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Petition to Election Commission of INDIA, Government of India, Chief Election Commissioner of India

Save the political identity of indigenous people, write the correct spellings of our names

We, the Boro people are one of the most beautiful tribes of India. And so our names too but when it comes to be spelled by other Non-Bodo people they however fail to go with the flow of ascent and here the mistakes begin. The days when the names are enrolled in census, the mistakes in typing our names begin and so does it in the same manner comes in VOTER IDs and many alike. A few days back, I heard a group of old men talking about mistakes in their VOTER IDs and so I went on to lead a team of few college boys in my hometown "Gohpur - a historical place" to find out the real number of victims of wrong spelling in VOTER IDs and to surprise us, about 2/3 of the citizens (The Boro People) are the victims of wrong spellings in their VOTER IDs. This is a serious issue as only the concerned families will run for the correction of the wrong spellings, but majority of the innocent common man who are farmers and illiterate have no idea how to correct the same and even if they come, they're often not cared and just harassed by being demanded a number of proof certificate to validate their correct names. There are number of incidents when even after correction, the mistakes continues. e.g: Correct Name: KHWRWMDAO, Wrongly Spelled: KWRWMDAO or KURUMDAO or KARAMDAO Correct Name: JWNGSAR, Wrongly Spelled: JONGSAR or JUNGSAR or JUNGSIR What am looking forward is that there be a special appointee in regions when made data entry during census and so, the appointee be a Boro person so that there be no mistakes or negligible even if so. Let the data collection and entry of the Boro villages be done by Boro people itself. This is really a big problem for illiterate villagers because the banks and such other organizations deny to accept the wrong spellings. So, there comes huge waste of time and money in running for affidavit to show that the spelling has been wrongly typed by the data entry person etc. They take advantage and victimize the innocent common man. Why? The answer will lead to the reasons why we call ourselves politically deprived since independence. The question that arise here is why do we need to run for affidavit to prove the validity of our names just for the mistakes done by the data entry person. Our names are unique and have beautiful meaning, altering even a single letter results in different meanings of our names and I believe we have the right to live with dignity with the names given by our parents. Even if average 1/3 of total Boro population across state is facing this problem then the number of victims is about 12-15 lacs. Therefore for the rights of these 12-15 lacs of citizens (currently) and for the upcoming generations of Boro community; to be known by their correct names, there be some arrangements made regarding the same by the "Election Commission of India" Therefore I request you all to kindly sign the petition for the sake of these victimized citizens and upcoming generations of Boro community. We, too have the right to be known by the correct spellings of our names!

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Petition to "Ministry of Tribal affairs", "Supreme Court Of India", "Narendra Modi", "United nations", Ministry of Minority Affairs

Supreme Court should not endanger the Tribal Communities by dumping millions of refugees.

After staying in camps of North East India for more than five decades, Chakma and Hajong refugees from Bangladesh are finally set to get citizenship in state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The move came following an order of the Supreme Court, which in 2015 had directed the Central government to grant citizenship to the Chakma and Hajong refugees. Who are the Chakmas and Hajongs? They were originally inhabitants of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). 80% are Chakmas of Buddhists  communities and rest Hajongs are of Hindus.They took a refuge in Arunachal Pradesh around 1960's in various camps of Lohit and Changlang districts. They were provided with 16 acres of lands donated by the locals for refugee camps. Granting citizenship to the Chakmas would seriously affect the demographic structure of the state where most of the tribes are less in number in comparison to the growing Chakma population. Arunachal Pradesh is a fully Tribal Populated state and has a meager population of just 1.57 millions who are mostly dependent on forest resources.Only about 5,000 of the original 14,888 Chakma-Hajongs  who were sent to Arunachal are alive today. As for later generations, a white paper published by the state government in 1996 said their numbers had increased more than 300% from the original 14,888 persons settled in 1964-69 to over 60,000 in 1995. Now the present official population is around 1.25 lakhs. Due to the failure and negligence of Central Govt of India there have not been much progress in the state in the last 5 decades. Moreover, the last all-party meeting held in June 2017 said granting citizenship would contravene various laws such as the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873, Scheduled District Act, 1874, Assam Frontier Tract Regulation, 1880, Assam Frontier Forest Regulation, 1891, Chin Hills Regulations, 1896, and Assam Frontier (Administration & Justice) Regulation, 1945 (1 of 1945). To Protect the indigenous tribes and rights, any outsider needs Inner Line permit (ILP) to enter the state and they cannot buy lands.  Why Arunachal is worried and are fighting against the citizenship Issue? We don't hate anyone. We are peaceful living people. We just wants our rights and will fight to protect our homeland from intruders. 1. Arunachal Pradesh is a very thinly populated state with different tribes in each districts.The local tribals namely Noctes, Khamtis, Singphos, Tangsas and the residents of Lohit, Changlang districts are today minority in their own lands. That means the local customs are less prioritized and endangered. The hot growing population of Chakma-Hajong (Bangladesh) will someday put the whole state in Minority.  Tripura is a very good example of how the locals became the minorities today. The local Tripuri tribes are now under the clutch of non-local Bengalis. The Present Chief Minister of Tripura is also Bengali. It means the minority will have no such importance in the politics and law making. Even the announcement in airports are done in Bengali. After decades of fighting,riots and communal clashes, Tripuri language was finally adopted in the airport announcement. Till today they are fighting for tribal rights and protections. But it is too late for them. They are now a "Stranger in their own lands". We are not to late to act. Lets save Arunachal Pradesh from this nightmare and safeguard the indigenous people who are peacefully settled in the hills. Sign up this petition not to grant citizenship to Chakma-Hajongs in Arunachal Pradesh. They can be settled outside Arunachal Pradesh on Humanitarian Grounds. ILP will be needed for them to enter Arunachal Pradesh. They have been our guests for more than 5 decades. Now they wants our lands, It cannot happen. "Prevention is better than cure"  

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