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Petition to Ronan Gulstone, Arthur J. Espinoza, Lisa Marie Thalhammer, Carl Wilson, Benjamen Douglas, Earica Busby, Khalid Randolph, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Marilyn Kresky-Wolff

Campaign for Creative Dignity: Demand justice for LGBTQIA artist of color

In 2016, DC artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer approached fellow artist Aja to "collaborate" on an application for the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities' Public Art Building Community grant. Over a year later, after countless hours of negotiation and fighting for justice, Thalhammer stole the original design created and hasn't paid the co-creator, Aja, let alone given credit for the design that won her the $50,000 grant. The mural has been painted on the Open Arms women's shelter at 57 O Street NW, Washington, D.C. We ask for your signature so that Aja can receive payment and credit for designing the mural, so that grantor DCCAH and grantee Lisa Marie Thalhammer can be held accountable for exploiting this community of women of color, and ultimately so that we can keep fighting for the creative dignity of all artists. To learn more about this campaign, connect with others, and to reach the artist directly, visit our webpage. ~~~~~~ To Whom It May Concern at the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities, As a supporter of public art in DC, I am appalled at your recent decision to ignore the case of Aja Adams, an artist in the DC community. You refused to thoroughly investigate the case to ensure payment and credit to the artist, Aja Adams, who designed the piece painted on the Open Arms building at 57 O Street NW by Lisa Marie Thalhammer. Instead, you allowed the grantee to use the $50,000 grant for personal gain. As a taxpaying U.S. resident, I refuse to see my hard-earned dollars going to the pockets of Lisa Marie Thalhammer, who stole the work of Aja Adams, an LGBTQ artist of color residing in Northeast DC. If you really stood by the “Public Art Building Community” grant name, you as the grantor would do everything in your power to ensure the artist receives full payment for the design and credit for their work on the Open Arms wall at 57 O Street NW. Additionally, I expect you as a Commission see to it that the grant is used to benefit the women of color at the shelter, as was promised in the proposal. Thus far, it is clear that the Commission has favored the lies put forth by the grantee, without listening to the community. We are writing to put an end to this pattern of exploitation of communities of color by white artists under the guise of charity and community development. If the artist Aja Adams is not paid or given credit, I demand that the work on the wall at 57 O Street NW, Washington, DC be taken down as it is violating the rights of the artist, Aja.I am writing to you as part of a movement, and we are fighting for justice and artistic dignity. We are appealing to you not just for this case, but so that all artists of color who create works funded by the DCCAH and any other body can receive the same space, credit, payment, opportunities, and respect as the artists who take the work. Sincerely, Concerned community member

Aja Adams
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Petition to Patheos , Jeremy McGee, Jason Mankey

Help Pagan Writers Get Back Control of their Intellectual Property from

In September 2016, the interfaith platform became associated with a number of right-wing organizations, like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, and the American Center of Law & Justice, which promotes the criminalization of homosexuality. Patheos Pagan writers should not be forced to affiliate with or be seen to support these organizations, which are inimical to our values and hostile to our existence or the existence of our LGBT friends and family-members. For that reason, we are asking that our writing and other creative work be removed from the Patheos domain. Please sign the petition to help us get back control of our intellectual property from Here is a copy of the letter that we sent to Patheos: Dear Patheos: We the undersigned former and current Patheos Pagan contributors hereby request that Patheos remove our names, likenesses, and our intellectual property, including our writing, art, and images, from the Patheos domain. We previously gave Patheos license to publish our writing, but Patheos is no longer the company that we contracted with. In September 2016, Patheos was purchased by Beliefnet, which is owned by an evangelical organization, BN Media. At that time, there were concerns among some of the Pagan writers at Patheos about the acquisition, because Beliefnet was known to have previously censored at least one Pagan blogger, Gus DiZerega. Although Patheos contributors received assurances that Beliefnet’s acquisition of Patheos would not change anything, in January 2017, writers received new contracts and were pressured to sign within two days, an unreasonable amount of time to allow authors to review the contract. Furthermore, this was not a contract renewal; rather, BN Media unilaterally changed the terms of the existing contracts. The new contract included greatly expanded editorial control over Patheos writers. In addition, the new contract explicitly forbade disparagement of Patheos or any related company. This prompted an investigation of what companies Beliefnet is related to, which revealed that Patheos is linked with a number of right-wing organizations, including the National Rifle Association, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Focus on the Family, Gun Owners of America, Promise Keepers, Concerned Women for America, the American Family Association, and the American Center of Law & Justice.   For many of the Pagan contributors at Patheos, these affiliations are morally problematic. The American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) provides just one example. The connection between Patheos and the ACLJ is a matter of public record. Both Patheos and Affinity4 are BN Media brands. Affinity4 funnels charitable contributions to the ACLJ. In addition, Jeremy McGee, who is President and COO of Patheos, was also on the Board of Affinity4, together with Jay Sekulow, who is Chief Counsel for the ACLJ. The ACLJ promotes the criminalization of homosexuality in Africa. This conflicts with our deeply held religious values.  For many of the Pagan contributors at Patheos, the agendas advanced by these right-wing organizations, like the ACLJ, are morally repugnant. Though the terms of the contract were revised to prohibit disparagement only of Patheos and Beliefnet, many of us find the connection of Patheos, through Beliefnet, to these organizations to be unacceptable. For this reason, among others, many of us have left Patheos.  For those of us who have signed below, it is intolerable that our work continues to be associated with and, potentially, financially benefit those organizations. We should not be forced to affiliate with or be seen to support, through our work, organizations which are inimical to our values and which, in many cases, are hostile to our existence or the existence of our LGBT friends and family-members. For this reason, we ask that our names, likenesses, writing, art, images and other contributions be removed from the Patheos domain.   Sincerely, Catharine Clarenbach, Nature’s Path Christopher Scott Thompson, Polytheistic Monism Dana Corby, The Rantin’ Raven Drea Parker, Wild Garden Elinor Predota, A Sense of Place Erick DuPree, Alone in Her Presence Holli S. Emore, Wild Garden James Lindenschmidt, A Sense of Place Jasmine LunaMadre, Dear Jasmine John Halstead, The Allergic Pagan Lupa Greenwolf, Paths Through the Forests M. Macha NightMare, Wild Garden Nimue Brown, Druid Thoughts & Pagan Leadership Pat Mosley, Common Tansy Rhyd Wildermuth, A Sense of Place Sam Webster, Pagan Restoration Shauna Aura Knight, Seeking the Grail Taylor Ellwood, Socially Responsible Magic Traci Laird, A Sense of Place Yvonne Aburrow, Dowsing for Divinity   

Patheos Pagan writers
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Petition to Facebook

Facebook: Give the "Grow Food Not Lawns" page to the real FNL organization.

Food not Lawns was founded in 1999 by Heather Jo Flores and others from the local Food Not Bombs chapter in Eugene, Oregon. Since then we have been advocating turning lawns into gardens and neighborhoods into communities around the globe. In 2006, Heather Jo Flores published the book, Food Not Lawns, How to Turn Your Yard into a Garden and Your Neighborhood into a Community, and from there, the movement really started to blossom. Since Facebook started, our official page there has been  We also have an awesome International discussion group at HOWEVER:In 2012, "Grow Food Not Lawns" started a Facebook page, aggressively promoting their agenda by posting memes and political propaganda on everything from food politics and GMO's to "Kids who grew up in the 70's." Upon closer examination, it was obvious that most of the posts linked directly to "" Owned by "RealFarmacy," the page located at In 2012, "Grow Food Not Lawns" started a Facebook page, aggressively promoting their agenda by posting memes and political propaganda on everything from food politics and GMO's to "Kids who grew up in the 70's." Upon closer examination, it was obvious that most of the posts linked directly to "" Owned by "RealFarmacy," the page located at serves the purpose of driving click-through traffic to their profit-driven website. In addition, their pages contain large volumes of plagiarized material: writing and photographs taken from reputable writers in the sustainability movement and reposted, edited, and labeled with the Grow Food Not Lawns mark without any credit or links to the original source. (Numerous examples available upon request.) Heather Jo Flores has received dozens of complaints from supporters of the Food Not Lawns movement who were offended by content from "Grow food not lawns" and mistakenly thought it was affiliated with the book and organization. When contacted by Heather Jo Flores in 2012, the owner of RealFarmacy, Eamon James Cahall, acknowledged starting the Grow Food Not Lawns page after reading the book. But later, this February, he lied about that fact and filed a fraudulent date of first use on his trademark application (USPTO serial #86530292)  stating that he had founded the organization in 1982, the day he was born. Through hiring a lawyer and petitioning the USPTO, we have been able to negate the fraudulent application and have now secured this trademark for the legitimate Food Not Lawns network, but "Grow Food Not Lawns" continues to plagiarize, lie, and profit from the illegal use of our name. We are petitioning Facebook to support us, but it is a long and arduous process, costing thousands of dollars paid by Heather Jo Flores out of pocket.  Sign this petition to ask Facebook to give the fraudulent Grow Food Not Lawns Facebook page to the legitimate organization. Food Not Lawns is for the people, not for profit! And we do not plagiarize ideas, words or images from other activists. Imagine the good work we can do when we have access to the large amount of followers there! Instead of posting clickbait and stolen articles, we will be able to promote real, on-the-ground community work!

Food Not Lawns
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Petition to Drew Faust, Lawrence Bacow, James Breyer, Kenneth Chenault, Susan Graham, Nannerl Keohane, William Lee, Jessica Mathews

Free Nampeyo: Lift the Injunction on "In Search of Nampeyo" and drop all charges.

     At Harvard's invitation, Steve Elmore wrote In Search of Nampeyo, The Early Years 1875 - 1892 for the Peabody Museum Press.  The book documents for the first time the many ceramics by the great Hopi potter Nampeyo in their Keam Collection.  In 2014, Harvard rejected the book, but returned in writing "all rights" to Mr. Elmore and recommended that he publish elsewhere.  He acted exactly as Harvard recommended and published the book at his own expense.  In Search of Nampeyo has received four national book awards and many positive reviews for its new paradigm of Nampeyo’s early life.     So, Harvard sued him—in federal court.   They claim, among other charges, that he violated their copyright by hiring an artist to create colored illustrations of pottery designs of Hopi ceramics in their collection.  WE ARE HAPPY TO REPORT THAT HARVARD LOST THEIR COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT CASE AGAINST IN SEARCH OF NAMPEYO.  THE JUDGE SPECIFICALLY NOTED THAT HARVARD CANNOT COPYRIGHT HOPI POTTERY DESIGNS OR FORMS.       This overreaching is hardly an isolated incident of Harvard's arrogant behavior toward Native Americans.  During his research visit to Harvard, Steve Elmore brought a contemporary Hopi potter and descendant of Nampeyo to see the collection.  During her visit, the Director of Collections repeatedly tried to get a DNA sample from this potter without the slightest effort toward informed consent or even explanation of what he was doing.  Mr. Elmore is still fighting Harvard's Breach of Contract and False Designation of Origin charges.  Despite having returned "all rights" to Mr. Elmore and recommending that he publish elsewhere, Harvard is claiming that Mr. Elmore had no right to publish the photographs he took in the Peabody Museum at Harvard in order to demonstrate his thesis.  They also claim that the merely identifying the location of the pottery as the Keam collection at Harvard's Peabody Museum implies that Harvard has endorsed Mr. Elmore's book.   The book now is under a temporary injunction until the case is settled.  Harvard refuses to honor its contracts and instead chooses to pursue a vindictive and frivolous lawsuit against the book and Mr. Elmore.        We call upon the President and Fellows of the Harvard Corporation to  drop their suit against In Search of Nampeyo and let the public decide its value, and to investigate the behavior of Harvard's Peabody Museum staff in this serious matter of suppressing an individual researcher’s constitutional rights of freedom of speech, and freedom of the press, and denying Native Americans knowledge of their own history.  

Linda Wiener
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