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Petition to Greg Abbott, Greg Abbott, Texas Board of Pardons and Parole, State of Texas

Rodney Reed is innocent. Exonerate and send him home.

Update: On November 15, 2019, with 5 days before Rodney Reed was scheduled to die, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously blocked his execution, and remanded his case back to the 21st District Court of Bastrop, Texas for a new hearing to examine new evidence, new witnesses, Brady violations, and Rodney's claims of actual innocence, which is a chance for him to clear his name and be exonerated. Our work is just beginning and we must keep pressure on those with the power to continue doing the right thing.   Dear Governor Greg Abbott: 1. Rodney Reed is innocent. 2. The State relied on expert testimony to convict Rodney Reed that has since been recanted BY THE EXPERTS who put forth the testimony. Three renown medical examiners have concluded it is "medically impossible" for Stacey Stites to have been killed at the time the state says she died. This alone exonerates Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted based on forensic expert testimony that has now been recanted by the scientists and agencies that offered the evidence on behalf of the State. In fact, leading forensic pathologists have concluded that it would be "medically and scientifically impossible" for Reed to have murdered Stites. This new forensic evidence (which the State hasn't contradicted) indicates that Stites was murdered at a time that her fiance, local police officer Jimmy Fennell, testified that he was alone with Stites in their apartment. Fennell recently completed a ten-year prison sentence after he plead guilty to felony charges arising out of the kidnapping and sexual assault of a women he encountered while on patrol as a Georgetown, Texas police officer. Rodney Reed is innocent and should be exonerated, not executed. 3. We hate to say it, but, Rodney Reed is the victim of racism and was framed for a crime he didn't commit. 4. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE implicates *somebody else* was the real killer. And that somebody else failed two polygraph exams about his role in the murder, and he has continued to be a violent offender and assaulted others in the same way - kidnapping, sexual assault and choking with a belt. 5. Rodney Reed, and the Reed family, have suffered enough. 6. Sometimes our court system makes mistakes, and this case is a prime example of those injustices of what happens when the system fails. 7. Due to these mistakes, there's been no justice for the victim, Stacey Stites, and the real killer has continued to be a serial violent offender. 8. We need you to hear us, review this case, and find it in your heart to do what's right. 9. You promised Texas wouldn't ever kill an innocent person. You're the only person who can keep this promise by stopping the execution of Rodney Reed. 10. If prosecutors followed the evidence, and the evidence only, Rodney Reed wouldn't even be a suspect in this case, let alone become indicted. There's absolutely no evidence that indicts Rodney Reed. Please exonerate Rodney Reed.

Rodney Reed is Innocent
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Petition to Judge Kelly Ann Gallagher

FREE TAMAR EVANS: Innocent man still in jail after the actual shooter confessed under oath

In 2003, Tamar Evans was 16 years old, orphaned by the death of his mother and the incarceration of his father. He lived in the Buckeye neighborhood of Cleveland Ohio with his grandma who dealt with an alcohol addiction that forced Tamar and his other siblings to survive on their own. He gained a friendship with 17 year old Lamaien Wright-Scott and looked up to him as a big brother. Lamaien committed crimes to make money in order to survive on the streets while helping to feed Tamar.In June of 2003, Lamaien murdered Michael Glasier while Tamar and another friend were with him, though they were not part of this tragic incident. A few weeks later, Tamar found himself with Lamaien again, desperate for the love of his big brother figure. That day Lamaien committed a nonfatal shooting and fled the scene in a car with Tamar. Lamaien gave Tamar the gun he killed Glasier with to get rid of. Both boys were caught while Tamar still had the gun Lamaien had used to murder Glasier. This second crime Lamaien committed landed him in jail and Tamar was put on house arrest. While Lamaien was in the Cuyahoga County Jail for the nonfatal shooting, he heard rumors that Tamar planned to come forward about Lamaien’s murder of Glasier. Lamaien took the offensive and decided to tell the police that Tamar killed Glasier. Tamar was arrested at gunpoint by the Cleveland Police, without a shirt, shoes, or his guardian present. They interrogated him at the police station for hours with no lawyer and his hands cuffed the entire time. Tamar claims he was never given his Miranda Rights and he denied all allegations at first, but the officers convinced him that he would never see the light of day again unless he confessed. Eventually Tamar cracked and said, "Whatever Lamaien says." He signed a confession that the police officers typed in his name. Before Tamar was indicted, Raymont Jackson (who was a detainee in the jail at the time) gave the CPD a statement, saying that Lamaien had personally confessed to him while they were both in the Cuyahoga County Jail. The confession that Jackson reported included the exact weapon and the exact manner of death that corroborated the evidence of the crime. However, this statement was never turned over to Tamar's counsel. What did the state have to gain from keeping this information secret? Jackson’s statement unmanufactured the evidence that the CPD had on Tamar - that is, the confession that they concocted themselves in violation of Tamar’s constitutional rights. After indictment, 16 year old Tamar was bound-over to adult court and convicted of capital murder.  For the following 14 years, Tamar sat in prison for a murder he did not commit and without any legal counsel. In June of 2017, Tamar was moved to another prison, where he encountered Lamaien. Lamaien cried and apologized to Tamar, explaining how sorry he was and telling Tamar that he would do everything in his power to make this right. In 2017 Lamaien wrote an affidavit that contained his confession to the murder of Michael Glasier. In 2018, Tamar was granted a plea withdrawal hearing by Judge Kelly Ann Gallagher. Lamaien confessed a second time under oath along with two other witnesses, one being Tamar's public defender back in 2003, and the other being Lamaien's then-girlfriend at the time of the events in 2003 (Nicole Bush), who testified that Lamaien had said to her that he would pin the crime on Tamar to protect himself. Lamaien stated that Tamar had nothing to do with the murder, and Tamar testified that his 2003 confession was false. Judge Kelly Ann Gallagher decided in Tamar’s favor, and his guilty plea was withdrawn. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Frank Zeleznikar then appealed this decision and argued that these testimonies were "recent fabrications." The state still did not disclose Raymont Jackson’s report of the shooters' 2003 confession to this crime. Fortunately, Tamar's lawyer Kimberly Kendall Corral found this statement after filing a motion to compel discovery. The prosecutor’s appeal was denied in November of 2018. Tamar Evans has been detained at the Cuyahoga County Jail since December of 2018 - a jail known by the US Marshall's to have the worst conditions in the nation, in violation of 65 of the minimum standards for jails in Ohio. His re-sentencing is finally set for December 4th at 9am. He is hoping for a sentence of 16 years, time served, which would guarantee his release. Tamar would like to found a nonprofit that helps troubled youth find legal, economic stability in Cleveland. LaJuana, his long-time friend and advocate, says "Why should an innocent man have to go through trial, sit in front of a jury if the actual shooter confessed 3 times? The system is broken, not fair, not for us. They say ‘innocent until proven guilty’ while they want you to sit in jail and fight for your life. I think they meant ‘guilty until proven innocent!’ Help free Tamar Evans. Bring him JUSTICE!"  Sentencing Proceedings: Join the Coalition to Stop the Inhumanity at the Cuyahoga County Jail in a presence of solidarity at Tamar's court proceedings on Wednesday, December 4th, 9AM-11AM at the Justice Center, Courtroom 21-C (21st floor, Judge Gallagher’s courtroom).

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Petition to Georgia Governor, Georgia State House, Georgia State Senate, Johnny Isakson, Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole, Chattooga superior court, Brian Kemp, Henry C. "Hank" Johnson Jr., Donald J. Trump


I want to create this online petition for a public reach out for a sentence reduction or sentence modification for the case of James Frazier in Chattooga County Criminal Court where he was given 40 years to serve,  he was given two 20 year sentences one for burglary of a camper and one for aggravated assault for pointing a gun at somebody name Raymar a known druggie who lied and claimed he pointed a gun at him and told him he was a dead man he claims he pointed the pistol at him and pulled the trigger telling him he was a dead man witch was a lie and witness move evidence at crime scenes, before detectives got there witness lied on stand and James Fraziers  trial was also tainted, Because an officer from Hays state prison stood his jurors up against the wall of the court house at gun point why escorting him into the court room hand cuffed and shackled wearing a 50.000 volt shock box and the reason they gave for this action was on count of an escape charge that happen Sept 3 2003 days before his trial took place even though they charged him with escape there was never no conviction for the escape charge it was later drop in 2009, The judge also took it upon himself and they dismissed his personal hired attorney James toland whom his mother paid 20,000 to take the case for James Frazier, judge John Nowoods dismissed him from his case based on Mr toland statement without holding a hearing his paid attorney was dismissed before his trial began and he was appointed Melodie Bedford as his trial attorney MS Bedford and another attorney witnessed his jurors being bk up against the wall at gun point she ask for a mistrial and was denied she asked for change of venue and was denied also and he lost his trial bc of it all he was appointed Jennifer Hildebrand as his appeal attorney whom had his  case on appeal for nearly 10 years and finally the the Georgia bar ruled in his favor she was ineffective and appointed to him by another attorney then denied his appeal hes spent almost 18 years straight so far in prison as of 8-14-2020 his 18 year sentence far his Murray co. Charges will be max out where he will then began the sentence far his chattooga co charges which are now permeable sentences but he should never have been convicted of these charges his trial should have been a miss trial and his hired attorney had a plea worked out so his chattooga co charges  was to receive 15 years to run together with the 18 year sentence in Murray co where he would be coming home on 8-14-2020 instead of having consecutive sentences of 20 years and 20 years which made his max out date 2060 the 40 year sentence does in fact now have parole because the recidivism was drop but he will still be in prison awaiting parole on the 40 years in chattooga co starting 8-14-2020 his appeal for a new trial was denied on 10-3-2019 by Georgia supreme court of appeals and now hes got to file a federal habeas corpus on his own with out benefit of an attorney unless his family hires another attorney to file it far him I am no attorney and have no legal knowledge of such laws and legal knowledge so hes  without benefit once again of a fair any thang with our legal system are rights as a citizen of United States and he wants a public out cry petition to be started an signatures to be sign far ever 100.000 citizens in chattooga co and 10.000 signatures to get a public out cry where it will be mandatory they hold an emergency hearing and correct his sentences and give him a fair trial and hearing he was not mentally evaluated before he stood trial but court later produces paper saying he was however the court legally never held no hearing to determine if he was at time competent enough to stand trial and he had his mental health provider at time of his trial say that his mental state was in fact in question at the time his crime took place he was on mental health medication and seeing mental health counselors so plz go viral with this and let's get justice for James Frazier

Nikki Floyd
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Petition to Gretchen Whitmer

Free Lawrence DeLisle! He lost his 4 children due to an accident & is falsely in prison.

"7 seconds"...On August 3rd,1989, Larry and his wife Sue drove their 4 children, Bryan (8), Melissa (4), Katie (2), and Emily (8mos) to price new beds for two of their daughters. It was a long hot day, so the DeLisle family stopped to treat everyone with ice cream. There, Melissa asked if they could go to the river to look at boats- as they did the night before. Both parents smiled and agreed. However, after driving a different route, they found themselves disappointingly on the same dead end street as the other night. Unfortunately, no boats passed by this night, and Emily was teething. They turned to head home, when Sue asked Larry to stop at the corner store, so she could buy something to soothe Emily’s gums. Exhausted and dehydrated, Larry's leg's had been cramping up throughout the day. Upon leaving, he inadvertently turns left as his foot hits the accelerator. Panic sets in as Larry steers with his left hand while removing his cramped leg with his right, but the car never slowed. Was it his shoes (which were off at the time) or mechanical issues (which his late model station wagon has been known to have)? In an attempt to assist her husband, Sue grabbed the wheel and pulls opposite Larry. This unintentionally adds to the panic and uncertainty and in seconds their car hits the curb and is airborne heading into the Detroit River. Larry and Sue struggle to tread water in the rapidly moving river, but are eventually rescued. They cannot see their car or children due to the conditions inside the river. Sadly, all four of their children drowned.After this horrible accident, the media hounded the DeLisle parents for an interview, which they then reluctantly agreed to hold. Meanwhile, the detective on the case didn’t like Larry's answer that something "stuck.” One week after losing their children, they agreed to take a lie detector test. Police pick Larry & Sue up around 7am, and take them in separate cars to the police station. That day would drag on until around 1am (18hrs) the next morning. The small town he lived in (Downriver), and the media attacked the family--saying they appeared numb and are not crying in front of them-that he must have killed his family.These so-called confessions would later be ruled by the judge as: "a ruse by police to conduct a lengthy and brutal interrogation with the intent to coerce- involuntary, hypnotically induced statements that are unreliable and therefore inadmissible in court!" In the end, Larry is re-traumatized by police. The media firestorm that followed was far from the truth. In an unheard of legal maneuver, another judge provided the media access to these suppressed tapes--increasing prejudice in the same court where Larry would subsequently be tried 4 months later. The Michigan Courts violated their constitutional duty under the Sixth & Fourteenth Amendments, by releasing suppressed confessions/inadmissible evidence to the press making these constitutional requirements as hollow a formality as the DeLisle trial itself!As a parent, we would "ALL" assume responsibility, guilt for such a horrific, tragic accident. Wouldn't we? In the interrogation video, it is clear that Larry is in a hypnotic state, and with only a 10th grade education at the time, was no match for detective Palmatier's subtle, psychological exhausting and trying techniques. The New York Times would later have likely deemed what followed as "guilt by accusation." The car's accelerator was proven--beyond a reasonable doubt—to ‘stick,’ as it even did for police during one of their tests! Larry has now spent 30 years behind bars fighting and wrongfully serving 5 natural life sentences without the possibility of parole for this tragic accident. A founding member of the Innocence Project is assisting him in his quest to right this wrong, but he needs your help! By the judge’s own admission(s) at sentencing, even he did not think Larry was guilty of the crimes and questioned his decision not to change venue. As a parent myself, I think a lot of us ask. Why didn’t they [Larry & Sue] save the children? After asking them this question, they stated that the car had rolled under, the current was moving rapidly, neither could swim, the water was dark and murky, and they couldn’t see where the car even was. When they came up for air within seconds of one another, Larry heard her cry out and was hopeful the kids were OK, but then Sue screamed, “Save my babies!” Sadly, it was too late. There are also questions about being ‘deeply in’ debt. Their debt would’ve been paid off by the following July.  Even IF you believe he is guilty, do you believe in a defendant’s right to a fair trial? Do you believe that the media should control a person’s right to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? Guilt by accusation, by association cannot become the norm. 2 Michigan Chief Justices from the Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit did NOT believe he received a fair trial. The US Supreme Court refused to hear his case. Larry has lost everything. Please help support Larry, as we call out to all advocates against injustice worldwide. Watch Netflix's "Confession Tapes (Season One finale): Episode 7 (Down River).” Write to Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Write to me at if you have questions. Write to Larry via mail (MDOC #210762) or if you have any questions. Please sign our petition. The justice system has failed the DeLisle family. Enough is enough. Speak up, and let freedom ring! 

Ashley Roth
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