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Petition to ISO

Change the present "Taiwan, Province of China" to "Taiwan"

Taiwan is definitely not "a province of China".We, the Taiwanese, have elected our leader through direct democratic means, fully support the democratic rights of self-determination, and the entitlement to certain inalienable rights of all humanity.Taiwan has its own political, postal, financial, and socioeconomic systems that is run independently. We are citizens of Taiwan, not China. There is no "Taiwan, Province of China" in any of our documentation indicating our citizenship to Taiwan or any relevant information.If the ISO does not rectify this problem, it would further increase our own pains of our identity being overruled. For the past six decades China had been threatening Taiwan with military conflict. They already have maintained a substantial number of missiles aimed at Taiwan, with annual increases in both numerical strength and weapon efficiency.Due to present ISO standards, any statement made on a form in the Internet would change "Taiwan" as "Taiwan, Province of China". This is a tremendous insult both to us, the petitioners, and the Taiwanese community. We humbly plead the ISO to change this mistake and allow the Taiwanese people to proudly select their country as "Taiwan", not "Taiwan, Province of China". The link below is the key evidence of the imperative need to rectify this mistake. 本簽署目的在鄭重要求:國際標準組織(ISO) 將台灣列為「中國.台灣省」更正成為「台灣」! 呼籲全世界 認同自由民主國家"台灣"主權的人士,共同參與全球網路連署,藉此向國際社會宣示我們國家之完整主權,絕非鄰國的中華人民共合國的任何轄區的省份之一! 讓全世界端正視聽並且尊重我們國家真實存在的事實。不要再將錯就錯 委屈台灣國民~   以下是全球連署網頁,歡迎以中文填寫連署資料。貼上上面的制式抗議內文亦可。更歡迎分享您的高見 影響更多人為 "台灣 正名" 發聲!    

Judy Lin
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Petition to Peace Corps

Stop Dismissing Volunteers with HIV and Provide Better Health Care

The Peace Corps strives to create a world committed to justice, peace and friendship. Yet the organization has a disturbing trend where several volunteers have been fired after they were diagnosed with HIV.  Volunteers in Cambodia, Ukraine, and other parts of Southeast Asia have been dismissed after their HIV diagnoses, while many other volunteers have been told that they cannot get access to PrEP, medication that can drastically lower the rate of HIV transmission. This is despite the fact that many Peace Corps volunteers work in countries with high rates of HIV. It's time for the Peace Corps to stop discriminating against HIV-positive volunteers and to provide better health care for volunteers. In a formal letter to the Peace Corps, the Treatment Action Group (TAG) said they were deeply concerned about an environment of "de facto discrimination" against individuals with HIV in the Peace Corps. "We are concerned that the Peace Corps’s policy pertaining to volunteers diagnosed with HIV is arbitrary, is not grounded in evidence, and is being implemented without critical attention to the well-being of the volunteers," TAG writes. "In practice, these policies mean that volunteers who make the health-conscious decision to get tested for HIV—a practice the Peace Corps should encourage—are, in effect, punished if they test positive." For an organization as highly-respected and mission-focused as the Peace Corps, they are failing the people they serve by firing people with HIV and by refusing access to much needed medications that can help curb the transmission of HIV. Urge the Peace Corps to do better, to stop treating volunteers with HIV as disposable, and to make sure that volunteers in the Peace Corps have all the health care they need to prevent transmission of HIV.  

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Petition to United Nations, ABC, United States Supreme Court, Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations), INTERPOL, African Wildlife Federation, Human Rights Campaign, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), U.S. Senate, United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime


We the descendants of African Peoples in the American diaspora, declare our inalienable right to complete freedom from an unjust and unfair oppressive majority government. In addition, we are in full agreement with the spirit of this petition to separate ourselves from any fraudulent acts of this oppressive government, to expect and receive protection from retaliation, including the assurance of basic human rights of all the undersigned. We fully support the Black Panther Party as an Intern Government that is charged with securing, maintaining and ensuring basic human rights, as we seek self-determination and emerge from American subjugation of our people.Our current state of discrimination in all areas of life, is contrary to the Charter of the United Nations and an impediment to peace and justice. Furthermore, we maintain the right to self-determination, to determine our own political status, to pursue economic, social, cultural and by individual choice religious development. For far too log we have been subjected to inadequacies in these areas. We have remained on the lower rung through, crafty, racist schemes such as redlining and gerrymandering that have stymied political, economic, social and educational preparedness that is necessary for the growth that nurtures independence. These systemic government processes, are enforced and intensified by armed actions and repressive measures of all kinds that are directed against us, with the most deadly being the murder of our unarmed people by government issued arms that are used to commit these genocidal murders. Because of all the reasons stated above, we declare our right to live as free people without reprisal from our oppressors.   THE AFRICAN INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT IS DESIGNED FOR ALL AFRICAN PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD,TO BE ABLE TO SEEK JUSTICE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.. BUILT BY AFRICAN PEOPLE FOR AFRICAN PEOPLE.. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE AT ALL TIMES.. THE AICC WILL BE A JOINT MISSION FROM ALL AFRICAN NATIONS THAT WILL BE DESIGN TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE ALL CRIMINAL MATTERS INVOLVING ANY AFRICAN PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.. THE AICC WILL ALSO BE CONDUCTING JOINT MILITARY OPERATIONS TO SAVE AND ASSIST ANY AFRICAN NATION OR AFRICAN GROUP FROM ANY THREAT TO ANY AFRICAN NATIONS OR GROUP OR PERSONS.. BLACK PANTHER PARTY PRESIDENT ERIC GRIFFIN 2018  

Eric Griffin
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