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Petition to Gerald Dick, PhD, MAS, Amran Sulaiman-Minister of Agriculture Indonesia

Indonesian Government: Free all Animals from Ragunan and Surabaya Zoo into Sanctuaries

Captive elephants in Indonesia's Surabaya Zoo and Ragunan Zoo are being held in extremely cruel conditions. "I have never seen … this before," said a staff member of an animal advocacy organization. At both zoos, says the staff member, the elephants were restrained in a severe and agonizing manner. The animals are not only chained to the enclosures by their back legs, but their front legs are tied together. "I have visited zoos across the world, many of which unfortunately chain their elephants. But I have never seen elephants with leg ties as well as chains,"said the staffer With the additional leg ties, the elephants are unable to even move backwards and forwards freely, restricting them to "hobbling" or "hopping." The male elephants who were tied in this manner at the Surabaya Zoo were in obvious distress: "He was rocking backwards and forwards for some time in a stereotypical display often seen in captive elephants," says the staff member. "The real sad thing for him was when he decided to use the bar as a scratching post, he needed to haul himself and the chains, centimeter by centimeter, into a position where he could rub against the metal bar. This should be something that is freely available to him and not something that he is forced to work for by having to 'hobble' within the small areas that his chains allow him within." At the Ragunan Zoo, both adults and a very young elephant were seen with their front legs tied together: "The calf was attempting to lie down on a number of occasions, but the leg ties prevented it from doing so. It also had to 'hop' with both front legs together every time it wanted to turn around." (The calf is likely this young male.) Indonesia has long been criticized for its animal welfare standards, especially the Surabaya Zoo, in East Java, referred to as the "Zoo of Death" for the horrific conditions the animals live in and the nauseating photos that reportedly emerge from it, including a lion found hanging last year in his cell, and an emaciated camel eating in his enclosure. Femke den Haas is the founder and coordinator for wildlife rescue at the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). Den Haas lives in Indonesia and first visited the Ragunan Zoo 20 years ago: "I was so shocked to see the suffering of the animals there that I decided I wanted to return to Indonesia the soonest to help improve animal welfare in the country." It was the eyes, she says, of one adult male orangutan that she couldn't forget: "His name was Johnny. Johnny was an adult orangutan inside a tiny dark cage, not able to climb, not even able to obtain any sunlight." Twenty years later, Johnny is still inside the same cage. Since 2002, 23 orangutans have died inside the Ragunan Zoo, den Haas said. (The Ragunan Zoo is a member of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.) Since 2013, JAAN has been denied access to help improve the quality of care for the animals of the zoo, den Haas claims. Part of the problem, she maintains, is there is no standard of care for animal welfare in zoos in Indonesia. "The Indonesia Zoo and Aquarium Association (IZAA) is a sham. This association is run by the zoo owners who seek profit and little regulations. The conditions of animals throughout Indonesia in zoos are horrific. I just returned from a zoo in Banyuwangi that received animals from Surabaya [Zoo], including orangutans and elephants. The elephants are chained and walked around [by keepers] with the infamous sticks with nails on them to handle the elephants and [use them for] elephant rides." Unfortunately, says den Haas, as bad as the Ragunan and Surabaya zoos are, there are some even worse. At these zoos, says den Haas, "animals hardly are seen with even drinking water." The staff member of the advocacy group agrees with den Haas' assessment: "Sadly, animals are kept in even worse conditions in other zoos both within Indonesia and other Asian countries." "The sad reality," the staffer adds, "is that the majority of Asian zoos house as many species and individuals as they possibly can, and the staff have little to no knowledge of how to care for these individuals to meet their complex physical and behavioral needs. Therefore animals languish in squalid concrete cells and the measure of 'good' or 'bad' is whether they survive or not."---Source-The Dodo~ Ask the Minister of Agriculture Suswono to shut these places of hell down and transport the animals to sanctuaries !

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Petition to U.S. Congress, President of the United States, cc: ETAN

U.S. Release the Records, Acknowledge U.S. Role in the Crimes of 1965/66 Mass Violence in Indonesia

for more information, sample tweets, and more see Although the massacre of up to 1,000,000 people (possibly more) in Indonesia in 1965-1967 is a crucial event in modern Indonesian political history, it remains mostly a footnote in the United States and elsewhere. In 2012, the documentary The Act of Killing shocked audiences throughout the world as perpetrators of the mass murder reenacted their violence. The film has fueled a debate within Indonesia and drawn attention internationally to events long kept out of U.S. history books: Events that the U.S. government facilitated and celebrated. A companion film, The Look of Silence, is currently showing. It focuses on the victims by following the investigation of Adi Rukun into the murder of his older brother during the violence. While these are powerful films, any discussion of these events  must include a discussion of the role of Western powers in this violence, including that of the United States. In conjunction, with the release of the film The Look of Silence, the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) continues its call for accountability for those in the West who encouraged and assisted in the mass violence in Indonesia. Join ETAN in urging the U.S. government to take these immediate steps: 1) Declassify and release all documents related to the U.S. role in the mass violence, including the CIA's so-called "job files." These detail its covert operations. And 2) The U.S. should formally acknowledge its role in facilitating the 1965-66 violence and its subsequent support for the brutalities of the Suharto regime. ETAN Backgrounder- Breaking the Silence: The U.S. and Indonesia's Mass Violence For more information see

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Petition to Joko Widodo, Joko Widodo

Fire war criminal Wiranto. He's not fit to be Indonesia coordinating minister

This is outrageous. On July 27, 2016, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo appointed indicted war criminal Gen. Wiranto Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, and Security Affairs. A presidential spokesperson told the Jakarta Post that Wiranto "well-tested and was experienced in resolving various assignments, especially during the transition period from the New Order to the Reform era in the late 1990s." In 2003, he was indicted by a UN-backed court for his role in the security-force violence during Timor-Leste's independence referendum  Wiranto is responsible through acts of omission and commission for the gravest violations of human right in East Timor and Indonesia. A retired General Wiranto had deep ties to the Indonesian dictator Suharto’s New Order regime. He served as Suharto’s Aide de Camp from 1989-1993. In February 1998, while Indonesia was in the throes of the financial and political crisis, Suharto named him commander of the Armed Forces of Indonesia and a month later he was given the portfolio of Minister of Defense and Security. Although viewed as a reformer for his outward support for reducing the military’s role in politics, he nonetheless bears responsibility as commander in the deaths of protesters at the hands of the military in Jakarta during the May 1998 tumult. Wiranto was implicated for rights violations in a 2003 Komnas HAM report on the anti-Chinese riots in 1998. In February 2003, the UN-backed Serious Crimes Unit (SCU) indicted Wiranto for his role in the security force violence surrounding Timor-Leste's 1999 UN-organized referendum on independence. The SCU charged him “with Crimes Against Humanity for Murder, Deportation and Persecution in that these crimes were all undertaken as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against the civilian population of East Timor and specifically targeted those who were believed to be supporters of independence for East Timor.” As head of the military, there is no doubt that he was aware – if not involved in the planning – of the scorched earth campaign unleashed on the East Timorese following their vote for independence in 1999. For reasons of realpolitik the government of Timor-Leste has never followed up on the indictment. In December 2013, Wiranto told Al Jazeera “that he followed state policies [in Timor-Leste] and that President Habibie was responsible for those. Habibie rubbishes his claims and says there are no facts to suggest he instructed Wiranto and his soldiers to kill.” more at ETAN's website see also Joint statement by Tapol, ETAN and Watch Indonesia! on Wiranto /Pengangkatan Jenderal (Purn) Wiranto sebagai Menteri mengukuhkan adanya impunitas berurat-akar di Indonesia ANTI: We Stand Against Impunity, Deny Formerly Accused General Wiranto From Holding a Position of Power!/ Estatementu Konjunta: Ami Kontra Impunidade Hasoru Wiranto Wiranto and the Biak Massacre ETAN needs your support - please donate today!

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Petition to Trader Joe's

Stop using Palm Oil from Indonesia

Trader Joe's is a grocery store chain that uses Palm Oil in their products. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms. It is used in almost all products and can be found in your pizza dough, shampoo, soap, and ice cream, to name a few. Palm oil is a cheap oil that is extremely affordable for companies to use in their products. The issue with palm oil is that it's causing deforestation worse than anything before, especially in Indonesia. Due to the harvesting of palm oil, forests in Indonesia have decreased 50% in the past 20 years. That means half of the forest land in Indonesia in 1996, is now gone. The burnings of the land to extract the palm oil have cause carbon emissions during these burnings are worse than the United States' in a year. These burnings can last for up to a month. Animals, like the orangutang, are losing their habitats over this oil. Indonesia and Malaysia are responsible for almost all the palm oil plantations for the world. Palm oil is in products that do not have any need for it. If palm oil was removed from ice cream, there would be very little difference. Trader Joe's uses palm oil in many of their products and the people spoke out about it already. There have been articles written about Trader Joe's and palm oil before and they have taken no action. I consumed a bag of their microwave popcorn. In the popcorn, not only do they use palm oil, they use a "natural butter flavor (non-dairy)". I took action and called Trader Joe's asking about their natural butter flavor that happens to be non-dairy. The first time I called, the lady told me she could not disclose what was in their natural butter flavor that did not contain butter except that it was a mix of natural oils that "taste like butter". The second time I called, I was told that it was a natural flavor made from butter and that it just didn't contain lactose. I asked about palm oil and she said that they don't disclose their supplier of palm oil, but assure consumers that it is within standards of safety. The people don't want the oil in their products, it's as simple as that. If you start using alternatives, other companies will follow. Palm oil is a harmful oil that is not necessary to any one of the products and is not needed. If you remove it, we take one step closer to stopping deforestation and saving our planet. Don't hesitate to visit any links to learn more: 

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