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Ban Fireworks in India (Diwali 2019!)

Dear readers,  As you may be aware the festival of Diwali is coming up the next month on 27th October 2019. But you also may be aware of the fireworks and crackers culture that has been apart of this festival  for years in India.  Perhaps there were several objections taken by many scientists, activists, and people across the nation to impose a ban on the fireworks observing the condition of the pollution that leads to the harmful effects on the environment and the people since past years but unfortunately.  On the following appeals,   In 2018, the supreme court directed that only green firecrackers would be sold in the country which is less polluting but refused to impose a complete ban on the manufacturing of fireworks. Also, it said bursting of firecrackers will be allowed until only 10 pm.  Many environmental Activists and environmentalist stated that the court order was poorly enforced and firecrackers were still available. Recent surveys and studies have shown dangerous effects on various factors like CLIMATE: "The World Health Organization (WHO) database on air quality lists nine Indian cities in the top 20 worldwide for the highest annual concentrations of PM2.5 - one of the most harmful particles for human health. The pollution goes up by more than 30% due to bursting of firecrackers causing a grievous effect on the environment. In Delhi covered in a toxic haze after a night of Diwali fireworks... (original source continue reading) PEOPLE: "Children below five years of age and the elderly are at a greater risk of respiratory infections. The adverse effects of bursting crackers seem unending. Dr. Ashwini Nabar says in an article the frequent exposure to loud noises during pregnancy might affect the baby in the mother's womb, though not proven yet. However, it surely affects the mother ...(original source continue reading)  ANIMALS: "Many would come even after the festival as the pets would be under severe trauma. I have treated numerous cases of pups with their tails and backs burnt as crackers would be tied to the trusting little one and lit" ....(original source continue reading) DANGEROUS HEALTH HAZARDS: The SPM( suspended particulate matter) levels can cause throat, nose, eye-related problems. It can lead to headaches and reduced mental acuity. It has much more severe effects in people with heart, respiratory or nervous system disorders. It can aggravate the problem for people suffering from cold allergies or coughs and can also cause congestion of throat and chest....(original source continue reading) And the list continues on... One of the environmentalists, Vimlendu Jha tweeted "Breathe nitrate and ammonia, homegrown, hand made!” calling for the city of Delhi to declare a public emergency. Also, the anti-noise pollution activist and founder of Awaaz, Sumaira Abdulali, said during the private use of firecrackers, there is no control on whether they are handled by adults or children. Such exposure to chemicals is very dangerous. It will be good if a similar decision of banning firecrackers in private places is implemented in Mumbai region"  After all the consideration of facts and statistics,  "I BELIEVE TOGETHER WE CAN LAWFULLY APPEAL TO THE GOVERNMENT TO BAN FIREWORKS COMPLETELY OR SHALL ENFORCE STRICTER POLICIES AND RULES" So, if you too believe in this cause, please sign up this petition. Make sure it reaches maximum signatures as it would help us to reach the important people involved in making this possible.  KINDLY PLEASE SUPPORT, Thank you for reading! (IMAGE CREDIT SOURCE: GOOGLE)                                                                                                

Vaishnvi Gavhane
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Petition to Shree narendra modi, Supreme Court of India, BJP

Education is above all religion! Lets build a school instead of riots and killings

Religion has been a key role player for people's beliefs and trust on humanity. Every religion is equally important in our democratic country INDIA and this gives me a feeling of proud. By religion I am an hindu, and by belief I am an Indian. For me growth of my country is more important than my religion, what will you do of a religion with a country who is wasting time and money on such topic which is surely going to create RIOTS. Will lord ram or allah find it good getting any of their holy places built above dead bodies of peoples?  When we were under british raj only one thing keep us enslaved - Divide & Rule. Thereafter we united, we got freedom and now we are living in a country that is enjoying freedom since decades!  But are we still free? Free from the same divide & rule? Are we not again going into the same loop hole of dividing on religions and going towards the RIOTS era?  I respect both the religions Just simple question I am asking - By Building a mandir or masjid will we be able to solve poverty or illiteracy or unemployment forever?  My answer is NO, we will just be a laughing stock to world - free but not from our ancient thoughts and mindset. Let us say to the government, we want education, literacy and employment and no more holy places. The Great Lord Ram never asked to make a temple for him here itself neither almighty allah!  They have 10000s of home, why to vacant and fire other's home to build for one? With due respect to both the religion, I as an Indian would like to see a *good school for all* instead of any riots, killings, waste of money labor and infrastructure while construction a temple or mosque. Lets keep our Egos aside and build the nation. This ego is taking us back 100 years. We have enough to achieve. Lets keep humanity above religion and not make religion our humanity.

amit pagaria
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Petition to Mr. Narendra Modi

Should India use 321 Acres, 340 rooms worth ₹96,500 Crores to house our President?

Dear Prime Minister Modi Ji, The present President House complex being used for housing country’s President, with its forest, is spread over 321 Acres of very expensive public land. The price for this property is approximately ₹96,500 Crores ($13.75B). Housing our President in such a sprawling accommodation is illogical on follow accounts: 1.       It is extremely difficult for people to get houses in Delhi even at high rates and people working in Delhi have to go and live in satellite cities. Under such circumstances, using 321 Acres land for housing one family amount’s to waste of natural resource.   2.       Present Rashtrapati Bhawan was created for Governor General of India as a representative of British Empire. It was created as symbol of power and superiority of occupant over masses.  Bharat’s President living in such a massive accommodation does not represent the true values of our democracy and equality of President with common man. President of democratic Bharat should represent the connection with masses and therefore should reside in a more modest accommodation. 3.       Bharat is a poor country. Most people of the country are poor & have difficulty having a proper house. The country cannot continue to waste resources by housing its president in a 321 acres adobe in addition to expenses incurred in maintaining 340 rooms in luxurious condition.   4.       If the land and building is developed and put to good use, not only people will get housing and other facilities within Delhi, but also the money so unlocked can be used for other projects of public benefits. Even the presidential accommodation of richest and most powerful country United States is built on modest 18 Acres and has 132 rooms. Therefore, we the people of Bharat, hereby request you to please develop a more suitable housing for President of the country and unlock the resources being wasted and put them for public use. 

krishan sanghi
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