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Petition to Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

#FreeEmilio: Do Not Deport Award-Winning Journalist Emilio Gutierrez to Mexico

As supporters of press freedom and human rights, we are asking that Mexican journalist Emilio Gutierrez, who is currently being held in the Federal Detention Center in Sierra Blanca, Texas, not be deported to Mexico. Mr. Gutierrez, who is the recipient of the National Press Club’s 2017 John Aubuchon Award for Press Freedom, has been living in the United States for nine years since fleeing Mexico. His reports on abuses by the Mexican military in his hometown forced him to flee for his life. He sought asylum in the U.S., but his request was recently denied. Mr. Gutierrez and much of the journalism community believe that he will be killed upon return to Mexico if he is deported. We urge the U.S. government to find a place for him here in the States or allow him to transit to a third country where he will be safe. Mr. Gutierrez has no criminal record. He and his son Oscar have supported themselves in the food service industry while living in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They willingly surrendered in El Paso on December 7 and were handcuffed and taken to the facility at Sierra Blanca 90 miles away from their attorney in El Paso. Mr. Gutierrez and Oscar were moved back to the detention facility in El Paso on December 12. Please sign this petition to prevent Emilio's deportation before it's too late. #freeemilio

National Press Club
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Petition to United Nations Security Council

Don't Abandon the People of Darfur and Renew UNAMID's Mandate

Since 2003, government sponsored militias in Darfur have been waging a widespread campaign of ethnic cleansing against Darfur’s non-Arab population, utilizing arbitrary arrests, summary executions and rape as weapons of war. It took over 250,000 deaths to convince the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in 2007 to authorize the deployment of the United Nations-African Union Mission in Darfur (UNAMID). Reports of atrocities ceases to abate, illustrated by the October 2014 mass rape of approximately 200 women and girls by government soldiers in the town of Tabit in less than 36 hours. With the death toll now well over 300,000, the Sudanese government insists that the peacekeeping mission’s mandate, due for renewal on the 30th of June 2015, be scrapped entirely. Please sign our petition to demand the UN Security Council to extend UNAMID’s mandate and not leave Darfur’s people at the mercy of government sanctioned death and rape squads! In addition to the prospect of UNAMID’s abrogation, Darfuri civilians continue to lack adequate protection due to the peacekeeping mission’s troubling history of partiality towards Khartoum and its sponsors, illustrated by various cover-ups of heinous crimes against humanity and its reticence to go after armed groups operating in Darfur. On top of restrictions dictated by Khartoum, the lack of proper oversight and accountability has prevented UNAMID from thoroughly executing its stated mandate, leaving Darfuris to suffer the genocidal policies of the Sudanese government to this day. We must speak up and demand action. If world leaders are failing in their responsibility to end genocide, it is essential that we, the global citizenry, speak up and remind our policymakers that turning a blind eye in the face of ethnic cleansing renders the international community complicit in such acts of barbarity. Please sign our petition to demand an immediate renewal of the peacekeeping mission’s mandate. Demand that the UN investigate UNAMID’s record of irregularities and provide a thorough oversight mechanism that keeps the peacekeepers accountable to the world and to the people of Darfur.

Niemat Ahmadi
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Petition to Russian Federal Migration Service

Release my family from Moscow Airport and grant them asylum from Syria

My sister Gulistan, her husband Hasan, and their four children aged 3 to 13, have been forced to sleep on the floors of Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow for over 40 days. Fleeing their war-torn home, my family travelled to Russia, where I live, for sanctuary. But Russian authorities have denied them asylum and won’t allow them in the country. Impossible for them to turn around and return to Syria, they have been in exile in an airport smoking-room, where it’s impossible to take a shower, get fresh air or receive medical care. Vladimir Putin and Minister of the Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov constantly declare that "we must help the Syrian people." They should start with helping Gulistan and her children. Instead, the Russian authorities have accused Gulistan and her family of crossing the border illegally. Border guards put them in a temporary detention facility with their children for two weeks. Then they were returned back to the transit zone of Sheremetyevo Airport. And last week, authorities denied my sister and her family refugee status, effectively making them prisoners of the Moscow airport. My 13-year-old nephew Renes said he just wants to sleep securely without being afraid of explosions at night and having to flee to shelter. I just want Gulistan and her family be safe - and that is why I am asking the Russian authorities to provide them at least temporary asylum in Russia. If you want to help my sister and her family, help me show the Russian government that people around the world want them to be freed from this terrible situation they have become trapped in. Please, sign my petition and help my sister, her husband and their little children to at least temporarily escape from war. Your voice could decide my family’s future.

Tamara Osman
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Petition to Western Union

Waive your wire transfer fees to Nepal to help earthquake victims.

Thousands of people are sending money to Nepal via Western Union to help those in need, but a large chunk of that money isn’t getting to those who need it most. I left Nepal to come to the US in 1996 and have called America my home ever since. Over the years, I have relied on companies like Western Union to get money to my family quickly and easily. But today I am asking Western Union to play their part in the Nepalese relief efforts and waive their usual service fee for people wanting to wire money to help the victims during this devastating time in our country's history. In times like these every dollar has the potential to save a life. Join me and ask Western Union to waive their fees to make sure the victims get the most out of every donation. My name is Deependra Adhikari. For the past 19 years I have called the US my home but I still have loved ones in my homeland of Nepal. After April 25th’s devastating earthquake I heard from cousins whose entire villages have been leveled, friends who have had to bury loved ones and endless tales of loss and hardship. And while the earthquake has come and gone the survivors still have an uncertain future. During my two decades here I have seen that, in times of tragedy, Americans are often the first ones to stand up, open their wallets and lend a hand to help whoever needs it. From everyday people on the street to big businesses, I have seen them all pitch in whether the tragedy is at home or abroad. Companies like Facebook, T-mobile and Google have all done their part and now I am asking for Western Union to do the same. Join me and ask Western Union to do the right thing and waive their wire transfer fees to Nepal so that every dollar goes to the people who need it most, the victims of the earthquake.

Deependra adhikari
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