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Give INDIA their own Space Station...!!!

India’s space agency has time and again set world records and earned praises for operating on thin budgets. But one thing that many space enthusiasts in the country have longed for but haven’t seen getting materialised is a space station they could call their own. Could ISRO build one?  The answer is YES, according to AS Kiran Kumar, the chairman of ISRO, though the space agency isn’t convinced about whether building a space station or a manned satellite in the low orbit, is the best use of its time and energy currently.  “We still talk about what would be the immediate benefits of a manned space mission,” Kumar was quoted as saying. “That is why the country has not made up its mind about when to invest in a space station,” he said. "It is time to look 10-15 years ahead rather than planning for incremental growth activities. Building our own space station will be beneficial on many counts and would also generate around 15,000 high-skilled jobs" Prasad, a Padma Shri awardee said in the year of 2016.  Chatter about India participating in the International Space Station (ISS) have also been doing the rounds over the years. But ISRO, especially Govt. Of INDIA, continues to avoid programmes that are too costly and have very long duration.  Thus, We should come together for a better & developed Space Station fully owned by INDIA itself..!!!

Vishisht Saxena
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Petition to Narendra Modi , PMO office

JNU students , pseudo educated people are calling our INDIAN ARMY .. RAPISTS.

IT'S HIGH TIME !!!! JNU students are shouting 'INDIAN SOLDIERS ARE RAPISTS' ... This is not the first time they are preaching anti- nationalist speeches or slogans . The men who give up their lives for our safety , who go through all the unimaginable pain for us are nothing but RAPISTS for them ????? I don't have the slightest of clue ... how someone can stoop so low , how someone can loose their conscience , how someone can be brainwashed to such an extent ......I DON'T THINK A HUMAN IN A NORMAL STATE OF MIND CAN PUBLICLY ASSASSINATE CHARACTER OF NOT ONE BUT WHOLE GROUP OF SAVIOURS WHO PROVED THEIR WORTH , LOYALTY NOT ONCE BUT A THOUSAND TIMES .  This has been going on from years and all we do is sit and watch them , it's really easy to comment and condemn without knowing the depth of the issue or reality behind it .  THE REALITY IS WE LEND OUR EARS TO THEM , SHOW OUR ANGER AND FORGET . WE NEGLECT THEIR ACTIONS . WE FAIL TO PUNISH THEM . AND LET ME TELL YOU IT'S WE WHO ENCOURAGE THEIR ACTIONS ... punishing them is a necessity now .  WE ARE ALREADY SUFFERING FOR OUR PAST MISTAKES , WE ARE ALREADY SUFFERING ENOUGH BECAUSE OF ALL THE TRAITORS ...  JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED  AND I ASK FOR THE JUSTICE OF ALL THE SOLDIERS WHO keep me safe day and night without complaining but all they get in return is hatred . YES!!!! I WANT JUSTICE FOR THEM  .    JNU IS NOTHING BUT JUST AN INSTITUTION NOW WHERE SEED OF TOXICITY IS PLANTED AND IT'S ROOTS ARE SPREADING .  Some of you might be against what I said but TRUTH IS BITTER ...and I am here to fight for it.

Navya Singh
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Article 370 back or Independent Kashmir Country !!! آرٹیکل 370 واپس یا آزاد کشمیر ملک !!!

This Government of India is a Hindu Taliban. Save us from its atrocities. Save Kashmiris. Save our Land. The land belongs to both Kashmiri Pandits & Kashmiri Muslims... but not the Hindu Talibanis. یہ سرکار ہندو طالبان ہے۔ ہمیں اس کے مظالم سے بچائیں۔ کشمیریوں کو بچائیں۔ ہماری زمین کو بچائیں۔ یہ زمین کشمیری پنڈتوں اور کشمیری مسلمانوں دونوں کی ہے ... لیکن ہندو طالبانی کی نہیں۔ Article 370 of the Indian constitution was an article that gave special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. As of 5 Aug, 2019, the article has been declared as abrogated by the Government of India.  ہندوستانی آئین کا آرٹیکل 370 ایک مضمون تھا جس نے ریاست جموں و کشمیر کو خصوصی درجہ دیا تھا۔ 5 اگست ، 2019 تک ، اس مضمون کو حکومت ہند نے منسوخ قرار دے دیا ہے۔ The state of Jammu & Kashmir's original accession, like all other princely states, was on three matters: defence, foreign affairs and communications. ریاست جموں و کشمیر کا اصل الحاق ، دیگر تمام ریاستوں کی طرح ، تین امور پر تھا: دفاع ، امور خارجہ اور مواصلات۔ The clause 7 of the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh declared that the State could not be compelled to accept any future Constitution of India. The State was within its rights to draft its own Constitution and to decide for itself what additional powers to extend to the Central Government.  مہاراجہ ہری سنگھ کے ذریعہ دستخط کیے جانے والے آلے کے الحاق کی شق 7 نے اعلان کیا کہ ریاست کو آئندہ ہندوستان کے آئین کو قبول کرنے کے لئے مجبور نہیں کیا جاسکتا ہے۔ ریاست کو اپنے آئین کا مسودہ تیار کرنے اور مرکزی حکومت کو کون سے اضافی اختیارات فراہم کرنے کے بارے میں خود فیصلہ کرنے کا حق حاصل ہے۔ Neither India nor the State can unilaterally amend or abrogate the Article except in accordance with the terms of the Article. نہ ہی ہندوستان اور ریاست ہی یکطرفہ طور پر آرٹیکل کی شرائط کے مطابق آرٹیکل میں ترمیم یا منسوخ نہیں کرسکتی ہے۔ Article 370 embodied six special provisions for Jammu and Kashmir: آرٹیکل 370 میں جموں و کشمیر کے لئے چھ خصوصی دفعات کو مجسم قرار دیا گیا ہے۔:  It exempted the State from the complete applicability of the Constitution of India. The State was allowed to have its own Constitution. اس نے ریاست کو آئین ہند کے مکمل طور پر لاگو ہونے سے مستثنیٰ کردیا۔ ریاست کو اپنا آئین بنانے کی اجازت تھی۔ Central legislative powers over the State were limited, at the time of framing, to the three subjects of defence, foreign affairs and communications. تشکیل دینے کے وقت ، ریاست پر مرکزی قانون سازی کے اختیارات ، دفاع ، خارجہ امور اور مواصلات کے تین مضامین تک محدود تھے۔ Other constitutional powers of the Central Government could be extended to the State only with the concurrence of the State Government. مرکزی حکومت کے دیگر آئینی اختیارات صرف ریاستی حکومت کے اتفاق رائے سے ہی ریاست تک بڑھے جاسکتے ہیں۔ The 'concurrence' was only provisional. It had to be ratified by the State's Constituent Assembly. 'اتفاق' صرف عارضی تھا۔ ریاست کی آئین ساز اسمبلی نے اس کی توثیق کرنی تھی۔ The State Government's authority to give 'concurrence' lasted only until the State Constituent Assembly was convened. Once the State Constituent Assembly finalised the scheme of powers and dispersed, no further extension of powers was possible. 'اتفاق رائے' دینے کا ریاستی حکومت کا اختیار صرف اس وقت تک برقرار رہا جب تک کہ ریاستی دستور ساز اسمبلی نہیں بلائی جاتی تھی۔ ایک بار جب ریاستی دستور ساز اسمبلی نے اختیارات کی اسکیم کو حتمی شکل دے دی اور منتشر ہو گیا تو مزید اختیارات میں توسیع ممکن نہیں تھی۔ The Article 370 could be abrogated or amended only upon the recommendation of the State's Constituent Assembly.(WHICH DOESN'T EXIST) ریاست کی آئین ساز اسمبلی کی سفارش پر ہی آرٹیکل 370 کو منسوخ یا ترمیم کی جاسکتی ہے۔ (جو موجود نہیں ہے)  

Mahanoor Ausaf
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