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Petition to Spectrum, AT&T, Jack Bondon, Vicky Hartzler, Bob Huston, Monty Kisner, Jimmy Odom

Help get reliable broadband internet service to Cass County, Missouri

Hundreds of homes don't have access to reliable broadband internet in Cass County Missouri.  Even homes within 1 mile of the Belton Missouri city limits and many other areas including rural Cass county can't get internet.  The area in particular from 187th to 205th, and Y Highway to Stateline Rd there is no hardwired internet provider.  Spectrum and AT&T both have fiber trunks running through the area but will not create taps for homes in the area to receive internet service.   You would think that in 2020 Cass Countians would have access to something as common as broadband internet especially with the current pandemic and many children will be learning from home, and many adults working from home.  Internet is the one thing that will keep us all connected and moving forward in these unprecedented times.  By having internet it can also help keep everyone safe and and reduce crime because many consumer products like Nest and Ring cameras require the internet to operate. My family recently moved 1 mile south of Belton in an area where there are hundreds of homes with 3 -10 acre lots and none of them have access to broadband internet.  We have 4 kids and as of now they will be starting in-person school but there is a good chance it will change to remote learning very soon.  Satellite and hotspot internet providers are not reliable, expensive, and very slow.  All students and families deserve the same opportunities as kids inside city limits. We need fellow Cass Countians and the elected officials to get internet to every household in Cass County.  Spectrum and AT&T are only worried about their own profits and are not worried about what is best for the citizens of Cass County.  Please sign this petition and support our mission to get reliable, affordable internet service for all of Cass County.  Thank you!

Stephan Hosterman
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Petition to Hinds County Board of Supervisors, C Spire, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon

Hinds County, MS High Speed Internet

Most citizens of unincorporated parts of Hinds County, Mississippi still DO NOT have access to high-speed Internet services. High-speed Internet or "Broadband" is defined, by the FCC, as service that has speeds of AT LEAST 25 megabits per second (mbps) for downloads and 3 mbps for uploads. See: Most Hinds County homeowners, if they have any Internet access at all, are most likely limited to outdated and unreliable DSL service that is very slow with speeds as low as 1 mbps download and 0.25 mbps upload. Satellite internet has failed, for most subscribers, to deliver advertised speeds and reliability due to its high latency (lag) design, throttled speeds, and weather sensitivity.  Cellular companies offer some relief with phones, tablets and hotspots, however even plans labeled as "unlimited" are actually capped at unrealistic monthly usage thresholds for this decade, slowing speeds down to DSL and lower, once your plan limit is reached.  The lack of high-speed Internet in our county unfairly and unnecessarily deprives many citizens of the required level of internet access needed to effectively utilize the plethora of modern and advanced educational, governmental, medical, and consumer services that are available on the Internet.  In the current pandemic, with the need for more telework and video-conferencing has pushed this issue to the boiling point. As a rural community with significant time and distance challenges to conveniently and efficiently reach services, one can argue that high-speed internet is much more essential to rural communities than urban ones. It is time for Hinds County to move into the 21st century!  We call on all of our county leadership, as well as internet providers, to step up and proactively pursue fiber installation or fixed wireless internet offerings on all public roads in Hinds county, and to census residents as to their willingness to have cabling/equipment installed to their homes.  Affordable (actual) high speed internet, with a high monthly data cap of 1 terabyte (Tb) or, alternatively, truly unlimited, is our request.

Thomas Weathersby
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