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Petition to Michael Fuller, Mark Speakman, Lloyd Babb SC

The NSW DPP to withdraw all charges against Gary Jubelin. NOW: WE STAND WITH GARY JUBELIN

The NSW Department of Public Prosecution has filed 4 charges against Dectective Cheif Inspector Gary Jubelin. Those charges being alleged breaches of the Surveillance Device Act 2007. It has not been made public under what section of that act Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin has been charged. However it is now known that the recorded conversations were in relation to the disappearance of 3 year old William Tyrrell. We the undersigned members of the Australian Public are demanding all charges laid by the N.S.W DPP, against now former Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin be withdrawn forthwith. As the mother of a Homicide Victim, I along with numerous other Homicide Victims Families and Missing persons families know the unending work, time & dedication Gary Jubelin has put into bringing resolve to numerous Victims families as well as his ongoing support of Homicide Victims & Missing persons families, who,s family members cases have not been resolved by N.S.W legal system. Gary Jubelin’s work on the Willian Tyrrell case has been constant & he has kept that case in the public’s eye since he was placed as Lead Detective on that case. Gary Jubelin has worked with dedication to solve crimes & supported so many victims families since joining the N.S.W Police Force in 1985. It is a travesty that the hierarchy of the N.S.W Police Force, are treating a man who was an extremely hard working, dedicated high ranking officer, with such disregard after all the years of hard investigative work that has provided positive results from his dedication to the N.S.W Police Force. Please Stand With Gary Jubelin & support this petition by signing & sharing it. 

Helen Hagenson
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Petition to Mr Christian Porter, Minister Mathias Cormann, Mr Scott Morrison, Mr Anthony Albanese, Ms Pauline Hanson, Ms Jackie Lambie

An Independent Enquiry into Commonwealth Government and Political Corruption in Australia

I am an Australian Public Servant (APS). I have made complaints regarding criminal conduct of APS employees in the past regarding a matter through the proper avenues within the appropriate agencies, as did other employees. The complaints I made were deliberately not investigated to any proper extent and all complaints were unsubstantiated. I have referred the matter to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for investigation as it concerns conduct of malfeasance, perversion of the course of justice and abuse of public office to name the likely offences, however, the agency themselves have reported to the AFP that all the matters have been investigated, which is not true. I have taken the matter to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office who have unsubstantiated the matters, regardless of the evidence I have produced. I have taken the matter to the then Commissioner of the Australian Public Service Commission who declined to investigate the matter.I have sent letters and emails to the Minister in charge of the agency concerned at the time, who referred me back to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s office and the AFP. I have sent letters and emails to 148 Members of Parliament requesting an independent investigation into this matter and, to my disgust, I received very little response, let alone support from our Members of Parliament. I have notified the Prime Minister (edited 24 08 18 - previous Prime Minister) and opposition leader regarding this matter on several occasions, to no avail.I have been the recipient of reprisals from two different agencies because of my complaints, even though my complaints were made through the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013. I have evidence of the above and I would also like to state the following regarding this matter:• Government agencies have spent a great deal of tax payer’s money to cover-up this matter;• I suspect secretaries of two government agencies have been involved in covering this matter up and reprisals against myself for making complaints regarding this matter and pursuing it;• I suspect there is a current serving MP who has been a part of the reprisals;• I believe this matter is known to the latest Ex-Prime Minister (Malcolm Turnbull) of the government of the day;• I believe the latest Ex-Prime Minister of the government of the day has not fulfilled his duty whilst in office in respect of this matter and has not ensured there is a proper system in place to ensure complaints of government and political corruption are investigated properly in Australia; • I believe any independent investigation/enquiry into this matter will clearly underscore both high level maleficence and systemic corruption within several different government agencies; and• I have tried to report this matter through all and every available avenue available to public servants, however, the system is designed to have sensitive matters like this unsubstantiated and covered-up at the expense of the complainant and the Australian public, regardless of the immense value to the public interest. There is a great deal of evidence that can corroborate and support the above. I have been conservative when detailing my assertions, suspicions and beliefs and I know any independent investigation/enquiry would flesh out the basics I have articulated above and much more. As an Australian Public Servant, I have always been apolitical in respect of this matter and will continue to be. I believe it is my duty to the Australian people, particularly Australian taxpayers, to pursue this matter for their sake and for the sake of democracy, regardless of our political persuasions. Everyone will benefit from a more transparent and corrupt free government. I believe when it is the case that the upper echelons, including heads, of political parties and government agencies are involved in conduct, that equates to perverting the course of justice, reprisals and abuse of public office that the public has a right to know what their hard earned cash is being spent on and for the offenders to be brought to justice, for the sake of all Australians and for the sake of justice. I also believe that persons who have deliberately not acted on information at the expense of the Australian taxpayer when they are employed in positions to act on such information are also offending in the same manner. I am writing this letter to the Australian public because they deserve to know what is really going on and how their taxpayers’ dollars are being spent. It is obvious to me that the government of the day and key persons within certain agencies have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure this matter is not made available to the public for their own agendas, at the very expense of the public, both financially and otherwise, which I think is an absolutely disgraceful way to treat the Australian Public and democracy within Australia, particularly considering that many Australians have given their lives to protect democracy in this country. I wish for this petition to go the Attorney General of Australia, Christian Porter, to the new Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison and to the new Minister for the Australian Public Service, Mathias Cormann, to have this matter investigated by the AFP AND ALSO an independent enquiry to determine how the original investigation was managed by all parties concerned with the power to refer persons to the AFP.  Thank you for your time, Ken  

Ken Carroll
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Petition to Senator Richard Di Natale, Derryn Hinch, Adam Bandt, Andrew Wilkie, Tony Windsor, AUSTRALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION

Stop Scott Morrison & Fair Work Commission discriminating against casual employees!

Stop Scott Morrison & Fair Work Commission discriminating against casual employees! If you believe in equality, in equal legal and human rights for ALL Australians, this is the most important petition you will ever read and sign. Currently in Australia, paedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves, terrorists and refugees enjoy greater legal and human rights – rights to lawyers, rights to have the merits of offences tried in courts, rights to appeal to higher courts - than Australia’s 2.6 million casual employees. You will get mad as hell when you read how: Australian Federal Governments have since Paul Keating in 1994, implemented apartheid laws to deliberately discriminate against casual employees, and how your government’s industrial relations agency, the Fair Work Commission, systematically and consistently violates your legal and human rights, and strips you of your dignity – I should know as it happened to me; and   Work Choices is alive and well and flourishing in 2019, thanks to former Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the principal architect of the Fair Work Act 2009, who resurrected the old Work Choices law and disguised it as Sections 382 to 384 of the Fair Work Act 2009! Sections 382 to 384 (the unfair dismissal sections) directly affect Australia’s 2.6 million casual employees, discriminating against them by imposing segregationist legal standards that do NOT apply to other employees when bringing unfair dismissal applications. An earlier iteration of these laws - Regulation 30B of Work Choices – was declared in 2001 by the Federal Court of Australia as unlawful since they discriminated against entire classes of casual employees. Such flagrant, deliberate discrimination and segregation must stop … NOW! A highly-paid public servant, Adam Hatcher (Vice President of the Fair Work Commission) has stated in writing to me that: there is no legal equality under the Australian Constitution, and that laws that discriminate against Australia’s hard-working casual employees, stripping them of their legal rights and human rights are lawful, constitutional, and even beneficial! The Fair Work Commission is unlike any other legal jurisdiction: it’s the bizarro-world of Australian legal jurisdictions, described by barrister Oliver Cain as a “Kangaroo Court”. So, the Fair Work Commission: Strips you of your basic legal rights, of your basic human rights, of your personal dignity; Denies you the right to have the merits of your case heard, holding bogus “jurisdictional hearings” in which the Commission decides whether it will hear the merits of your unfair dismissal application; Denies you legal representation; Denies you the right to appeal decisions unless your appeal is in the so-called “public interest”; Rewrites your entire work history by imposing artificial “probationary” periods upon you - not at the beginning of your employment, but at the end - so that, even if your employment is long term, it’s actually considered short term; and Accepts perjured and fabricated evidence, refusing to follow these matters up with the Australian Federal Police. Sections 382 to 384 contravene the United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Article 14(1) (equality before the courts and tribunals); Article 2(1) (equal access to courts and tribunals), and Article 26 (equality before the law and entitlement to the equal protection of the law). These laws are a national disgrace; a national and international embarrassment. If any other Australian court or tribunal operated in the same way as the Fair Work Commission, hordes of QCs would pound down the doors of the High Court of Australia demanding that their clients’ legal and human rights must be protected. But, since you are dealing with casual employees, your fellow Australians who are among the most vulnerable members of Australian society, these laws are deemed “acceptable”, lawful even. Remember: your Federal Governments have previously discriminated against indigenous people, gay people, and same sex couples. Your governments believe they can impose apartheid laws on you. Send a clear message to the Federal Government that you won’t take this! Don’t be complacent like your politicians, public servants and the media who don’t give a toss about these critical issues. Don’t let your Federal Government strip you of your precious legal rights and human rights. Please sign this petition and help me smash Work Choices, the Fair Work Commission, and the Federal Government’s apartheid industrial relations policies.  

Joe Calleri
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