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Petition to Instagram

Make it possible to report art on Instagram without being the artist

Hi there! If you're reading this you're most likely familiar with the social media platform by the name of ''Instagram''. This is a platform where you can share your own pictures and creations.  But like any other platform, Instagram has a common issue with art theft.  What kind of art theft? You may ask.  I'm talking about repost accounts in particular. Unlike platforms like Twitter and Tumblr, Instagram does not have a button that would do something like ''retweet'' or ''reblog''. (However, Instagram does have the capability to share a post on your story, but you can't share one other's Instagram post to your feed).  There are a huge amount of accounts who built their following on other peoples art. The main issue is that many of these accounts don't credit the artist. They say things like ''Credit to the artist'' (Which isn't credit because you don't know who the artist is) or ''Dm me if you know the artist''. I think we can all agree that you should refrain from posting something if you don't know the original artist. All art created is immediately protected under the ''copyright law''. This means that if you don't credit the artist, you're stealing their art.  Stolen art would entail:  - Art that isn't credited (this also means art that's credited as ''Credit to the artist'', ''Dm me if you know the artist'' and ''Credit to (website)'' - Art that's passed of as own, but is proven to be others  - A drawn copy of someone else's drawing, without credit to the original drawing (So no redraws in your own style, only exact copies because when stealing someone's idea it's intellectual property theft). - Art that's traced or art that uses ''bases'' but doesn't credit them. Instagram does have the ability to report stolen art: But only if you're the original artist, which is why I want Instagram to make it possible to report art without having created it. This could be by giving them a link to the original post. Thank you for your time.

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Petition to Mark Zuckerberg, Evan Spiegel, Adam Mosseri

Demand Social Media Sites Change Their Rules on Animal Cruelty

(La traducción al español está disponible) We are requesting Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media platforms take stronger action against animal cruelty. Too many posts depicting animal violence have been uploaded with no retribution. When a report is made, these platforms, time and time again, have said the post is within its regulations. It is inexplicable why images of abused and murdered animals are deemed appropriate when selfies of people with exotic animals are not. We ask that Instagram, Snapchat, & Facebook: 1) Prevent the uploading of images glorifying the abuse, torture, and murder of animals as well as images promoting the hunting of animals for recreation by users who are not utilizing such images for activism or educational purposes. (Posts that are for the appropriate causes must not be banned: images depicting farm conditions, cross cultural events/incidents, and reposted images meant to spread awareness and catch offenders.) 2) Add an “Animal Abuse” option under “Report.” 3) A team of REAL people able to discern the in/appropriateness of reported images, who will follow the aforementioned guidelines faithfully, so as the removal of activist content/profiles will not transpire. 4) The reporting of suspected animal abuse to animal welfare organizations. 5) Assist animal welfare organizations in the investigation of animal cruelty. Given the passing of the PACT Act, closer attention should be paid to social media sites’ inactiveness toward animal abuse content. If abusers are held accountable, so should the leaders of any social media site who do not proactively protect animals.  We are standing up for those who do not have a voice, and we are asking you to do the same. ________________________________________________________________ Exigimos que Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, y otras plataformas de los medios sociales tomen acción más fuerte contra la crueldad de los animales.  Demasiadas publicaciones demostrando violencia de animales han sido descargadas sin retribución. Cuando un denuncio está hecho, estas plataformas, una y otra vez, han dicho que la publicación cae bajo de sus regulaciones. No hay razón porque imágenes de animales abusados y matados estén consideradas apropiadas cuando selfies de personas con animales exóticos no lo están. Pedimos que Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, y otras plataformas: 1) Prohíban la carga de imágenes que glorifican el abuso, la tortura y la matanza de animales incluso imágenes que promueven la caza recreacional de animales por usuarios quienes no utilizan estas imágenes para propósitos activistas o educativos. (Las publicaciones que representan causas adecuadas no deben de estar prohibidas: imágenes demostrando condiciones de la agricultura, eventos/incidentes transculturales y imágenes republicadas con la intención de concientizar y detener criminales.) 2) Añadan una opción de “Abuso de Animales” bajo “Denunciar.”  3) Un equipo de personas reales (NO ROBOS) que distinguen lo apropiado de las imágenes denunciadas, quienes seguirán las reglas susodichas fielmente, para que la remoción de contenido/usuarios activistas no ocurra. 4) El reportaje de abuso de animales sospechado a organizaciones de bienestar de los animales. 5) Ayuden organizaciones de bienestar de los animales en la investigación de la crueldad de los animales.  Dado la aprobación del Acto PACT, más atención detallada debe de estar prestada a la inactividad de los medios sociales en relación a contenido de abuso de los animales. Si abusadores están hecho responsables, pues los líderes de cualquier sitio de medios sociales que no protegen activamente a los animales también deben de estar castigados. Nosotros estamos luchando por quienes no tienen voz, y pedimos que hagas lo mismo.   Special thanks to Simonne, Ashley, Katie Robertson*, & Kahtia 

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Petition to Facebook, Instagram

Tell Instagram to stop condoning antisemitism

Instagram is an amazing platform that connects people and makes sharing easier. However, Instagram claims to remove posts and comments that violate their community guidelines, and they haven’t done so lately in regards to antisemitism. Several Jewish and non-Jewish pages have tried reporting these comments for hate speech and mentions of violence, but Instagram has responded saying that it doesn’t violate their community guidelines. Here are some examples.    On January 21, @bigdaddyswaggergang commented “I will bomb a synagogue”. the comment was quickly reported. Instagram has responded by saying that it doesn’t violate any of their restrictions. This account should be deactivated, or at the very least, the comment should be deleted. However, none of this has occurred. The company has failed to protect a group that is facing unnecessary hatred. It has also condoned mentions of violence on a social platform.  Another incident: @crazyjewishmom on Instagram reported several antisemitic memes that were sent to her through direct message. Instead of taking action the right way, the platform went after @crazyjewishmom, claiming that SHE was going against community guidelines, not the account spread hate speech and images. read more here: This may very well be a problem with the technology, but the company has failed to acknowledge this. The consequences of this are terrifying. At this time, antisemitic attacks in our country are on the rise. This is about more than just a comment on social media. Hate speech can spread as quickly as a virus. This instills fear and panic in the country, as well as a lack of understanding or sympathy towards the group being targeted. Let’s tell Instagram to protect Jews just as they would protect anyone else. ✡️

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