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Petition to Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Walker County Georgia Sheriffs Department, Herbert E Buzz Franklin, Chris Carr, Governor Nathan Deal

Be a voice for the voiceless. Help get a murderer off the streets & make it safer for all

As most are aware, my baby brother Dj "Don" was shot and killed on October 3rd 2016. His death was originally called in as a suicide by the monster that pulled the trigger. Since day one the detectives bungled the investigation and even with hard evidence and many witnesses, a failed polygraph test, the person of interest changing his story of what happened that day many times, 911 telling person of interest that called in the suicide to move the gun, the fact that Dj was texting several people the time he was shot begging to get out of the home as he stated “he was going to end up dead there and that it would save his life”, the fact Dj was right handed but was shot in the left cheek, no forensics testing done what so ever and much, much more that this person killed Dj and in fact was not a suicide This has gone no further then where it stands today. We are asking for support to help with the awareness and to help spread his story so justice can be brought to Dj, his 3 babies as well as family and friends. The day Dj was shot he was sent to GBI crime lab for a “limited” autopsy with the information given to them that this was a self inflicted suicide by shotgun because they had a witness that seen it “Person of interest”. That was the only information sent to the crime lab with my brother. Once he arrived, the medical examiner ruled his death as a suicide based on that information. No gun residue test was ever done on Dj, they wasn’t aware Dj was right handed but was shot in the left cheek at a front to back, left to right and downward angle with a shotgun. Was not aware there was more then the one witness, any of the facts surrounding the shooting the day it occurred. And didn’t care nor ask. Weeks/months into the investigation, it would be changed from a suicide investigation to possible homicide investigation by the lead detective at Walker county due to all the evidence and truth that was coming out. The Walker county sheriffs departments detectives nor coroner was ever in contact with the medical examiner to let her be aware of the changes or updates in the case which lead to cause and manner of death being “written in stone” as suicide by self inflicted gunshot wound to the face. Which was done on oct 5, 2016. The day after Dj was shot/day of autopsy. Once the investigation was handed over to the District attorney, he concluded this as a suicide based on the autopsy findings and considered the case closed. All we have asked from the beginning was for them to present this case in front of a grand jury to let them decide if an arrest or indictment should/could be made. As we know  there is significant evidence. We have been ignored, lied to and blew off. I have done whatever I can think of to come up with funds to hire my own Private investigator “Eric Echols” to review this case, do his own interviews as well as present all the evidence to the medical examiner which was never aware of all the evidence and consider relooking at the case and over turning her original ruling. She however will not budge and herself as well as the GBI states they are confident in their original ruling. God knows what we have been through since October 2016 and everything we have done to try and fight for Dj's justice and some form of closure. We appreciate all the help and support given to us in order to get justice for Dj and some closure to us as well as getting a murderer off the streets. We do not want this to happen to another innocent person or for another family to suffer as we are still doing by the hands of this person. I will fight til my last breath to stand up for this and be a voice for the voiceless as right is right and wrong is wrong. I have two social media pages to support the fight for justice for Dj. Please link to my brothers Facebook page as well as twitter so you can read some details in the case as they are all public records. I have information from 2 weeks prior to his murder up until now. We have a wonderful support team as well as professionals helping us in this fight who are confident in this case. But we can always use more. Djs story is gaining a lot of media attention everyday as anyone can see there is a huge injustice being done here. Please help us in getting this taken in front of a grand jury to get a indictment and whatever else needs to be done for justice. Anyone who has read this case can see clearly what it was and can say with 100% certainty that this was not a suicide but in fact a homicide. I am sick and tired of the corruption and cover ups that are going on in this county and it is time someone finally stands up to them and let's them see that they work for the people. To this day, we have yet to get a return phone call from Walker county sheriff Steve Wilson or walker county coroner Dewayne Wilson with any questions or concerns that we have had throughout this time. Please share my brothers story and help us in his fight for justice and support is always appreciated. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the thoughts, prayers and support.  Find his story on Facebook at     And on twitter at

Amanda Shirley
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Petition to ABC, ABC

Recall Colton as the Bachelor- WE WANT JASON, ABC!

Colton was picked as the bachelor instead of Jason. Sign the petition if you agree with the below statement:Hear me out. Colton Underwood seems like a nice dude. BUT WE'VE SEEN HIM WAY TOO MUCH. I think he is even tired of seeing himself on TV. Didn't we already do this with Nick Viall, ABC? Pick the most annoying and dramatic choice for the bachelor and make everyone mad about it? HOW DID THAT TURN OUT, ABC? We got 13 episodes of Nick obviously hating his life and grimacing at women that were so out of his league it was bonkers.  We all know how this season will go. Colton picks a lot of hotties on the first night, they make virgin puns, maybe someone even dresses up as a cherry or something horrific. The season goes on and he falls in lust with two to four girls, cries a ton and ultimately picks the hottest and most boring of the choices to be "his person" (gag). Then they break up quietly off set. They both become even bigger Instagram influencers and are set for the next 15 years of their lives. WE'VE SEEN THIS AND WE ARE BORED OF IT. FOR ONCE PICK THE DUDE WE ALL WANT. You didn't give us Peter (still mad about this one), Eric went to paradise which is fine but c'mon he deserved more, you didn't give us Chase, I'd say you didn't give us Luke...but I watched Winter Games so actually thanks for that one. Your last bachelor was maybe the worst of all time. You need a win, fam. I think I stand for everyone when I say... we are very unhappy. How did this choice happen? I'm imagining it went down like this: Female producer: Hey-- social media is blowing up...everyone is saying they will be perfectly fine if we pick Blake or Jason. So I think the choice is clear.Male producer *stirring a tiny umbrella straw around the rim of his mojito*: Ah yes...Colton it shall be. Colton it shall be indeed.Female producer:  Literally how.Male producer: He's a hot virgin. Everyone loves a hot virgin.Female producer: Stereotypical white men from 80's movies do?Male producer: Exactly.You missed the mark with Arie. YOU'RE NOT EVEN ON THE EFFING BOARD WITH COLTON. You are not here for the right reasons, ABC!Recall Colton, Pick Jason. Bachelor Nation, if you're with me, sign the petish. #NotMyBachelor #RecallColton

Katie DeRose
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