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Petition to Commissioner Tick Segerblom, Commissioner Justin Jones, Commissioner Michael Naft, Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Commissioner Lawrence Weekly, Commissioner Larry Brown, Commissioner James Gibson

Ask Clark County to Adopt Indigenous Peoples Day!

CHANGE THE STORY, CHANGE THE FUTURE We are seeking a Resolution by the Board of County Commissioners in September 2020! Indigenous Peoples' Day is a holiday celebrated on the second Monday of October in the United States, in lieu of Columbus Day. It is much more than a holiday however; Indigenous Peoples' Day at its core, aims to celebrate and honor the past, present and futures of Native peoples throughout the United States and acknowledges the legacy of colonialism, which has devastated Indigenous communities historically and continues to negatively impact them today. Observation of Indigenous Peoples' Day pushes back on the invisibility of Native peoples  Education: Mainstream representations of Native Americans are largely absent, when representations are available, they are limiting and stereotypical. For example, 87% of references to Native Americans in all 50 states' academic standards portray Native Americans in a pre-1900s context. Research reveals that Native peoples, and their experiences, are largely rendered invisible within contemporary society.  Teachers report feeling least confident about teaching materials related to Native peoples and Native history, despite recognizing the importance of such material. Many people now believe that Natives have vanished. History: The observation of Indigenous Peoples' Day counters false historical narratives embedded within the celebration of Columbus Day--such as, Columbus discovering America and explorers treating Indigenous peoples with respect. Columbus committed numerous atrocities against the Indigenous peoples of Hispaniola and the Bahamas (where he actually landed). Re-centering Indigenous perspectives allows people to gain a better understanding of Indigenous resistance and resilience in the face of colonization. School curricula may shift to include discussions of the Indigenous histories and cultures of the Tribal nations that exist and acknowledge the lands they occupy today.  There are 27 Tribal communities in Nevada including the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe and the Moapa Band of Paiutes in Clark County. There are more than 50,000 urban Natives from Tribes all across the U.S. living in our state. Please support this petition to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day in Clark County as we move toward a statewide effort of acknowledging our shared history in America.   This petition is excerpted from: Illuminative publication: For Our Future: An Advocate's Guide to Supporting Indigenous Peoples' Day.  The photo is Gianna Yazzie, Las Vegas Paiute & Navajo Nation; courtesy of photographer: Jennifer Reed. Taken at the Indigenous Peoples' Day Festival at Old Mormon Fort 2019.

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Petition to Waterbury Board of Aldermen, Waterbury City Hall, Neil O'Leary

Remove Columbus Statue From Infront of Waterbury City Hall

This petition calls for the removal of the Christopher Columbus Statue from in front of Waterbury, CT City Hall. Christopher Columbus represents the glorification of colonization. He is a figure that represents the brutal genocide, slavery, and exploitation of Indigenous peoples. Waterbury has changed time and time again over history evolving into a multicultural representation of America. It is important to recognize the symbol of white superiority Christopher Columbus is both globally and in these United States. By leaving the statue up the city denies the role people of color, especially Indigenous peoples, have played in preserving and nurturing the Greater Waterbury region. The statue evokes unpleasant feelings for those who understand the horrors of colonialism.  This petition calls for the statue to be moved off the front of City Hall This petition calls for the statue to be moved to a museum. It acknowledges the value of the time capsule and the rich history of Italian Americans. This petition calls for city events and education to promote an accurate recollection of history during the national Christopher Columbus Holiday This petition calls for the city to recognize Indigenous Peoples day This petition calls for local artwork, statues, signs in acknowledgment of historically relevant local leaders. (Esp. minority leaders and women who are underacknowledged) This petition calls for an open forum with city residents to discuss the issues surrounding this controversy with politicians. Photo Credit Link:

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