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Petition to Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Hon. Sarah Mitchell MLC

Save Globe Wilkins!

‘We all know that early childhood education makes more difference to children’s life chances than anything else. The kids at Globe Wilkins are literally receiving the best start to their education of any group of children across Australia.’ Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne, 5 March 2018 Globe Wilkins is the only Inner West preschool to receive the Australian Childcare Education and Care Quality Authority Excellence Rating, the highest rating a service can achieve. It is one of only 13 preschools in NSW awarded this rating and the only preschool in Sydney to have received it more than once. Unfortunately, this incredible preschool faces an uncertain future. The lease on the grounds where it has resided for 20 years expires at the end of 2019 and the preschool has been informed there is no intention to renew it. (This in turn could end May Murray, Marrickville's unique and beloved early childhood centre of over 40 years: visit the Hands Off May Murray! petition for more info.)   We believe the closure of Globe Wilkins Preschool would be a devastating loss to our community. Furthermore, Globe’s closure is at complete odds with the Department of Education’s policy, which advocates for increased access to high-quality Early Childhood Education, citing research that this not only gives children the best start at school but sets them up for the rest of their lives.  What does Globe’s closure mean for our community? Globe has the highest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children enrolled across all Council Early Learning Centres. Globe has an exceptional commitment to promoting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander culture, collaborating closely with the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) in creating an Indigenous Cultural Framework to guide theory and practice in ECE settings, including implementing a localised, endorsed Sydney Aboriginal Preschool Language program. Globe also employs an Aboriginal educator to foster and reinforce a sense of cultural identity and to provide a strong Aboriginal role model while learning in an authentic way.  Globe also has the highest number of children enrolled who experience a disability, across all Council centres. Educators at Globe strive and advocate for practices that achieve the goal of true inclusion of children who experience a disability. The closure would dismantle a highly knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate team of educators (with 165 years’ of experience collectively), whose long-term commitment to Globe bucks the trend of high educator turnover elsewhere. The staff are leaders in their field, at the forefront of global research in ECE; they provide training for early childhood educators across the country and are regularly approached for research studies, based on their long-standing reputation for high-quality practices. Globe strives to create a fairer and more equitable playing field for everyone in the community, in particular those who experience a disability, the disadvantaged and Indigenous children. External agencies such as Australian Refugee Council, Brighter Futures and Plumtree consistently refer families to Globe for guaranteed exceptional care and education. Closing Globe also means fewer childcare spaces and longer waiting lists for Inner West families – of the present and future – despite an ever-growing demand for early childcare services in the area. Please act now to save our exceptional local preschool and ensure that future generations have access to the best possible start in life.

Save Globe Wilkins!
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Petition to Federal Education Minister

Help bring the Australian people together through education

Living within Australia resides a priceless treasure,  something of which many of us know very little about - or nothing at all. Something that we deserve to learn about in school as our birthright in this country. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and their beautiful, environmentally and socially wise traditional culture. The world’s oldest living culture. The brutal, fractured, painful reality of that many Australians see as “Aboriginal” in our country is not a reflection of this culture. 95% of our most socially cohesive, environmentally wise , sustainable history in Australia - is the reflection of this culture that we need to hear, learn and see. For the longevity and well being of all Australians. It is scientific law as well as spiritual law that what is happening to one of us is happening to all of us on some level. Therefore no one is truly privileged in a society where policy induced fear, misinformation and division run riot. What is the answer?  Education through being exposed to the Elders themselves. For all Australian children. To learn about their beautiful ancient culture - something every Australian can be so profoundly proud of. Learn about the environmental and social science inherent in this culture - so vital for our planet at this point in history. Getting to know and understand the beautiful storytelling, the humour, creativity and deep spirituality that weaves throughout this ancient land.  So many committed, incredible people have tirelessly campaigned for justice, sanity and change for so long - yet the situation is getting progressively worse. I truly believe that a vast majority of Australians want the rich, ancient history of this country to be maintained and preserved for their children and grandchildren to enjoy. A future where we can hold our heads high on a global stage, as international visitors pour into our country yearning to experience the precious, unique mysteries of Australia. A future where ALL Australians live in connection, safety, justice and respect for each other. Education, connection and understanding is key for forward momentum. This Dream began with the wishes and wisdom of Aboriginal desert law women.. The Dream continues through YOU. If you would like to see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island culture taught and experienced through the Elders, within the Australian education curriculum, in all schools across these lands, please sign this petition. We, as the Australian people, have so much power to create our own society when we come together as One Voice. One million signatures across Australia - please add yours now.

Fiona Mclennan
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