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Petition to Rajan Gogoi

Concerns over The Validity of NRC

I am an Indian and so are my parents, who were born before 1971. But as in those days people were not much aware about proper documentation. Many aged people like them don’t have either birth certificates or any sort of land documents. Some people are/were uneducated, some were non government employees.Are those facts their fault? Are these facts enough to denounce them as not Indian citizens? If that is the case, then the current ruling party has been voted to power in 2019 on the basis of such foreigner votes.We, as Indians by Birth(as per the Constitution) do not want Indians to be stripped of their citizenship on the basis of mere documents that common and poor people cannot provide to prove that they have come to India before 1971 or 1951, whichever the cutoff year may be. It may also happen that valid citizens who for some reason are not able to produce such proofs are also demarcated as foreigners.Hence, we have the following proposition:THE CUT OFF YEAR FOR CITIZENSHIP SHOULD BE ATLEAST THE LATEST VOTING YEAR 2019 where Indian people spent their valuable vote to choose representatives of the Indian Government. This means that people who have voted the current government to power should automatically be considered valid Indian citizens. Else the validity of the elected government comes under question. And if that cannot happen, NRC SHOULD NOT BE IMPLEMENTED ANYWHERE IN INDIA. .We demand for a cancellation of NRC.

Debasree ..
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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi

Should India use 321 Acres, 340 rooms worth ₹96,500 Crores to house our President?

Dear Prime Minister Modi Ji, The present President House complex being used for housing country’s President, with its forest, is spread over 321 Acres of very expensive public land. The price for this property is approximately ₹96,500 Crores ($13.75B). Housing our President in such a sprawling accommodation is illogical on follow accounts: 1.       It is extremely difficult for people to get houses in Delhi even at high rates and people working in Delhi have to go and live in satellite cities. Under such circumstances, using 321 Acres land for housing one family amount’s to waste of natural resource.   2.       Present Rashtrapati Bhawan was created for Governor General of India as a representative of British Empire. It was created as symbol of power and superiority of occupant over masses.  Bharat’s President living in such a massive accommodation does not represent the true values of our democracy and equality of President with common man. President of democratic Bharat should represent the connection with masses and therefore should reside in a more modest accommodation. 3.       Bharat is a poor country. Most people of the country are poor & have difficulty having a proper house. The country cannot continue to waste resources by housing its president in a 321 acres adobe in addition to expenses incurred in maintaining 340 rooms in luxurious condition.   4.       If the land and building is developed and put to good use, not only people will get housing and other facilities within Delhi, but also the money so unlocked can be used for other projects of public benefits. Even the presidential accommodation of richest and most powerful country United States is built on modest 18 Acres and has 132 rooms. Therefore, we the people of Bharat, hereby request you to please develop a more suitable housing for President of the country and unlock the resources being wasted and put them for public use. 

krishan sanghi
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, Amith shah, Home Minister of India, Pmo, Prime Minister Office, parliament speaker, Rajyasabha Chairman, Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Yediyurappa , Karnataka CM, Thammineni Seetharam, G Kishan Reddy, Telangana Governor, Governor of Andhra Pradesh

I Demand the Government of India to Make a #CommonIndianMarriageAct to Stop Honor Killings

There are So many inhuman incidents haunting society in the name of Love marriages, honor Killings, Cheatings, Betrayals, deceit, Murders, Criminalisation of Families, Criminalisation of Communities. There is no end to this tragedy. Parents grow up their kids with lot of hopes and trust on them. Children after the age of 16/18 are getting attracted for So many things like sexual desires, Lust, luxuries and Love. They are eloping from home. Getting married without parents consent. There starts the problems. Parents are getting insult and deceived, with an anger parents are committing crime to take revenge. It is becoming more and more in-human and brutal. It is creating communal tensions, Honor killings, Love Jihad Increasing, religious Conversions are taking place, Girls are committing suicides, deceptions and disputes are rising. To prevent this i want to request the Government of India to Bring a law Common Indian Marriage Act #CommonIndianMarriageAct for all communities. A written Consent from Parents and Children are must for Marriage in India. If Government make This Written Consent is must , then there will not be any issues. The Problem of Love Jihad will go

Ramesh Babu
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