people out of our community. If we invite more competition into Ephrata, it will also create more jobs and boost the local economy.  The local community of Ephrata deserves affordable, quality internet.  

Kirstin Miner
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