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Petition to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pramila Jayapal, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Clay Higgins

US Stance on Legitimacy of Kurdish Independence Referendum Requires a National Vote

The Kurdish people have held an independence vote. They have chosen time and time again to not kneel or bow in the face of death itself. Sunni Muslim men and women of the Peshmerga fought and died to keep ISIS out. When Saddam was in power, the Kurds were bombed with chemical weapons. They want democracy, they want freedom, and they obviously want independence. Whether or not the independence referendum and the results of their referendum, which were 92% in favor with ~3 million ballots cast, should be considered legitimate cannot and must not be decided by an unelected oil tycoon claiming to speak on behalf of the American people. The decision of whether or not America recognizes the Kurdish independence referendum needs to be a decision made directly by the American people. I urge you to call for and successfully negotiate a nation-wide vote in America to determine our nation's formal stance on the legitimacy of the Kurdish independence referendum. If we do not do this, we turn our backs to the very ideas that the American nation was founded upon and that our Kurdish brothers and sisters champion. As stated in our country's Declaration of Independence: "When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

Thomas Rakes
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Petition to President of the United States, US Commerce Department, US State Deparment

US State Department: Implement the "Proposal" with the Chinese Government to Resolve the US Listed Chinese Companies Stock "Scandal" - Please Sign the Petition!

Open Letter Proposal” / Solution to the Media / Public / US Government RE: Major US Listed Chinese Companies Stock “Scandal” Dear Sir / Madam: Please support this “Proposal” / Solution by signing the petition.  Thank you. Many Chinese companies listed in the US, after getting American money from the US citizens/investors (shareholders), stopped filing financial reports and stopped communicating with them (shareholders).  One of those companies is Duoyuan Global Water Inc. (DGW).  DGW started trading on NYSE on June 24, 2009.  Through the two public offerings in 2009 and 2010, about it raised more than 192 million dollars from the US citizens/investors.  The last financial report filed with the SEC was on March 22, 2011 (Form 6K, for the quarter and year ended 12/31/2010), since then it has not communicated any financial and operating information to the shareholders.  They like many other small to mid cap US listed Chinese companies went ‘dark’, ‘silent’, ‘in hiding’. DGW’s actions is an example of the fraudulent, scamming, abusive, fiduciary breaching, anti-shareholder model / formula used by many other Chinese CEOs.  Please refer to Appendix B – Sample List of Problem US Listed Chinese Companies.  This sample of fourteen (14) companies is a small sample of the many US listed Chinese companies that have gone “dark”, delisted, and / or revoked from NASDAQ or the NYSE by the SEC.  The problem list is long, please visit: This issue was pursued by the media for a brief period in early 2013, but it’s gotten worse and should be reported and picked up by the media again: This Chinese stocks “scandal” is potentially much larger and wider in scope than the “Madoff Scandal”. The sociopathic and corrupt Chinese company CEOs have essentially abandoned all the shareholders in the USA by stopping any communication.  Recovering the value of the assets in China has been a huge challenge to the shareholders of those companies in the US.  To address this challenge, DGW (Duoyuan Global Water, ticker: DGWIY) and DYP (Duoyuan Printing, ticker: DYNP) shareholders formed a shareholder group, led by David Yee.  After analyzing all possible options, the group decided to seek help from the US government and Chinese government. Currently, the Chinese government is asking the US government to seize the assets of corrupt Chinese officials in the US.  The group is asking the US government to negotiate with the Chinese government to buy-out all the US shareholders of the US listed Chinese companies.  The group is proposing: THE “PROPOSAL 1. For those Chinese companies listed in the US that have been revoked or have not filed financial reports for two or more years (see Appendix B for examples), use the Money seized from the corrupt Chinese officials in the US (who moved to the US with assets stolen from or that belong to China, attempting/hoping to hide/escape) to buy out the US shareholders (all the shareholders excluding the insiders) at not less than 70% of the book value reported in the last financial report. a. China will warn the managers of those companies in China that they have violated the US securities laws by not filing the financial reports and ask them to comply with the securities laws within three months.  If they cannot comply with the securities laws, they should consider buying out the shareholders at fair price that is usually not lower than the net asset price, in order to resolve the issues with the shareholders. b. For those companies that do not file all the necessary financial reports and do not offer buy-out at a price of not less than 70% of the book value after three months.  Chinese government will offer buy-out of the shareholders using the assets seized from the corrupt Chinese officials in the US. 2. Apply article 183 (Chapter X) of China corporate law to those companies without buy-out in the previous step.  China assigns a specific court in China to handle all the cases that involve those Chinese companies listed in the US.  If the share price have been below 25% of the book value for one or more years, the interests of the shareholders is considered to have heavy loss if the company continues to exist.  If shareholders, whose combined ownership in the US parent company can be translated into 10% or more of ownership of the business entity in China, vote to dissolve the corporation (to sell the business), the Chinese court will sell the business in China based on article 183 (Chapter X) of China corporation law. Our “Proposal” / business transaction complies with US corporate law and Chinese corporate law so it should be straightforward to implement, enforce, and complete.  For additional information to show that the “Proposal” is similar or in line with what other countries, such as Australia and Canada are doing, see Appendix A. The group along with shareholders of other Chinese companies listed in the US is now contacting various media, rights & activists groups/organizations, and government departments, agencies and officials (both elected and non-elected) to discuss the “Proposal” and get their support.  The group expects that many other US citizen shareholders and their supporters from all across the USA will join this effort/action and help the government and media understand that this “US Listed Chinese Company stock scandal” has hurt small investors and Middle America far more than the infamous “Madoff scandal”.  The group believes that the proposal offers the best practical solution to alleviate the pain caused by the “US Listed Chinese Company stock scandal” to the US citizens. Our goal is to get the US government to negotiate with the Chinese government to buy-out the shareholders using the money seized in the US.  There will be no financial cost to the US government.  Instead, it will offer many benefits to the USA and Global financial/capital community and investors.  Firstly, getting the Chinese government to buy-out the shareholders in the US will help keep the money in the USA after seizing the assets of corrupt Chinese officials.  Secondly, it will motivate Chinese government to pressure the Chinese management of those companies to comply with US securities laws in the future.  Thirdly, knowing that there are strong repercussions for fraud and abuse of USA Citizen shareholders/investors, it will restore confidence in Chinese and other overseas companies that are listed in the USA. The timing is perfect to resolve this with the “Proposal” solution we have brought forth to the US Government, given the Chinese Premier’s mandate is to crack down and punish corruption and graft, for reference: For those companies where a buy-out is not possible, the group thinks that selling all the China assets is a good solution to realize the values.  This can be achieved based on Article 183 (Chapter X) of China corporate law.  This also requires help from the Chinese government.  AgFeed Industries Inc (stock ticker was FEED) is a good example of how China assets can be sold to realize the value for the US shareholders: On behalf of the many hard-working, mostly middle class US citizens who have lost a significant portion of their retirement funds and assets investing in Chinese company stocks that were allowed to list on the US Stock Exchanges by Wall Street, NYSE, Nasdaq, investment bankers, and promoters, we hope the Media, SEC, and US Government will support and publicize our “Proposal” / Solution as well as make the public aware of this “scandal”. Again, Please support this “Proposal” / Solution by signing the petition.  Thank you. Sincerely, David Yee, and All similarly situated USA Citizen investors/shareholders of the Problem US Listed Chinese Company Stocks and their Supporters APPENDIX A – SOURCES AND REFERENCES The following two reports highlight China's effort in getting US to seize assets of corrupt Chinese officials in the US: "China seeking help during APEC from US, Canada, Australia in global hunt for corrupt officials" "China Anti-Corruption Campaign Boosted by Asia Ministers’ Pledge" Anti-Corruption is the top priority of China as it even used the APEC forum to push for this.  It shows that Australia is now cooperating with China and Canada will sign an agreement with China soon.  Negotiation between China and the US is still on going. As soon as possible, Shareholders and their Supporters need the US State Department, Commerce Department, SEC, the President of the United States, and all related US Government agencies who have the power to act and enforce our “Proposal” / Solution. APPENDIX B SAMPLE LIST OF PROBLEM US LISTED CHINESE COMPANIES COMPANY TICKER SYMBOL 1 DUOYUAN GLOBAL WATER INC. DGWIY 2 QIAO XING MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS INC. QXCMF REVOKED, 8/23/2012: 3 QIAO XING RESOURCES INC. (Parent of Qiao Xing Mobile Communications Inc., same Chairman/CEO, started out the Nasdaq as Qiao Xing Universal Telephone Inc. on 5/14/1999) XINGF REVOKED, 8/23/2012 4 DEER CONSUMER PRODUCTS, INC. DEER 5 CHINA ELECTRIC MOTOR INC. CELM 6 FUQI INTERNATIONAL, INC FUQI 7 WEIKANG BIO-TECHNOLOGY GROUP CO., INC WKBT 8 CHINA NORTH EAST PETROLEUM HOLDINGS LTD CNEP 9 CHINA SKY ONE MEDICAL, INC. CSKI 10 YUHE INTERNATIONAL, INC. YUII 11 A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. APWR 12 TELESTONE TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION TSTC 13 CHINA SUN GROUP HIGH-TECH CO. CSGH 14 SINOHUB, INC. SIHI 15 DUOYUAN PRINTING, INC. DYNP REVOKED, 10/27/2014:

DGW (Duoyuan Global Water) and DYP (Duoyuan Printing) Shareholders Group
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Petition to Christy Clark, Richard Scott (Governor), Terry McAuliffe, Gary Herbert, The Premier Christy Clark, The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Kyung-Pil Nam, Jae-Myung Lee

Tell Sister State, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.

Governor Terry McAuliffe of Virgina, Governor Rick Scott of Florida, Governor Gary Herbert  of Utah, Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia(Canada) and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk of Queensland(Australia): Tell Sister State, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats. Gyeonggi Province of South Korea became a sister state with the U.S. states of Utah in 1983, Virginia in 1997, and Florida in 2000, and Queensland, Australia in 1997 and British Columbia, Canada in 2008. This, despite the fact that Gyeonggi Province, South Korea is responsible for a horrendous dog and cat meat trade. In South Korea, home to global companies such as Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Daewoo, SK, and POSCO, an estimated 2.5 million dogs are tortured and slaughtered every year because of the greed of dog eaters and the dog meat industry. One of the provinces that supports the illegal mass breeding and brutal slaughter of dogs for human consumption is Gyeonggi Province. Have you ever wondered what Hell is like? Click HERE to watch undercover video from the Moran Dog Meat Market in Seongnam, Gyeonggi. There are no words to describe the daily horror of this “Hell On Earth.” And there are so many markets like this all around Gyeonggi Province. Countless dog farms and slaughterhouses are scattered throughout Gyeonggi Province and they truly are hell on earth for the defenseless dogs suffering there.  Man’s best friend exists for their entire lives in squalid, feces encrusted raised wire cages in utter misery only to be slaughtered in the most horrific of ways – by electrocution, a hammer blow to the neck, being hung or beaten, bleeding to death from a slashed throat, being burned to death from a blowtorch, or thrown into a vat of boiling water while still alive. Dogs and puppies died of diseases are tossed away like garbage, left in front of cages to rot while the momma dogs watch in terror and despair. Seongnam, Suwon, Poc heon, Goyang(Ilsan), Gimpo, In cheon, Namyangju, Anseong, Uij eongbu; and on goes the list of cities in Gyeonggi Province where these atrocities are perpetrated. There are laws in South Korea against selling dogs and cats for consumption yet these laws are blatantly ignored. Please watch this undercover video by animal rights activists in South Korea: 3uR8R8Mu70Q Please inform Gyeonggi Province Governor Kyung-Pil Nam that citizens of your state and their friends insist that they issue an official document mandating that the following existing laws be enforced: Livestock Product Sanitary Control Act, Article 2, Item 1 which governs the raising, slaughter and disposal of livestock and the processing, distribution and inspection of livestock products, does not categorize dogs as livestock that can be processed as food.  Therefore this makes the dog meat industry technically illegal. Food Sanitation Act, Article 7, Clause 1, Korean Food Standards Codex specified by the Food and Drug Administration, does not include dogs in the list of raw materials that can be processed and cooked as food, therefore making raising and slaughtering dogs for consumption illegal. Animal Protection Act: ARTICLE 3. BASIC PRINCIPLES FOR PROTECTION OF ANIMALS Each person shall endeavor to observe the following principles in raising, caring for, or protecting an animal: 1. Each person shall ensure that an animal maintains its natural behavior and original physical shape to live an ordinary life; 2. Each person shall ensure that an animal does not suffer from thirst, hunger, or malnutrition; Each person shall ensure that an animal is free to express normal behavior without experiencing discomfort; 4. Each person shall ensure that an animal is free from pain, injury, and disease; 5. Each person shall ensure that an animal is free from fear and distress. ARTICLE 8. PROHIBITION OF ANIMAL ABUSE ① No one shall commit the following acts toward animals: 1. Act of killing by brutal methods, such as hanging 2. Act of Killing in public or in another animal’s presence ③ No one shall commit the following acts toward abandoned or abused animals: 1. Act of capture and sell or kill. 2. Act of trade or purchase knowing that the animals are abandoned or abused. ARTICLE 9. ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION ① Anyone transporting an animal that has been selected by decree from the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries must make an effort to abide by the following: 1. Ensure that the animals are properly fed, watered and drive carefully so that animals are not shocked or harmed from sudden departures or stops. 2. The vehicle used for transportation must be built to prevent any harm during transportation and to minimize any pain due to poor ventilation or sudden changes in temperature, etc. 4. Avoid any possible injuries while moving an animal and minimize any pain or discomfort, such as sudden changes in body temperature or difficulty in breathing. ARTICLE 46. PUNISHMENT ① Anyone who violates Article 8, Clause 1 through 3 shall be punished with up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million Korean won ($7,000 USD). Ministry of Environment's Conservation of Water Quality and Ecosystem Act,  Article 15 Clause 1 Item 2 and Article 78 Item 3, the act of discharging excrement, livestock waste water, animal carcass, waste materials or sludge into public water is punishable by up to one year in prison or a maximum fine of 10 million Korean won ($7,000 USD). Livestock Safety Management Act, slaughterhouses are only authorized to slaughter animals they are registered to handle. No slaughterhouse is registered to slaughter dogs because dogs are not subject to slaughter under this law. We believe these demands are in line with the goal of sister states to establish friendly communications in the areas of tourism, commerce, cultural exchange and public health. International and Korean media coverage of the brutal dog and cat meat trade in South Korea has stained Gyeonggi Province, South Korea’s image and severely tarnished your state’s sister state relationship. The time to end this tragedy is now. The favor of your reply is requested. Thank you for taking swift action! PS: Click here to find more ways to contact the governors of Gyeonggi Province's Sister States. http://koreandogs. org/contact-governors-of- gyeonggido-sister-states It's very quick and simple. http://koreandogs. org/

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