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Petition to Christopher Carr

Dismiss LIFE sentence of NON-violent inmate Michael Christopher Blocker

Ever aware of his surprise life sentencing, Michael Christopher Blocker has toiled over a decade to build a life of meaning and service despite the unlawful guilty plea that his public defender had him to sign without presenting him with a duplicate copy of the document prior to sentencing. Michael has toiled over a decade to understand how his G.E.D, his pleasant demeanor, and his American dream of achieving Prosperity has cost him the loss of both of his loving, law-abiding parents. Michael has toiled over a decade to live a life of gratitude, kindness, and Faith while filing petition after petition supporting that he is a non-violent offender who while under medication and duress was sentenced to life for crimes in which he did not commit. In 2017, Michael began writing a fictional book to expose the world to his ability to entertain and intrigue on a global level. Michael's surviving family, extended family, and friends both near and far, continuously pray for his safety and sanity while he is confined to a Maximum Security Prison setting although he has been a low security risk for over a decade. A recent 2017 Georgia prison escape of inmates: Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe who both had excessive sentencing surrounding repeat robbery offenses, resulted in creating desperation for freedom by the inmates  and the compromise of the safety of the Georgia correctional staff. Michael's faith (being Jehovah Witness) and his proper home etiquette instilled in him from birth has always prevented him from reckless acts of violence.  Michael Christopher Blocker filed a motion for a dismissal of the grand jury indictment in June 2018.  His due process and trial by jury was interrupted on his third day of trial.  This is a violation of his constitutional rights surrounding a phony capital felony case. A nolo contendere plea for a captial felony case is AGAINST the law. Daniel J. Craig and Ashley Wright were appointed promotions by Governor Sonny Perdue two days after stealing a trial by jury. Please kindly vote and share this campaign to free Michael Christopher  Blocker from false imprisonment.  Thank you.

Benita Blocker
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Petition to Kevin G. Clarkson, Roman J. Kalytiak

Drop All Charges Against Clayton Allison For Good

On February 13, 2015, Clayton Allison was wrongfully convicted of his daughter's accidental death. Jocelynn Renee Allison was a beautiful, disabled, 15-month-old who was adored by her parents, family and friends. Everyone who loved Jocelynn and saw her in her daily life knows Clayton is innocent! On July 26, 2019, the Alaska Court of Appeals REVERSED the wrongful conviction, finally acknowledging what family and friends have been saying for the 4.5 years that he has been imprisoned. Clayton's conviction was wrongfully obtained by banning evidence that Jocelynn's mother, Christiane Joy Allison, had been diagnosed with a dominant genetic connective tissue disease (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) that explained Jocelynn's injuries and death. This ban prevented Jocelynn's own treating physician from telling the jury he suspected a genetic condition and had already planned to test Jocelynn as soon as her pending TEFRA insurance application was approved.  No one wants a family, grieving from the untimely death of an ill or disabled child, subjected to years of harsh treatment and needless additional heartache. Family and friends have had to endure precisely that for 11 years since Jocelynn passed on to be with the Lord in 2008. Multiple loved ones have passed away, and others have endured severe illness from the unrelenting stress, awaiting justice for Clayton and Jocelynn.  Now the State of Alaska has a choice. The Appeals Court noted that "the evidence presented at trial was almost exclusively that Allison was a loving father who was very involved in his special needs child’s care." The State can choose to forgo trying Clayton again with merely circumstantial evidence, or they can decide to drag Jocelynn's family and friends through the multi-year process of a retrial in an attempt to wrongfully convict and imprison Clayton Allison again. The grieving need peace. We need this nightmare to be over for good. Please sign this petition, asking the State of Alaska to drop all charges against Clayton permanently, and to allow Jocelynn's family and friends to finally heal.  For more information visit 

Free Clayton Allison Supporters
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Justice for All

Note: US Innocence Projects should be involved in the creation of these units to insure they are setup accurately and effectively   With an average of 3 exonerations per week we are now seeing this isn't just a fluke.Lives are being taken by a broken system. Every single American is just as vulnerable as the next: Rich, poor, black, brown or white -  every single one of us is a suspect and once named a suspect we are indeed guilty until proven innocent. Our trial, conviction and even execution may be speedy under our sixth amendment right but "innocent until proven guilty" is a mantra long ago lost.  Since 1989 there have been 2,472 exonerations in the United States: Well over 2,000 human beings have lost their lives, having spent time in prison (often decades) for crimes they did not commit! These are the cases we know to be true while many many more individuals continue to fight for their innocence!  Several cities in the United Stated have taken initiative to create "Conviction Integrity Units" but it's not enough and not all work primarily due to reporting structure!* We need every city with a prosecutor’s office in every single state to implement these units.  We have a serious problem in our country and we need to make every effort to put an end to it. We can begin with the creation of Conviction Integrity Units (CIU's) As citizens, constituents and lawmakers it is our responsibility to prevent, identify and expose wrongful convictions. We can begin by building these units which: 1. Run independent of the Prosecutors office (they may run from the office of the prosecutor but staff should not be an actual staff member reporting up to the prosecutor) 2. Take every single claim of innocence seriously  3. Understand that prosecutorial misconduct is not rare and their findings may indeed expose serious corruption which will be addressed swiftly and without repercussion 4. Have absolutely no input from the District Attorney on which cases will or will not be reviewed, (all cases reviewed completely confidentially) 5. Led by an attorney with firsthand prosecutorial and criminal defense experience* 6. Review all petitions on their factual merits, and not on non-substantive grounds meaning the office should even review cases where a petitioner pled guilty* Prosecutorial misconduct, police corruption,  witness misidentification and both physical and legal threats to alibi witnesses are common in our system and lack regard for human life of the innocent.  We can no longer sweep this epidemic under the rug. Innocent lives are being taken by a system that should be meant to protect us. We need to "police the police" as they are doing in New York City and we need to supervise prosecutors to insure they seek justice over conviction rates. We need justice not only for those who were thrown into an unknown and cruel system but also seek justice for victims and their families. Imagine going to court every single day for a week hearing grueling "evidence" against a person while looking at them and their family as scum, feeling justice was served as they were hauled off in handcuffs only to find 20+ years later another mother / father  lost her child to the system while the actual perpetrator walked free.  Overturning wrongful convictions isn't enough, those lives were already stolen but it's at least a start and it can begin with you.   1. As of 2017 data  there have been 269 exonerations obtained by in place Conviction Integrity Units between 2003 and 2017. More than 80% of those exonerations have happened since 2017.  2. There are 2300 prosecutors’ offices in the United States yet 98.5 percent do not have CIU's. 3. 60% of all wrongful convictions have shown to be due to prosecutorial misconduct  4. The most common misconduct documented in the cases in the Registry involves police or prosecutors (or both) concealing exculpatory evidence. ~"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  ~ Dr. Martin Luther  King    * Information gathered from the Quattrone Center, a policy hub at the University of Pennsylvania focused on preventing errors in the criminal justice system  

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Petition to Kimberly M. Foxx


Dear readers,  I am Dorenzo Moore. I am wrongfully convicted of Aggravated battery with a firearm. As a first time offender, I was sentenced to the near maximum of 25 years (having to serve 85% of that time). I was 22 years old at the time of this offense. I am now 32 years old, I have two daughters who were very young at the time of me being incarcerated. I have missed out on so much of there lives and I am just trying very hard to get back to them. This is where I ask for the help of my family, friends, supporters, and others that maybe aware of situations like mine or even going through the same thing. Please take a moment out of your day and Sign this petition. With these signatures it will help me get the truth out by putting a spotlight on my case. This petition will ensure that I am treated fairly in court. I thank each and everyone of you God bless! As of now I am currently incarcerated in Dixion, IL as an inmate. I am productive, I work as a sanitarian. I am free of trouble, and also with the help of my family and friends on the outside I have started a t-shirt company based on my incarceration. It also talks about social and political issues that impact the community. For a look you can go to www.talkaboutittshirts/ I thank you for your help and support....                                        Statement Of Facts On January 30, 2010 I was charged with attempted murder, Aggravated battery with a firearm, and Armed robbery. Stemming from the social club shooting of Derrick Agee on October 11,2009 at 3:00am. I presented an alibi at trial and arguing I had been misidentified. My first trial a jury acquitted me of attempted murder, after seven hours of deliberations. The other two charges received a hung jury, stating they could not agree whether I was at the scene of the crime or not. I had a retrial and was acquitted of armed robbery, but was found guilty of Aggravated battery with a firearm. Due to Detective John Foster’s failure to investigate prosecutorial misconduct, by Assistant State’s Attorney Ms. Sanjy Oomen and ineffective assistance of counsel by trial Attorney Robert A.Willis. March 22, 2017 I filed a post conviction petition stating the above issue, and also a claim of actual innocents with two new witnesses that came forward. Now I am being represented by attorney Michael D.Walsh.   Again I am asking you to look into my case and see for yourself the inconsistency of both witnesses and detectives. Look at the transcripts and police reports Dorenzo T. Moore ID#M42635 Case No. 10 Cr-03215.  

Dorenzo Moore
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