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Petition to Natalie Hutchins, Leslie Williams, Peter Collier, Nigel Scullion, Kyam Maher, Curtis Pitt, Chris Bourke, TAS Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Will Hodgman

Stop importing fake Indigenous art

Even if we are not able to get a policy put in place, I hope that this petition sends a strong message to visitors to Australia: Please do not fund the fake Aboriginal art industry! When buying products that give the impression of Indigenous art, make sure your money is going to an Indigenous artist or organisation. This petition is to request a policy that will prevent the importation of products that are passed off as Indigenous-made and sold in Australia. The products I am talking about are mostly painted Boomerangs, key chains, bags with fake Aboriginal designs on them and even some painted canvases. Thousands of these products are sold every day to tourists in Australia. Some of them have removable labels or stickers stating where the product was made, some of them have no labels at all. Regardless of labeling or lack of, many of these foreign made products use iconic images and traditional painting styles that give consumers a false impression about the origin of the products. It may be hard to police the sale of non-genuine Aboriginal products in general but banning the import of products that mimic Indigenous art would go a long way in reducing the number of fakes on the market, given that most of them are foreign made. Such a ban would mean that anybody wanting to mass produce and sell fake Aboriginal products would have to make the product in Australia. This would severely reduce the profit margin, taking away the incentive for people to produce the fakes altogether. It would also leave the market open for genuine Indigenous art sales to thrive.

Myvanwy Moar
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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull

Stand with Traditional Owners: tell Turnbull to protect our sacred rivers

My Name is Brendan Kennedy. I’m a Tati Tati delegate of the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations, or MLDRIN. MLDRIN is a confederation of Indigenous groups from across the lower Murray Darling Basin. We work together as a collective voice, arguing for the rights and interests Traditional Owners and our river Country. I was born in Robinvale on the banks of the mighty Murray River. What I’ve witnessed first hand over the years reflects what science shows – our rivers are struggling after decades of diversion, pollution and exploitation.  To Aboriginal people, water is more than just a commodity, it is a precious source of life that nourishes Country, culture and community. Aboriginal people have over 40,000 years of knowledge about freshwater ecosystems in this country. Our input is crucial to inform the decisions made about Australia’s most significant river system. I am asking Malcolm Turnbull to make sure his Government delivers the water that will sustain our river’s health and the health of all Aboriginal communities across the Basin. That means making sure the Basin Plan legally dedicates at least 3,200 GL of water to our rivers so they can flow with more natural cycles of flooding and drying. Malcolm Turnbull must listen to Traditional Owners and deliver the water that our rivers and communities need to be healthy. Sign the petition and support Traditional Owners in the Murray Darling Basin. 

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Petition to Justice Rachel Pepper

Don't frack our Homelands

“Everyone is talking about our land, but noone is talking to us. We want the Government to come out to Elliot and consult with us directly. This is about our future. We don't want fracking to destroy that." My name is Eleanor Dixon, a Mudburra/Garawa woman from Marlinja community near Elliot in the middle of the Northern Territory. The Northern Territory Government and the fracking industry have blanketed our land and waterways with permits for fracking gasfields. They call this region the Beetaloo sub-Basin and a fracked gas bonanza, but we call it home. The Government says it is running an independent inquiry into fracking across the NT, but despite all the talk about the Beetaloo region so far they haven’t even consulted with us, the people of this country. They haven’t come and asked us about the plans they are making behind our backs. We should be the first to be notified about the things happening on our country. The water systems on our country has been here for millions of years. We look back to our water system, our songlines. The Government needs to know this water is not just for us, it’s for plants, birds, bush medicines, bush tucker, we pass that knowledge down over generations. We don’t need fracking to put all that at risk. Everything that belongs below this earth is sacred and we are the ones with responsibility to talk about it. In the face of plans for fracking gasfields across our country and waterways, we have to support one another. That’s why we’re asking for your support to petition the NT Fracking Inquiry to take the first step and come out to Elliot to hear directly from our people of this area. This is our land, and our voices must be heard. Please sign and share my petition.  

Eleanor Dixon
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