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Petition to Linda Adair, Veronica Adair, Marion Adair, Heather Adair

Let Garrett Adair (RobinOW) stay at his Grandma's place so he can continue to stream.

Hello, I'm Garrett Adair, known online as "RobinOW." I'm a moderator on a twitch stream run by "iDuskk" and I have been planning on doing live streams myself. Although as life would have it, due to many family issues and school-related issues (Most being out of my control) I am being forced to move to my dad's place. You see, I've been living at my Aunt/Grandma's place for some time now, they have good high-speed internet and I have used my own money to buy an expensive gaming PC. My dad, on the other hand, has satellite internet. Not only that, but he's had a history of drug abuse, and beating his kids with large paddles labeled "ass beater." Sometimes I and my aunt don't see eye to eye, and we get in fights, but I'm afraid this will be much, much worse for me. I will not have the resources to stream much less do my homework when I return from school.There IS a solution, however. I've been going to a virtual school, that didn't quite work out. There's still another school near the condo that I could go to, But my family refuses, saying it's "Too dangerous." That is a lie, my Dad only wants me to be with him so I can help work on his land and soon to be farm, With no care whatsoever when it comes to school.I'm a smart, intelligent individual, my intelligence would be wasted on a farm if this were to happen.So I'm asking you, reader, please, it would make me beyond grateful if even one single person signed this. I can't let my intelligence be wasted. I need help, but the internet is truly the only place I can get that help from.

Garrett Adair
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Petition to Comcast, AT&T

The Lie of Comcast Data Caps

In an increasingly cloud connected and IoT world, we are faced with a conundrum. Many of the population of the U.S.A live in an area where the is either a functional duopoly or monopoly on internet connections or has limited access to internet at all. In my area in West Michigan we have two choices, AT&T (which is VERY slow ~15mbps AND has data caps) or Comcast (which has data caps). So Comcast is the only real option for a true high-speed connection. In a world where games no longer come on disks, but are available ONLY as downloads, this 1024 GB usage limit is a reverse in modernization of our ISPs and a clear money grab by a company that does NOT care about the customer, but only their bottom line. To put 1024 GB into perspective, Gears of War 4, has a download size of over 100GB, so you could use up 10% of your available data on ONE game. When the rest of your family is streaming music, Netflix in 4K, Youtube, Hulu, downloading/uploading images, or as a photography professional, uploading RAW images which could range in 30-50MB EACH, you can see where this begins to be a problem.  To be clear, I am 100% pro capitalism, but this is how capitalism works, they have a choice to make ridiculous and anti-consumer decisions in their policies, and we have a choice to fight it or leave. In this case there is no real option to leave, so we will have to fight it! Comcast claims, arbitrarily, "A terabyte of data is enough to power 12,000 hours of online gaming in a month." This is a vast overstatement, and a total misdirection for the average consumer. This data is a number that THEY came up with, does not include voice chat over services like Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, etc, and does not include streaming to Twitch. It also does not include ANY other use of the internet, including updating those games that you are playing, which require frequent updates to even start up, or any other usage or streaming on the internet by anyone else in the house. Another claim by Comcast is that this is about "fairness" and that "you use more, you'll pay more, you use less, you'll pay less" but again, this is at best a misdirection, and at worst a total lie. Those who use less are not paying less, they are paying the same that we all already have been paying, and are only increasing the cost for those of us who utilize their internet connections everyday. Also, the amount of data you are using does not affect Comcast in anyway and does not increase costs to Comcast at all. This is completely and unequivocally a money grab. In conclusion, as more and more things become internet connected, video becomes higher quality, games get larger, and more people have more than 1 device connected at a time, this data cap sets a dangerous precedent for everyone, and not just "the 1% of users use more than 1TB of data" as our worlds become increasingly connected. This can turn into what the cellphone industry turned into, paying for different amount of data access, and no one wants that, except money hungry Comcast!  

Anthony Punt
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