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Petition to Joko Widodo

President Joko Widodo: Please save Balikpapan Bay!

The highly controversial Pulau Balang Bridge is about to bring disastrous irreversible environmental damage to one of the last remaining pristine coastal habitats in East Kalimantan (Indonesia) - Balikpapan Bay. Furthermore, the  project is economically flawed and wasteful of government funds, and will lead to a completely avoidable increase in Indonesia’s carbon emissions from both excessive vehicle mileage and forest destruction.  Balikpapan is one of the most biodiverse cities in Asia. It hosts the last remaining coastal primary rainforest in the region still connected with adjacent marine ecosystems such as special mangroves, sea grass beds and coral reefs. It is home to 1,400 endangered proboscis monkeys and many other highly threatened marine and forest species including Irrawaddy dolphins, dugongs, orangutans, clouded leopards, sun bears, and Bornean gibbons, all of which are protected under Indonesian law. Over 100 species of mammals and almost 300 species of birds live here. This biodiversity richness represents a huge sustainable ecotourism potential, which can contribute significantly to the local and national economy without sacrificing fisheries, which is the main livelihood of many local people. Unfortunately, all this richness will be destroyed if the Pulau Balang Bridge construction continues as proposed. All the current corridors that connect the primary rainforest to the coast will be cut, and protected species will become isolated in small patches of forest where they will become extinct. The construction phase of the road has already begun to open access to uncontrolled land speculation, encroachment, logging, illegal hunting and forest fires. The increased level of soil erosion and sedimentation is causing death of coral reefs, which will in turn will destroy the whole marine environment. The plans for the current development are 25 years old, and were intended to provide a bridge crossing Balikpapan Bay using technologies and development thinking of a previous era. As a result, the current planning for the bridge location entails an 80-kilometer detour for vehicles driving from the west side of the bay to Balikpapan. The current plan is outdated, environmental disastrous, and uneconomic. It is only still being pursued because of the vested interests of land speculators and contractors. Yet with modern technology, it is possible to build a bridge that would provide a 90% shorter route, spending much less on access roads and subsequent maintenance, cause minimal environmental damage, thus saving carbon emissions and protecting environmental services, and the livelihoods that they provide. Please help us to ask the President to declare a moratorium on the current plan, while an up-to-date feasibility study and cost-benefit analysis is carried out by unbiased and qualified experts. We are confident that they will find namely that the current plans are old-fashioned, wasteful, and environmentally disastrous.

Stanislav Lhota
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Petition to Trader Joe's

Stop using Palm Oil from Indonesia

Trader Joe's is a grocery store chain that uses Palm Oil in their products. Palm oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms. It is used in almost all products and can be found in your pizza dough, shampoo, soap, and ice cream, to name a few. Palm oil is a cheap oil that is extremely affordable for companies to use in their products. The issue with palm oil is that it's causing deforestation worse than anything before, especially in Indonesia. Due to the harvesting of palm oil, forests in Indonesia have decreased 50% in the past 20 years. That means half of the forest land in Indonesia in 1996, is now gone. The burnings of the land to extract the palm oil have cause carbon emissions during these burnings are worse than the United States' in a year. These burnings can last for up to a month. Animals, like the orangutang, are losing their habitats over this oil. Indonesia and Malaysia are responsible for almost all the palm oil plantations for the world. Palm oil is in products that do not have any need for it. If palm oil was removed from ice cream, there would be very little difference. Trader Joe's uses palm oil in many of their products and the people spoke out about it already. There have been articles written about Trader Joe's and palm oil before and they have taken no action. I consumed a bag of their microwave popcorn. In the popcorn, not only do they use palm oil, they use a "natural butter flavor (non-dairy)". I took action and called Trader Joe's asking about their natural butter flavor that happens to be non-dairy. The first time I called, the lady told me she could not disclose what was in their natural butter flavor that did not contain butter except that it was a mix of natural oils that "taste like butter". The second time I called, I was told that it was a natural flavor made from butter and that it just didn't contain lactose. I asked about palm oil and she said that they don't disclose their supplier of palm oil, but assure consumers that it is within standards of safety. The people don't want the oil in their products, it's as simple as that. If you start using alternatives, other companies will follow. Palm oil is a harmful oil that is not necessary to any one of the products and is not needed. If you remove it, we take one step closer to stopping deforestation and saving our planet. Don't hesitate to visit any links to learn more: 

Max Kadish
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Petition to Juan Vargas 2, John Morton, Barbara Boxer, Cory A. Booker, Robert Menendez, Patrick J. Leahy, Niki Tsongas, Richard Hanna, Ed Pastor, Jared Polis, Dianne Feinstein, Peter Welch, Michael Grimm, Juan Vargas, Eric Swalwell, Luis V. Gutierrez, Christopher H. Smith, Frank Pallone Jr., Albio Sires, Bill Pascrell Jr., Rush Holt, President of the United States

ICE Director Morton: Stop Deporting Persecuted Christian Indonesian Roby Sanger

Bridget (9) and Caitlyn (6) are U.S. Citizens who deserve to be raised by their parents in their  Metuchen, NJ home, supported by their church family at the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen and a large community of friends and neighbors.  But ICE has PRIORITIZED deporting Christian Indonesians, deporting 9 from our community since January 1, 2012. ICE gave Roby Sanger a deport order for June 28, 2012. He now receives SANCTUARY in the Reformed Church of Highland Park, courageously giving up his job and his freedom, in order to keep his family together and continue to advocate for all Indonesian refugees. See more in this film at Roby has petitioned the U.S. government for asylum for a decade, since Roby first complied with special registration (NSEERS), but his request was denied because he missed the one-year application deadline. Now ICE has denied his request for prosecutorial discretion, even though he meets multiple factors in John Morton's June 17, 2011 memo promising to re-focus ICE on deporting criminals. Roby refuses to return to Indonesia where violent mobs have destroyed 1,700 churches since he left Indonesia in 1995. He especially fears for the safety of his daughters Bridget and Caitlyn, Christians and Americans, who face discrimination and persecution in Indonesia, and a life without a father in the U.S.  SIGN THIS PETITION and help thousands of Christian Indonesians across the U.S. whose families are being torn apart. Like Roby they registered for NSEERS and applied for asylum to help the U.S. fight terrorism post-9/11. They have become entrapped in an immigration system whose quota of 400,000 deportations per year in the last three years leaves scant room for humanitarian concerns.  Roby's faith that God will find a way where there seems to be no way has inspired our small community in Central New Jersey to advocate and work tirelessly for his family and thousands of Christian Indonesians across the country. A big job for our small group! We need your help. Learn more at In Roby's words: "My wife and I came to America in 1995 because our lives were threatened by a Muslim man who lived with his uncle who was on duty as a policeman. The place where we lived was close to a large shopping complex and many Muslim people lived there. This man and his friends always gathered at the cross roads. Every time we came from church they were always there and trying to stop us. But we just ignored them and walked fast. Until one night when my wife and I were on the way from shopping. Suddenly this man came and attacked us with a knife in his hand and we ran fast to a neighbor's house. And thank God my neighbor opened the door and let us in until that man went away. Since then we became afraid and couldn't go out anymore. And we decided to come to America. In New Jersey, we became members of the First Presbyterian Church of Metuchen, where we worshipped for 16 years. We are active members, my wife as a Deaconess and she is also a senior choir member. My girls are also active members in Sunday School and they joined the choir. My kids go to Campbell School Metuchen, Bridget in 4th grade and Caitlyn in 1st grade. Caitlyn is very involved in school activities, she joined the choir and plays violin in school. I worked as a forklift driver and before that I worked at a warehouse for 7 years. My wife worked at a beauty product packaging company for 16 years. We always pay taxes during the years we have lived in America.  The place where we lived in Indonesia remains unsafe for us. A couple months ago, they found a bomb near our church. At this time we would like to ask President Obama to help me so that I can stay in this country along with my wife and my children, please don't separate us. They need me here, I have to bring them and pick them up from school everyday. I would like to stay live here and I want to raise my kids who are U.S. Citizens in this country." Along with 11 members of the U.S. Congress, including Carolyn Maloney and Yvette Clarke from NY and Frank Pallone and Rush Holt from NJ, we urge ICE to stay deportations for Roby and Indonesian families while a bill our Pastor Seth Kaper-Dale helped write, the Indonesian Refugee Family Protection Act is being considered in both Houses. Senator Frank Lautenberg introduced S-3339, while Ms. Maloney and Mr. Pallone introduced HR-3590, now supported by 18 Representatives. It allows Indonesians who fled from 1997-2003 a chance to file for asylum without the 1-year deadline that has kept their cases from being heard. US HOUSE OF REPS. Colleagues urge ICE to prevent Indonesian Christian Refugees from being deported back to a life of persecution in their homeland. THE NEW YORK TIMES   A Sanctuary Amid Fears of Persecution at Home.                                           THE STAR LEDGER    NJ Assemblyman Peter J. Barnes introduced a state resolution to enact HR-3590 POST    NY Rep. Carolyn Maloney, visited the immigrants and said, "They fled violence, they fled the burning and the raids of their religious sanctuaries. I think it's just the fair and just thing to allow them their day in court." WASHINGTON POST   Minister sees no choice but to fight for refugees. THE NEW REPUBLIC   Broken Promises: How Obama's Immigration Failures Have Put A New Jersey Community On Edge CHRISTIAN POST    Indonesian Christians Facing Deportation in US Appeal to Obama CNN 

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