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Petition to CBC, CBC Radio

Prevent Media Gatekeeping: Protect Indigenous Narratives

A CBC journalist targetted Michele Young-Crook, a well-respected leader within the Indigenous community, by releasing an article stating Young-Crook "claims" to have an Indigenous grandmother with status after intentionally ignoring Young-Crook's Anishnaabe roots.  After the release of the article, Young-Crook’s PR team addressed the reporter who wrote the article on the matter and she doubled down by stating “As she [Young-Crook] isn’t registered as Native, I can’t say she is”. Young-Crook took further action to CBC by addressing the editor and asking them to edit or remove the article and they have refused. People who are in media with this type of overt colonial mindset propagate misinformation about Indigenous folks and contribute to the oppression, marginalization and discrimination of Indigenous people. It is not the media’s place, and certainly not the place of a non-Indigenous settler, to dictate, police or play gatekeeper to who is and who is not Indigenous. To question Young-Crook’s Indigeneity because she is not status strips her of her voice, agency and robs her and her family’s deep-rooted history on these lands. This is the epitome of oppression — when someone in a place of power and privilege dictates who and how someone is or isn’t. As a result of the CBC Radio article, and considering all the above, we call on CBC to: -Acknowledge that making a point to say an Indigenous person isn’t status (unless relevant to a story) is divisive and oppressive and shouldn’t be done-Acknowledge that asking an Indigenous person about their status or asking them to “prove” their indigeneity via a status card is demeaning, degrading and forces someone to “prove” who they are (how often is a person of Irish or Swedish descent asked to prove their heritage?)-Acknowledge they’ve been combative and unwilling to listen or change through this situation-Remove the article in question  -Ensure CBC employees receive proper training and education on the history and treatment towards Indigenous peoples on Turtle Island so they are better equipped to write stories about Indigenous folks Join us in taking our collective identities back, our voice back and stand up to the continuation of oppression, racism and marginalization that continues to bombard Indigenous communities by society.  We must seek concrete solutions for concrete change, YOU can sign and share this petition to make it clear all across Canada that whether you are status or non-status, live on or off-reserve, are mixed heritage, light or dark skin, First Nations, Métis or Inuit, urban-dwelling, grew up with your culture or not — you ARE Indigenous.  We acknowledge the hostile nature of recent articles targetting Indigenous peoples is an ongoing issue within the media. Please read the links below for more context: CBC ARTICLE - -, R. (2006). Historical representations of Aboriginal people in the Canadian news media. Discourse & Society, 17(2): 205-235. file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/Historical_representations_of_Aboriginal_people_in.pdf-Furniss, E. (2001). Aboriginal justice, the media, and the symbolic management of Aboriginal/Euro-Canadian relations. American Indian Culture and Research Journal, 25(2): 1-36.

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Petition to Justin Trudeau, Carolyn Bennett

Urge Trudeau to release an action plan for missing and murdered Indigenous women

Currently, aboriginal women are 3 times more likely to be killed by a stranger than non-aboriginal women.  The National Inquiry into the missing and murdered indigenous women of Canada details that this epidemic of genocide across Canada must come to a halt. Broken indigenous peace, safety, and health have been a stain on Canada's history and our contemporary landscape that must be healed. The World Human Rights Watch's 2021 report lists this crisis as one of the most prevalent human rights issues in Canada. The federal government must take action by acting on the National Inquiries' countless recommendations to improve Canada. The action plan has been delayed and set aside by the federal government in a time where increased domestic issues surrounding COVID-19 further the endangerment of indigenous women facing gender-based violence. Canada's Native Women Association has rated the Trudeau government a failing grade in responding and dealing with the severe inquiry that demands justice. We recommend Justin Trudeau and Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett employ the help of Indigenous organizations to finally push out a comprehensive plan to change our systems and culture to ensure the safety of Canada's most unprotected. Without action, race and gender based violence against the important indigenous women in our society will prevail. Please sign our petition and consider writing to your local MP so that the people of Canada can make a change.  

Sean Hakami
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Petition to Crown Prosecutor (Thunder Bay), The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Thunder Bay Police

Ensure Barbara Kentner's Justice: Brayden Bushby Must Be Charged With More Serious Charges

On July 4, 2017 Barbara Kentner, a Thunder Bay First Nation woman died of her injuries she sustained the night on January 28, 2017 when she was walking down the Thunder Bay street with her sister, minding her own business when a vehicle passed by. In the vehicle, one of its passengers Brayden Bushby threw a trailer hitch as they passed, hitting Barbara in the stomach. Immediately after, Brayden was heard yelling, "I got one". Barbara's family and daughter needs justice served. This was no accident?  Bushby was charged with aggravated assault, shortly after the incident. A post mortem was scheduled for July 8, then a coroner's report will be completed in order to determine if more serious charges will be laid. Barbara's family and daughter need justice and this case needs to be properly investigated by the Thunder Bay police and Crown prosecutor and Brayden Bushby must not just get a slap on the wrist!! He must be punished to the full extent of the law. Canada is watching this case, especially the Indigenous communities across Canada, because we highly value our women and girls and demand justice! I wonder if Brayden has a sister or mother and does he regret his actions, now that he has ended the life of a beautiful First Nations women, who was in the prime of her life? Barbara was only 34 years old and would have still had many years left to live, if her young life had not been so callously snuffed out. Barbara's memories will be cherished by her friends and family because she was loved and her loved ones deserve healing. Please sign and share. Thank you for your support. 

Gail Gallagher
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Petition to Cyrille Simard, Michel Serry, Lise Ouellette, Eric Doiron, Camille Roy, Eric Marquis, Gerald G. Morneault, Charles E. Fournier, Eric McGuire, Edmundston Police Department

Justice for Chantel Moore

On June 4, 2020, an indigenous woman named Chantel Moore was killed by an Edmundston police officer during a wellness check. The officer claims that the victim, Chantel, attacked him with a knife, so he had no choice but to shoot her. It is not clear how many shots were fired. Canada's police force has a history of killing black and indigenous Canadians. It is hard to find statistics on police-led fatalities, as Statistics Canada only reports on fatalities that have led to a criminal charge, however, it is estimated that approximately 25 people in Canada die from fatal police shootings each year. The lack of data about the shooting in Canada is proof of Canadians turning a blind eye to the systemic racism that black people and indigenous people face. Even in the event that Statistics Canada Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics does track a fatal police shooting, it does not keep statistics on race, making it hard to address the issue of overrepresentation of black people and indigenous people being killed in Canada. This petition is being written to pressure the Edmundston Police Force to criminally charge the officer (whose name is yet to be released) with a count of second-degree murder. We must put pressure on the city of Edmundston for holding this officer accountable for not trying to deescalate the situation. We will not let another black or indigenous Canadian die in vain.  Gofundme created by Chantel's family DISCLAIMER: This petition was not and is not affiliated with the family of Chantel Moore. This petition was created by a concerned Canadian who wants to seek justice for Chantel.

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