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Petition to Berit Reiss-Andersen, Chair of the Nobel Committee., Henrik Syse, Vice Chair of the Nobel Committee., Inger-Marie Ytterhorn, Member of the Committee., Thorbjørn Jagland, Member of the Committee., Tone Jørstad, Member of the Committee.

The Prime Minister of India deserves a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Through this petition, I want to draw attention of the global audience to the outstanding contribution of Shri Narendra Modi, the Honourable Prime Minister of India towards World peace, brotherhood, coexistence & a terror free world for the safety & security of the human beings of the planet. The following are my assertions in support of my arguments for his nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize. First of all inviting all the heads of the SAARC countries to his swearing-in ceremony when he took oath as the Prime Minister of India pursues a pragmatic approach with all the neighbouring nations of south-Asia towards a healthy friendship at equal footing. The world will remember for long his proactive support without loss of time to Nepal which was hit to the devastating earthquake and the continued support of the Indian relief operations till life returned to normalcy in the affected areas. His testimony of visionary leadership and statesmanship can be seen in handling Pakistan diplomacy as well. Restraining the sustainable involvement of Pakistan in terror infiltrations into India through calculated surgical actions against it in one hand and exhausting all options to have friendly relations with Pakistan even going out of way & forgetting protocols in the other is indeed a victory towards an attempt for restoring peace in south-Asia. It is definitely to be acknowledged. His urge in containing the menace of terrorism and eradicate it from the planet gradually engaged him with serious discussions with the Heads of the States of about 50 countries he visited during the past 3 years. He has always appealed the world leadership that terror needs to be condemned by all in uni-equal voice & to be fought jointly & candidly. His biggest contribution towards maintaining peace and spiritual health of human being has been that he took up YOGA-The gift of India to the world at UNO & it declared 21st June every year as Yoga day which has been supported by 190 nations by now. It is indeed a significant contribution by an individual towards sustaining peace globally in the times ahead. Last but not the least, he is the undisputed, very popular in every country he visits & the most interacted leader in social media. Its time for the global audience to appeal the Nobel Peace committee which evaluates the adjudications for the Nobel Peace prizes and declares on October every year. Kindly sign my petition as Mr Narendra Modi deserves to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Basant Mahanto
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis, Sushma Swaraj

Save Indian farmers by creating a portable online trading platform

                                            VOTE FOR THIS PROJECT Imagine working hard for 4-5 months, battling against forces like nature, pests and wild animals to generate a precious produce that brings with it hopes of wealth, expectations and dreams...only to see that produce being sold for extremely low prices and being not wanted by any buyer and then realize that the crop they had planted 5 months ago was a wrong choice. Agriculture sector in India remains largely disorganized and inefficient due to lack of modern technologies and old-fashioned method of auction trading. Farmers are unaware about the market dynamics and make uninformed decisions when itcomes to sowing crops. This leads to imbalance in supply-demand of agriculture commodities. The proposed system uses data mining techniques to provide farmers with daily market rate predictions and right crop sowing suggestions at the right time. The system suggests crops which shall be in demand at their maturity and also provides a smart trading platform for selling the commodities to institutional buyers. The method involves farmers and constitutional buyers to make profiles on this platform through their cell phones and uploading their real time crop data and nature of trade respectively. The system then compares this data with the national consumption values obtained from interpolated historical data, to provide accurate crop suggestions with respect to future demand. This method further involves day wise market rate prediction of agriculture commodities, using K-NN algorithm. The predictions are based on the amounts of commodities bought into the market each day. These are tracked from the trades taking place through the system’s time advanced online trading platform. Thus this system aims to decrease the gap between supply and demand and stabilize market rates. Designed for India's culture The system uses smartphones and 2G internet as the only infrastructure Easily deploy-able and easy to maintain Executable in a low budget High scope of scaling Huge Impact by decreasing wastage & stabilizing market rates

Mihir Inamdar
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