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Petition to Comcast, AT&T

The Lie of Comcast Data Caps

In an increasingly cloud connected and IoT world, we are faced with a conundrum. Many of the population of the U.S.A live in an area where the is either a functional duopoly or monopoly on internet connections or has limited access to internet at all. In my area in West Michigan we have two choices, AT&T (which is VERY slow ~15mbps AND has data caps) or Comcast (which has data caps). So Comcast is the only real option for a true high-speed connection. In a world where games no longer come on disks, but are available ONLY as downloads, this 1024 GB usage limit is a reverse in modernization of our ISPs and a clear money grab by a company that does NOT care about the customer, but only their bottom line. To put 1024 GB into perspective, Gears of War 4, has a download size of over 100GB, so you could use up 10% of your available data on ONE game. When the rest of your family is streaming music, Netflix in 4K, Youtube, Hulu, downloading/uploading images, or as a photography professional, uploading RAW images which could range in 30-50MB EACH, you can see where this begins to be a problem.  To be clear, I am 100% pro capitalism, but this is how capitalism works, they have a choice to make ridiculous and anti-consumer decisions in their policies, and we have a choice to fight it or leave. In this case there is no real option to leave, so we will have to fight it! Comcast claims, arbitrarily, "A terabyte of data is enough to power 12,000 hours of online gaming in a month." This is a vast overstatement, and a total misdirection for the average consumer. This data is a number that THEY came up with, does not include voice chat over services like Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, etc, and does not include streaming to Twitch. It also does not include ANY other use of the internet, including updating those games that you are playing, which require frequent updates to even start up, or any other usage or streaming on the internet by anyone else in the house. Another claim by Comcast is that this is about "fairness" and that "you use more, you'll pay more, you use less, you'll pay less" but again, this is at best a misdirection, and at worst a total lie. Those who use less are not paying less, they are paying the same that we all already have been paying, and are only increasing the cost for those of us who utilize their internet connections everyday. Also, the amount of data you are using does not affect Comcast in anyway and does not increase costs to Comcast at all. This is completely and unequivocally a money grab. In conclusion, as more and more things become internet connected, video becomes higher quality, games get larger, and more people have more than 1 device connected at a time, this data cap sets a dangerous precedent for everyone, and not just "the 1% of users use more than 1TB of data" as our worlds become increasingly connected. This can turn into what the cellphone industry turned into, paying for different amount of data access, and no one wants that, except money hungry Comcast!  

Anthony Punt
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Petition to Gary Peters, David Perdue, Debbie Stabenow, Ted Cruz, John Cornyn, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Karen Handel, Johnny Isakson, Rob Portman

Save Net Neutrality

     Net neutrality preserves the right to communicate freely on the internet. Net neutrality requires internet service providers (ISPs) to give everyone equal access to everything you use on the internet-- email, watching videos, reading news articles, and listening to music. It prohibits ISPs from slowing down, speeding up, or blocking content on the internet. It is how the internet has always worked. Unfortunately, this is being threatened by the FCC- the Federal Communications Commission.     If the FCC ends net neutrality, then how we’ve used the internet changes completely. ISPs will be able to block content, slow down internet access, and favor websites over others. It will also end the Title II of the Communications Act, which charges ISPs for blocking content or slowing down internet and creating “fast lanes.” “Fast lanes” would allow certain internet service providers to give internet access faster than any other service providers. Ending net neutrality could have global impacts and change the way the world shares information and changes how information is processed.     As high school seniors about to enter into the real world, we cannot imagine what life would be like if we did not have net neutrality. Net neutrality allows us to use our freedom of speech on a platform that is like no other. I can go on the internet and research something without the fear that an ISP has favored a certain website that is completely biased one way or blocked certain websites.     If you believe we should have free access to the internet, sign this petition to show your support. This issue is time sensitive and must be addressed. Support free and open internet! Thank you for your support, Katie Lemon and Virginia Rowlett    

Katie Lemon
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Petition to Barbara M. Jenkins

Stop OCPS From Limiting Our Education

So let's start by facing a truth that we are all aware of on some level, but usually, try not to face - our educational system is a joke. It emerged at the time of the Industrial Revolution and it is designed to cater to that time of history and not current social reality. Education is still trying to grind children down to the size that would fit the needs of the industrial revolution and makes an attempt at making all children “equal”. We can see this in the way we assign importance to different subjects. The most important subject in school is still Maths, followed by languages, sciences, humanities with arts and music at the very bottom. This is the value that was assigned because of the needs of the Industrial Revolution and nobody had the guts to revise the curriculum in such a way that would be adequate to the modern society which allows creative types equally lucrative career opportunities as Engineers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, and Investors alike can actually do pretty well in the contemporary world.   It's not a secret that we only use a minuscule part of the things that we've learned at school. I know the argument that studying all of those subjects expanded our brains and though us thinking, I see this as a cheap cop-out. Most of us spend between 11 and 13 years in education before we even start talking about a specialized degree and it's between 2 and 3 times the time people spend studying in the university. It is inexcusable that we have so little useful life knowledge and skills. We study so many details and we never get the big picture. We learn to do things that most us will never use in their jobs or personal life. No disrespect to the teachers and principals of the world, but if this is what we have to show for, we are all wasting our times.I'm not saying we should completely throughout Biology, Physics or Math, but we should try to dig ourselves out of the unnecessary details and try to see and understand the big picture. So am I saying that there should be no more math classes? No of course not, The big picture I am pushing here is Self Education.   Take a look at the most successful and smartest entrepreneurs in the world, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, even the founders of the biggest social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. Do you know what that all have in common? It’s the Self-Education, they didn’t learn what they know from some standardized math class or from a packet of papers that were given to them as homework, they learned because they all had the drive to go out and learn what they wanted to know. Why aren’t we making it easier for kids to learn things that will actually help them in a future career? Who cares about memorizing some math formula or learning every chemical reaction in the Krebs Cycle for Biology, things are being cut off from students. The biggest way we are being cut off from self-education is the internet access that is given to students. Students at school are able to view only a certain category of websites, which is understandable, obviously, things of pornographic nature or things along those lines can and should be blocked, but they are literally blocking students from self-education. They block all stock and investment trading websites, they block all community forums like StackExchange and other community outlets for education, all these kind of sites are blocked both at school and at home on the students provided computers. Why are we blocking students from learning the stock market or learning knowledge from billionaires on places like Reddit and StackExchange, this provides 0 benefits to the school and holds back a lot of students from their true learning potential, even, this website you're looking at right now is blocked! Students can’t even petition!   Our goal is not to stop the common core, but to help students get knowledge that can actually help them within the real business world, We want OCPS schools to unblock online trading websites and unblock community forums that allow us the learn and better ourselves. We want a more open and free internet that gives us the right to petition, gives us the right to learn and gives us the right to be free as individuals while absorbing the benefits of being able to self-educate. Sign our petition to get OCPS schools to give us a more free and open internet for learning and building students to be the entrepreneurs and CEOs of tomorrow. #freethemind  

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