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Petition to YouTube

#DoNotDemonetize Channels With Under 1,000 Subscribers

On January 16, 2018, YouTube unveiled a slew of changes to its YouTube Partner Program of which YouTubers must be a part in order to earn ad revenue from their hard work on the platform. These changes are the absolutely ridiculous new requirements of having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past year. New channels had to immediately meet these thresholds before entering the YouTube Partner Program while pre-existing channels were kicked out of the program on February 20 if they did not meet both of these requirements. Thus, we are demanding that YouTube abolish these new requirements and undo demonetizing these small YouTubers for having under 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. Not only do these new rules obviously hurt already-established channels such as mine, but they also greatly hinder the ability of regular people with a dream to make YouTube their fantastically entrepreneurial job. For example, here comes a personal story, my personal story. My name is Shane Mumma and I'm the man behind the technology YouTube channel Warenotice. I started Warenotice back in 2015 when I was going through quite a hard period in my life. I was a freshman in high school and I was treated poorly by my peers, and I felt as if I was trapped in a horrible place. Then, I started Warenotice. It was my way out of whatever nonsense kids gave me at school. It was, to be honest, my "happy place." My videos were popular and I loved it. I've been totally dedicated to Warenotice ever since and now I have nearly a quarter of a million total views on YouTube. But you know what I didn't have when YouTube announced these rule changes? 1,000 subscribers. So, when I read that YouTube was making these changes (you can read them for yourself here) it absolutely broke my heart. YouTube saved me from despair and makes me happier than I can even put into words. And the fact that this great feeling is set to be stolen from me soon is terrifying and deeply saddening. It's hard to justify to others spending hours upon hours working on videos if I'm not earning so much as a penny. It's also hard to even make those videos without money--I'm a tech YouTuber who needs to unbox things, and unboxings can get expensive. I also know a handful of other small YouTubers who are just getting started on the platform. The thought that the big iron hand of YouTube is set to crush their dreams too is also significantly saddening. It was bad enough that YouTube had set a 10,000 total view minimum for monetization earlier, but hey, at least that would only amount to give or take $10 of loss in the long run for YouTubers. But this early 2018 YouTube Partner Program change is absolutely ridiculous and inexcusable. I know that I will not stand by while YouTube crushes my aspirations, the aspirations of my friends, and the aspirations of small YouTubers worldwide in an effort to please giant corporate advertisers scared off by the disgusting likes of Logan Paul. YouTube, we all come from humble beginnings, and so do you. It's time you remember this and #DoNotDemonetize the up and coming YouTube star that every single last one of us is.   Sincerely, Shane Mumma CEO, Warenotice

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Petition to U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

There’s been enough election misinformation: Tell Congress to pass the Honest Ads bill

With the midterms over, the time is now to focus on what the 2020 election could hold. In both the 2016 and 2018 elections, Russian financed bots and fake accounts coordinated a vast propaganda campaign to divide Americans and spread disinformation. There’s a solution waiting in the wings. The Honest Ads bill would require all online political ads to be under the same scrutiny as TV and radio campaign advertising. Over 200 million Americans get their news online and from social media. Right now, the Honest Ads bill is waiting to be brought to a vote in the Senate. Elections have consequences, tell the U.S. Senate and House to pass Honest Ads bill and stop these bots. Election after election has been flooded with misinformation campaigns led by the Kremlin. During the height of the 2016 presidential race, Russian entities bought $100,000 in political ads to specifically target, misinform, and divide Americans. They bought ads on multiple social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. These posts overwhelmed election content, accounting for roughly 30% to 40% of all election oriented Tweets in key swing states. Even Facebook wants to see the Honest Ads bill become law. In order for elections to work, the electorate (aka: the people), need to be well informed. That can’t happen when fake accounts are misinforming voters. Now that over 70% of Americans get their news from social media and online platforms, it’s never been more important to pass the Honest Ads bill. Demand Congress protect Americans from Kremlin-funded agendas, pass the Honest Ads bill.

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate

Tell Congress to protect privacy, companies shouldn’t be able to buy & sell location data

Mobile phone apps collect detailed location data, everyday. What it does with that data has now come to light. Some 75 companies receive anonymous location data mined from smartphone apps. Many of those companies say that they track up to 200 million devices in the United States alone. While this may sound shocking, there is currently no federal law against the collection and sale of location data. Tell Congress to stand up for data privacy, make it illegal to collect and sell location data. Any app where location services is turned on, like weather apps and map apps, can be used to collect and later sell location data. A recent New York Times investigation shows just how intimate this data can be. A teacher’s location data showed how long she was at the doctor and every place she’s been: from her ex-boyfriend’s, to work, to the airport, and even a hike she went on. Location data is collected without phone numbers or other personal information, but the data collected is tied to a unique ID number. That ID number allows individuals with access to the raw data to identify a person without their consent. It can be done through targeting someone’s residence, work, or other places they hangout. Once collected, location data is sold to retailers and advertisers for targeted advertising. Just in 2018, location-targeted advertising reached $21 billion in sales. Even IBM is getting involved, by purchasing the Weather Channel’s apps. Everyone has a right to privacy, but big companies are profiting off of location data. Tell Congress to act now to protect the privacy of Americans. There is no federal law limiting the collection and sale of consumer location data. Tell Congress to protect data privacy, companies shouldn’t be able to buy and sell location data.

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