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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Stand with Traditional Owners: tell Turnbull to protect our sacred rivers

My Name is Brendan Kennedy. I’m a Tati Tati delegate of the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations, or MLDRIN. MLDRIN is a confederation of Indigenous groups from across the lower Murray Darling Basin. We work together as a collective voice, arguing for the rights and interests Traditional Owners and our river Country. I was born in Robinvale on the banks of the mighty Murray River. What I’ve witnessed first hand over the years reflects what science shows – our rivers are struggling after decades of diversion, pollution and exploitation.  To Aboriginal people, water is more than just a commodity, it is a precious source of life that nourishes Country, culture and community. Aboriginal people have over 40,000 years of knowledge about freshwater ecosystems in this country. Our input is crucial to inform the decisions made about Australia’s most significant river system. I am asking Malcolm Turnbull to make sure his Government delivers the water that will sustain our river’s health and the health of all Aboriginal communities across the Basin. That means making sure the Basin Plan legally dedicates at least 3,200 GL of water to our rivers so they can flow with more natural cycles of flooding and drying. Malcolm Turnbull must listen to Traditional Owners and deliver the water that our rivers and communities need to be healthy. Sign the petition and support Traditional Owners in the Murray Darling Basin. 

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Petition to David Kelly, Stephen Dawson, Ben Wyatt

Indigenous Sandalwood Harvesting rights

Sandalwood is a sacred tree for aboriginal people of Western Australia. The WA State Government have been mining this species of tree for the benefit of the government for almost 100 years. The departments DBCA aka DPAW aka CALM regulate harvesting wild sandalwood in WA. Most of the wood now sits in untouched desert areas in WA, on native title lands. The State Government through the Forest Products Commission (FPC) harvests 90% of an annual quota of over 2000 tonne every year, while only allowing 10% to be harvested by private property owners and aboriginal people on Native Title. There are great opportunities for aboriginal people to have employment and income for their communities by a simple restructure of the harvest percentage. By reducing the harvest percentage to 50% to government (FPC) and 50% to private / Native title would result in millions of dollars of income to struggling aboriginal communities in remote WA. There is currently no legislation that dictates that the State run FPC should be allowed to harvest 90% of the annual harvest quota. We need to give the rights of this tree species back to the traditional land owners. Under Exclusive Possession Native Title Determination 2016, many Native Title lands have the right to resources within their Native Title lands for ANY purpose including commercial purposes. Yet the state of Western Australia limits them to only 10% of the annual harvest of wild sandalwood. The current Biodiversity act, which regulates wild harvest sandalwood, fails to address the rights to resources of Native title holders. Native Title occupants have as much right, if not more right, to wild sandalwood than the FPC. Native Title rights are being denied.  Policy dictates 90% to be harvested from Crown Land and 10% from Private land. Native title exists on Crown Land, yet DBCA categorise Native Title to be "private land" for harvest license regulations.  Immediate change to the current policy will result in a win for Aboriginal communities and a win for the State Government. There is no better opportunity in the current landscape of Aboriginal affairs that provides a fair and equitable resource allocation with such potential positive outcomes.  

indigenous communities of central WA sandalwood
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Petition to Christian Porter, Christian Porter, Michael Gunner, Craig Allen

Stop Special Measures in Australia and the Northern Territory

The Facts Special Measures is a program, plan or arrangement designed to promote equality of opportunity (EEO). As stated on the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) website: "Special measures are a form of "positive" discrimination in favour of groups, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) persons or persons with a disability, who have not yet achieved equality in employment." The Special Measures Employment Instruction Number 15 llows the NT Public Sector (NTPS) to conduct interviews in a way that prioritizes applicants based on race and disability. For example, some employment opportunities priority is given to ATSI and disabled people to be considered first as per the OCPE website. The Special Measures webpage states:  "The two main types of special measures plans used in NTPS selections are: Designated Positions is where an agency specifically designates a vacancy for a person from an EEO group and it cannot be filled by any person from outside that group* Priority Consideration and Preference in Selection Plans under which applicants from the equal employment opportunity (EEO) target group will be considered first before all other applicants, and given preference in selection if they meet all the criteria and are suitable at level.* In the discretion of the agency, priority plans can apply to specific vacancies or to all vacancies ("blanket plans"). Under priority plans applicants who belong to the plan's EEO group will be considered for employment before other applicants, and, if suitable at the level required, will be selected, and the selection process finalised at that stage without assessment of other applicants being required." Situation Many people in the Northern Territory have been overlooked, not considered and lost the opportunity to be interviewed for jobs in the Northern Territory as a direct result of Special Measures. For example, Non-ATSI applicants are not considered at the same time against their ATSI counterparts for NTPS employment. What we want Please sign this petition if you want the following things to happen: We want the Attorney General and Human Rights Commission to act in the following ways: To remove and abolish ‘Special measure’ provisions under the Racial Discrimination Act, Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act and the Age Discrimination Act. We want Commissioner of the Office for Public Employment in the Northern Territory to act in the following ways: To remove/abolish the Special Measures Employment Instruction Number 15  To remove/ abolish policies, guidelines regarding special measures To ensure that any documents relating to Special Measures are properly recorded and archived as per the Information Act. Why you should sign the petition We believe saying no to special measures is not saying no to giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and disabled people opportunities for employment. We value these people and their contributions to Australia and the NT community. Say no to - treating people differently or "positive discrimination" in terms of considering them for jobs in Australia and the Northern Territory.  Saying no means every candidate is examined and considered equally, at the same time and there is no preferential treatment for any race, disability, age, sex, etc. You just want the best person for the job based solely on merit and ability.  Thank you for your support.  

Equalist Australia
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