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Petition to Carolyn Bennett, Dr. Lillian Dyck, Andrew Scheer, Murray Sinclair, Larry W. Smith

A Call to Action to End Gender Discrimination in the Indian Act Now

Please support the immediate implementation of the amendments to Bill S-3 that have been adopted by the Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples (‘the 6(1)(a) all the way amendment), which were passed by the Senate of Canada on June 1st, 2017. The time for engagement has passed; we cannot debate any longer as human rights violations continue. It is now time to act and rectify the gender-based inequalities in the Indian Act. Upon the implementation of Bill S-3 amendments to eliminate gender-based inequalities in the Indian Act, we can collectively begin to right the wrong of this 100 year old human rights violation. ONWA will continue empowering and supporting all Indigenous women and their families through cultural restoration, regardless of status under the Indian Act.  However, we know that without formal recognition through these amendments, many Indigenous women will continue to be discriminated against. Until the rights of Indigenous women are recognized and respected they will continue to be dehumanized thus increasing the risk that they go missing, be murdered, sexually exploited, and/or human trafficked. ONWA’s position and advocacy is to immediately implement the amendments to Bill S-3, and remove the two-tier hierarchy of status which is the central problem in the registration provision. We look forward to achieving justice for Indigenous women, and believe this will be a foundational step taken on the journey towards healing and reconciliation. As the Government of Canada we ask that you support ONWA in fulfilling your responsibilities to Indigenous women across Ontario by following “the dictates of your conscience, to set our sisters free” (Mary Two-Axe Early). For more information: 

Ontario Native Women's Association
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Petition to Crown Prosecutor (Thunder Bay), The Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould, The Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Thunder Bay Police

Ensure Barbara Kentner's Justice: Brayden Bushby Must Be Charged With More Serious Charges

On July 4, 2017 Barbara Kentner, a Thunder Bay First Nation woman died of her injuries she sustained the night on January 28, 2017 when she was walking down the Thunder Bay street with her sister, minding her own business when a vehicle passed by. In the vehicle, one of its passengers Brayden Bushby threw a trailer hitch as they passed, hitting Barbara in the stomach. Immediately after, Brayden was heard yelling, "I got one". Barbara's family and daughter needs justice served. This was no accident?  Bushby was charged with aggravated assault, shortly after the incident. A post mortem was scheduled for July 8, then a coroner's report will be completed in order to determine if more serious charges will be laid. Barbara's family and daughter need justice and this case needs to be properly investigated by the Thunder Bay police and Crown prosecutor and Brayden Bushby must not just get a slap on the wrist!! He must be punished to the full extent of the law. Canada is watching this case, especially the Indigenous communities across Canada, because we highly value our women and girls and demand justice! I wonder if Brayden has a sister or mother and does he regret his actions, now that he has ended the life of a beautiful First Nations women, who was in the prime of her life? Barbara was only 34 years old and would have still had many years left to live, if her young life had not been so callously snuffed out. Barbara's memories will be cherished by her friends and family because she was loved and her loved ones deserve healing. Please sign and share. Thank you for your support. 

Gail Gallagher
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Petition to Philippe Couillard

Justice pour les femmes autochtones de Val d'Or / Justice for Indigenous women of Val d'Or

Justice pour les femmes autochtones de Val d’Or / Justice for Indigenous women of Val d’Or (Photo: Guillaume Levasseur, Le Devoir)  **But/Goal: 5000 signatures** ***english message will follow***  En octobre 2015, des femmes autochtones de Val d'Or— et de communautés environnantes—ont dénoncé les multiples abus physiques et sexuels commis par des officiers de la Sûreté du Québec dont elles ont été victimes. Par conséquent, le ministre de la Sécurité publique du Québec a ordonné au service de police de Montréal d'enquêter sur les allégations contre les policiers de Val d'Or. Trente-sept dossiers impliquant trente-et-une personnes ont été remis au Directeur des poursuites criminelles et pénales (DPCP) pour examen et six officiers de la SQ sont suspendus avec paye depuis. Le DPCP a annoncé le vendredi 18 novembre 2016 qu’aucun des policiers de Val d’Or ne sera poursuivi. Ces enquêtes criminelles étant limitées, elles ne pouvaient pas aborder les enjeux profonds auxquels font face les peuples autochtones du Québec, tant au niveau du racisme que du sexisme institutionnalisés. Pourtant, le Québec n’a toujours pas lancé sa propre enquête sur les allégations de violence et d’abus sexuels contre les femmes autochtones à Val-d'Or. En signant cette pétition, nous demandons justice et nous nous déclarons solidaires avec les victimes de Val d'Or. Plus précisément, nous exigeons que le Premier Ministre Couillard mandate une commission d’enquête publique et indépendante sur les plaintes de mauvais traitements par la SQ envers des femmes autochtones, ainsi que sur les relations entre les autochtones et les forces policières au Québec, tel qu’exigé par les victimes. ********************************************** In October 2015, Indigenous women of Val d’Or and the surrounding communities denounced multiple physical and sexual abuses committed by Sûreté du Québec officers. As a result, Quebec's Public Security Minister ordered Montreal's police department to investigate the allegations against the police officers in Val d’Or. 31 people filed 37 complaints against police officers, 6 who have been on paid suspension for the duration of the investigation, were handed to Crown prosecutors for review. On Friday, November 18, 2016, the Crown prosecutors announced that none of the police officers from Val d’Or facing allegations would be prosecuted. These criminal investigations were narrow and bound by the internal structure of the provincial government. Deeper issues such as the institutionalized racism and sexism have not been effectively addressed. Quebec is not launching its own inquiry into the allegations of violence against Indigenous women in Val-d'Or. By signing this petition, we demand justice from our provincial government and stand in solidarity with the Indigenous women of Val d’Or. We have listened to their requests and ask that Premier Couillard mandate an independent and public investigation into these allegations and on the relations between Indigenous peoples and the police force of Quebec. ********************************************** Ressources pour plus d’information/resources for further information: Radio Canada Exposé (in english) - Enquête-Sûreté du Québec abuse: Aboriginal women from Val d'Or break their silence: Radio Canada (en français) - Enquête sur les femmes autochtones et la SQ: Le Devoir (en français) - Autochtones de Val-d’Or: brisées mais toujours solidaires: CBC (in english) - 'Betrayed, humiliated' Val-d'Or women speak out after no charges against police accused of abuse: Amnesty International (in english)- Civilian oversight needed in Val d’Or investigation of Sûreté Quebec:’or-investigation-sûreté-du-québec  

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