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Give INDIA their own Space Station...!!!

India’s space agency has time and again set world records and earned praises for operating on thin budgets. But one thing that many space enthusiasts in the country have longed for but haven’t seen getting materialised is a space station they could call their own. Could ISRO build one?  The answer is YES, according to AS Kiran Kumar, the chairman of ISRO, though the space agency isn’t convinced about whether building a space station or a manned satellite in the low orbit, is the best use of its time and energy currently.  “We still talk about what would be the immediate benefits of a manned space mission,” Kumar was quoted as saying. “That is why the country has not made up its mind about when to invest in a space station,” he said. "It is time to look 10-15 years ahead rather than planning for incremental growth activities. Building our own space station will be beneficial on many counts and would also generate around 15,000 high-skilled jobs" Prasad, a Padma Shri awardee said in the year of 2016.  Chatter about India participating in the International Space Station (ISS) have also been doing the rounds over the years. But ISRO, especially Govt. Of INDIA, continues to avoid programmes that are too costly and have very long duration.  Thus, We should come together for a better & developed Space Station fully owned by INDIA itself..!!!

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Petition to Election Commission of INDIA

Absentee Ballots in Indian voting system

At times, eligible voters are unable to cast votes due to certain unavoidable engagements/ circumstances in the country.  I have recently moved to Bangalore from Haryana for a job and elections are nearing. As elections are nearing, I am dreading taking leaves and booking tickets to go back to Haryana to cast my vote, because neither the tickets are cheap nor have I any paid leave balance left. This made me realize how common the problem is and how badly it affects the voter turnout in the country. Most of the people of the Indian working class work migrate to different cities or states for search for work  and since elections in the entire nation don’t  take place on a single day, getting a paid leave it is not a feasible option for people to fly back and cast their votes. A majority of working middle class in India can't afford unpaid leaves, especially when a huge proportion of working class work is  in the informal sector. The problem can be resolved by getting a system of provisional or absentee ballot just like the leading economies of US, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Thailand and alike. The country can adopt a system similar to that of Australia which is - In Australia the term "absentee ballot" refers specifically to the procedure used when a voter attends a voting place which is not in the electoral district in which they are registered to vote. Instead of marking the ballot paper and putting it in the ballot box, the voter's ballot paper is placed in an envelope and then it is sent by the voting official to the voter's home district to be counted there.  Source- or that of Germany i.e.   In all German elections, postal votes are available on demand. The requirement for an excuse has been removed in 2008 for elections on the federal level.[7] Source -   or United kingdom In all United Kingdom elections, postal votes are available on demand – no reason must be given Source - We need to change. Sign my petition to get Rajya Sabha Council Members  to get to commit to bringing the system of provisional ballets in India like the rest of the world and get our voices heard better and louder. Thank you so much for your humble support Vrishti Hasija Contact:

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