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Petition to Christian Porter, Michael Gunner, Craig Allen

Stop Special Measures in Australia and the Northern Territory

The Facts Special Measures is a program, plan or arrangement designed to promote equality of opportunity (EEO). As stated on the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE) website: "Special measures are a form of "positive" discrimination in favour of groups, such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) persons or persons with a disability, who have not yet achieved equality in employment." The Special Measures Employment Instruction Number 15 llows the NT Public Sector (NTPS) to conduct interviews in a way that prioritizes applicants based on race and disability. For example, some employment opportunities priority is given to ATSI and disabled people to be considered first as per the OCPE website. The Special Measures webpage states:  "The two main types of special measures plans used in NTPS selections are: Designated Positions is where an agency specifically designates a vacancy for a person from an EEO group and it cannot be filled by any person from outside that group* Priority Consideration and Preference in Selection Plans under which applicants from the equal employment opportunity (EEO) target group will be considered first before all other applicants, and given preference in selection if they meet all the criteria and are suitable at level.* In the discretion of the agency, priority plans can apply to specific vacancies or to all vacancies ("blanket plans"). Under priority plans applicants who belong to the plan's EEO group will be considered for employment before other applicants, and, if suitable at the level required, will be selected, and the selection process finalised at that stage without assessment of other applicants being required." Situation Many people in the Northern Territory have been overlooked, not considered and lost the opportunity to be interviewed for jobs in the Northern Territory as a direct result of Special Measures. For example, Non-ATSI applicants are not considered at the same time against their ATSI counterparts for NTPS employment. What we want Please sign this petition if you want the following things to happen: We want the Attorney General and Human Rights Commission to act in the following ways: To remove and abolish ‘Special measure’ provisions under the Racial Discrimination Act, Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act and the Age Discrimination Act. We want Commissioner of the Office for Public Employment in the Northern Territory to act in the following ways: To remove/abolish the Special Measures Employment Instruction Number 15  To remove/ abolish policies, guidelines regarding special measures To ensure that any documents relating to Special Measures are properly recorded and archived as per the Information Act. Why you should sign the petition We believe saying no to special measures is not saying no to giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and disabled people opportunities for employment. We value these people and their contributions to Australia and the NT community. Say no to - treating people differently or "positive discrimination" in terms of considering them for jobs in Australia and the Northern Territory.  Saying no means every candidate is examined and considered equally, at the same time and there is no preferential treatment for any race, disability, age, sex, etc. You just want the best person for the job based solely on merit and ability.  Thank you for your support.  

Equalist Australia
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Petition to University of New South Wales, UNSW Sydney, Unsw students, UNSW Nura Gili

Aboriginal women who continue to be sidelined by workplace bullying. No due process.

On Friday the 13th of July 2018, the Director of the University of New South Wales- Nura Gili Indigenous program unit Ruben Bolt terminated the employment of a proud Aboriginal woman, Lowanna Moran from her position as Indigenous Support Officer. Disappointingly, Lowanna was not afforded due process during the termination - UNSW policy and procedure was not followed and no option of recourse was given. A culmination of workplace bullying and targeting led to this dismissal, coming as a particular blow during NAIDOC week, of which this year’s theme is ‘Because of her we can’. Please sign the petition and stand with Lowanna and all Aboriginal women who continue to be sidelined by workplace bullying and denial of due process. UNSW policy and procedure was not followed during the process of terminating Lowanna. The process of termination involved Lowanna receiving an email on Monday the 9th of July at 11:19pm. Lowanna was given until 5pm Wednesday to reply and then dismissed on Friday at 4pm. Known to supervisors, Lowanna was unable to respond thoughtfully by the Wednesday designated as during this period Nura Gili was holding its 2018 Winter School program. The program accounts for approximately 110 Indigenous students from across the country. Lowanna performed the role of night coordinator, staying with these students overnight and outside of her regular work hours. Lowanna during the duration of UNSW Indigenous winter school program was also noted down on all information packs and booklets as a contact during the program.  While Lowanna often took on extra roles and went above and beyond showing her commitment to students and her community, the nature of her role impeded a proper response to the email received. The email also states that it was hand delivered which is obviously not the case. Many Indigenous students at UNSW have found safety, trust, relationship building, confidence and truth in Lowanna through her role as an Indigenous Support Officer and look up to her as a positive role model. In recognising that Indigenous youth hold one of the highest rates of mental health issues in the world, the role of a Support Officer is integral to assisting students in successfully progressing through their studies. After having her employment terminated, Lowanna was not afforded the opportunity to appropriately and respectfully say goodbye to the students she worked significantly close with, denying stability to students who are in need of it the most. Students witnessing the unfair termination of a close support person in no way instils a sense of trust in the institution, especially one with a history of compounded institutional racism and sexism. Lowanna completed her Education degree at UNSW and went on to teach in high schools. During her time working with Nura Gili Lowanna has developed a number of professional relationships built on a mutual respect with external stakeholders as well as members of the many faculties and units within the university particularly those such as ARC, Law, Business, Education, Social work, UNSW Art & Design and Student Support. All of this serves to prove that in her role as Indigenous Support Officer, Lowanna has shown herself to be a positive role model for the Indigenous students she provides support to. Lowanna was active within her role and professional in suggesting innovative ideas, as a result she was bullied in the workplace. She tried to use the avenues afforded to her and put forward a complaint to her boss’s supervisor which was again was dealt with irresponsibly and inappropriately with Lowanna being told that the complaint would be handled in-house. We feel that the grounds of dismissal are on the most part false statements with no formal documentation or evidence to back up these claims. Please note this petition has been put together by Indigenous people in support of an Indigenous woman #becauseofherwecan. Please take two seconds to sign our petition in solidarity with Lowanna. For anyone interested in reading more about Lowanna’s contributions, here is a list of some of the outstanding work Lowanna did for UNSW Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit: -Supported and advocated for student led projects -Supported students with educational needs such as writing skills, referencing and putting together lesson plans in preparation for student practice - Supported the mental health needs of students, particularly preventing our students from attempting suicide - Advocated for the student body in increasing retention rates at the University of New South Wales - Built community relationships with university and provided opportunities for Non-Indigenous students to be involved in working with our communities - Ensured connections with graduated, and current students - Internally Advocated for student’s rights, such as informing the Nura Gili office space of integrity and respect for the students. Particularly highlighting a breach of confidentiality and how Nura Gili discuss student personal matters in the common area of the staff room and laughing about students - Assisted in outreach and recruitment, such as Winter School - Wrote and conducted an alumni profile for Nura Gili Indigenous program unit - Created a culturally safe space for students which for many years this university was / is lacking - Attended events to support students during educational projects - Assisted students with accommodation - Built relationships with those who accommodate Nura Gili Students - Assisted students with international opportunities - Assisted students with obtaining employment opportunities

Indigenous students of UNSW
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Petition to Sam Papa

Say NO to the Committee's Plan! Save Papa o Te Aroha Marae, Tokoroa

This Petition seeks to stop the creation of a Charitable Trust and the undermining of the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha Marae. The current Committee of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society : Tene Kereopa (President) Glennys Whyte,(Assistant Treasurer), Mark Mahutonga (Secretary), Prue Christie (Treasurer), Carey Taluta (Deacon) are seeking to create a new Charitable Trust with the intention of Trustees self appointing.  Further it is the intention that the new entity will take the Lead for all Marae activities. We do not believe a new entity is required for the Marae and would like the integrity of Papa o Te Aroha to be retained and not be undermined by the creation of a Charitable Trust. It is unnecessary as the current structure of Papa o Te Aroha is an Incorporated Society. Incorporated Societies can apply for Charitable Status. The Incorporated Society is Driven by its members Not a Board of Trustees Why is Papa o Te Aroha Marae so important to this community?  Because it was established through the Wairua (Spirit) of the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society with Father Tuerlings and the support of the Hamilton Diocesan Bishop Edward Gaines in 1987. It was created to be a Community Marae to be used by all peoples to demonstrate the Catholic values of Aroha (Care and Attention), respect and charity to all.  There is a Pou for all peoples within its walls in the great wharenui.  Calling all to feel at home in the warmth of the ancestral representations. It is considered a very Holy site of ordination for the very first Catholic Maori Bishop, Bishop Takuira Max Mariu in 1988 by Bishop Edward Gaines. We seek support to preserve this Mauri and keep the integrity and Tapu o te Mana o Papa o Te Aroha free from violation. We DO NOT support the removal of Catholic or Maori in any way. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Tokoroa Catholic Maori Committee to act now to Retain the Incorporated Society i.e. Tokoroa Catholic Maori Society as the only Governing Entity for Papa o Te Aroha Marae, and to cease all investigation and actions to create a new Charitable Trust.

Andrew Paul
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