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Petition to Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC

Save Globe Wilkins!

‘We all know that early childhood education makes more difference to children’s life chances than anything else. The kids at Globe Wilkins are literally receiving the best start to their education of any group of children across Australia.’ Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne, 5 March 2018 Globe Wilkins is the only Inner West preschool to receive the Australian Childcare Education and Care Quality Authority Excellence Rating, the highest rating a service can achieve. It is one of only 13 preschools in NSW awarded this rating and the only preschool in Sydney to have received it more than once. Unfortunately, this incredible preschool faces an uncertain future. The lease on the grounds where it has resided for 20 years expires at the end of 2019 and the preschool has been informed there is no intention to renew it. (This in turn could end May Murray, Marrickville's unique and beloved early childhood centre of over 40 years: visit the Hands Off May Murray! petition for more info.)   We believe the closure of Globe Wilkins Preschool would be a devastating loss to our community. Furthermore, Globe’s closure is at complete odds with the Department of Education’s policy, which advocates for increased access to high-quality Early Childhood Education, citing research that this not only gives children the best start at school but sets them up for the rest of their lives.  What does Globe’s closure mean for our community? Globe has the highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children enrolled across all Council Early Learning Centres. Globe has an exceptional commitment to promoting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture, collaborating closely with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) in creating an Indigenous Cultural Framework to guide theory and practice in ECE settings, including implementing a localised, endorsed Sydney Aboriginal Preschool Language program. Globe also employs an Aboriginal educator to foster and reinforce a sense of cultural identity and to provide a strong Aboriginal role model while learning in an authentic way.  Globe also has the highest number of children enrolled who experience a disability, across all Council centres. Educators at Globe strive and advocate for practices that achieve the goal of true inclusion of children who experience a disability. The closure would dismantle a highly knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate team of educators (with 165 years’ of experience collectively), whose long-term commitment to Globe bucks the trend of high educator turnover elsewhere. The staff are leaders in their field, at the forefront of global research in ECE; they provide training for early childhood educators across the country and are regularly approached for research studies, based on their long-standing reputation for high-quality practices. Globe strives to create a fairer and more equitable playing field for everyone in the community, in particular those who experience a disability, the disadvantaged and Indigenous children. External agencies such as Australian Refugee Council, Brighter Futures and Plumtree consistently refer families to Globe for guaranteed exceptional care and education. Closing Globe also means fewer childcare spaces and longer waiting lists for Inner West families – of the present and future – despite an ever-growing demand for early childcare services in the area. Please act now to save our exceptional local preschool and ensure that future generations have access to the best possible start in life.

Save Globe Wilkins!
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Petition to Mr John Stephens, Mr Chris Johnson, Mr Manod Wickramasinghe

Improve Pedestrian Safety at the Stanley St/Balmain Rd/Short St Crossing

We the undersigned, who are local residents of the area surrounding the zebra crossing at the Stanley Street / Balmain Road / Short Street intersection in Leichhardt, call upon council to urgently take measures to improve pedestrian safety at the abovementioned crossing. We are very concerned for the safety of pedestrians utilising the crossing due to the consistent failure of drivers to stop safely.  Drivers consistently fail to stop in time with visibility and adequate warning obvious issues. There have been numerous reports of near-misses by residents of the surrounding streets who use this crossing on a daily basis. A large proportion of residents who use this crossing as pedestrians are those with young children and the unpredictability of these road users is even greater cause for concern. Drivers have also reported issues with the lack of visibility and adequate warning contributing to their failure to stop safely when pedestrians are attempting to cross.  The speed cushions that were recently installed have made a slight improvement to rates of drivers stopping in time but it is still extremely inadequate. Further measures must be taken.  Suggestions for improved safety measures at this crossing include: raise the crossing (speed table) to improve visibility to drivers as well as slow down their approach; colour the crossing red to improve visibility to drivers; and/or install small refuge islands in the center of the crossing to slow down drivers as they approach the crossing as well as provide refuge for pedestrians as they cross. Implementing these measures will bring this crossing in line with every other zebra crossing in the immediate vicinity (Balmain Road at Hill Street, Short Street at Norton Street, Catherine Street at The Avenue, Styles Street at John Street, Norton Street at Carlisle Street, and Norton Street at Marlborough Street).  It is proposed that council immediately initiate an investigation into appropriate measures that can be taken to improve safety for pedestrians at this crossing. Once these measures have been identified we politely request that they are acted upon as a matter of urgency to prevent what we feel is an inevitable tragedy at this crossing. This petition will be delivered to Mr John Stephens (Inner West Council’s Traffic and Transport Services Manager and Chair of the Inner West Council Local Traffic Committee), Mr Chris Johnson (Inner West Council’s Road Safety Officer) and Mr Manod Wickramasinghe (Inner West Council’s Traffic and Parking Engineer) by COB on Wednesday 6th December 2017. 

Ali Muscat
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Petition to Marrickville Council, Inner West Council, Office of Liquor and Gaming NSW

STOP the Petersham Inn from trading as an Adult Services Premise

The Petersham Inn has been running as an adult services premise since July 2016. The surrounding residential area has seen a subsequent increase in noise, public intoxication, violence, break and enters, vandalism, malicious damage, rubbish dumping (including broken bottles, food waste, cigarettes and stripper dollars), public urination in gardens and illegal parking. In the last 6 months, the Citadel apartment complex, built above the Petersham Inn and home to families and children, has recorded a 500% increase in break and enters and/or malicious damage. The area has become a crime zone and is frequented by Police officers. In addition to the above, Petersham Inn management did not seek resident approval and seem oblivious to the Marrickville Development Control Plan 2001 where “Adult business premises, restricted premises, sex on services venues and sex services premises must not be located: ii. Within buildings containing a residential use (including shop top housing or live/work premises) or immediately adjacent to or directly opposite land developed for residential purposes.”  The local residents of Petersham are seeking an end to the bullying and intimidation by patrons, staff and management and wish to return Petersham (particularly Phillip St, Catherine St, Charles St and Margaret St) back to the friendly, safe and clean neighbourhood it once was. Council can make an application to the Land and Environment Court for premises not to be used as an adult services premise. This application is made in instances where the operations are having a negative impact on the amenity of an area. Council has the power under the Restricted Premises Act 1943 to make an application to the Land and Environment Court to have the use ceased if it believes that there is suitable justification. This petition is our voice to the Council. If you have personal experiences you would like heard, please comment on this page and contact Council, Liquor and Gaming or call Marrickville Police on 9568 9299. Please remember every complaint helps.  

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