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Petition to Narendra Modi , PMO office

JNU students , pseudo educated people are calling our INDIAN ARMY .. RAPISTS.

IT'S HIGH TIME !!!! JNU students are shouting 'INDIAN SOLDIERS ARE RAPISTS' ... This is not the first time they are preaching anti- nationalist speeches or slogans . The men who give up their lives for our safety , who go through all the unimaginable pain for us are nothing but RAPISTS for them ????? I don't have the slightest of clue ... how someone can stoop so low , how someone can loose their conscience , how someone can be brainwashed to such an extent ......I DON'T THINK A HUMAN IN A NORMAL STATE OF MIND CAN PUBLICLY ASSASSINATE CHARACTER OF NOT ONE BUT WHOLE GROUP OF SAVIOURS WHO PROVED THEIR WORTH , LOYALTY NOT ONCE BUT A THOUSAND TIMES .  This has been going on from years and all we do is sit and watch them , it's really easy to comment and condemn without knowing the depth of the issue or reality behind it .  THE REALITY IS WE LEND OUR EARS TO THEM , SHOW OUR ANGER AND FORGET . WE NEGLECT THEIR ACTIONS . WE FAIL TO PUNISH THEM . AND LET ME TELL YOU IT'S WE WHO ENCOURAGE THEIR ACTIONS ... punishing them is a necessity now .  WE ARE ALREADY SUFFERING FOR OUR PAST MISTAKES , WE ARE ALREADY SUFFERING ENOUGH BECAUSE OF ALL THE TRAITORS ...  JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED  AND I ASK FOR THE JUSTICE OF ALL THE SOLDIERS WHO keep me safe day and night without complaining but all they get in return is hatred . YES!!!! I WANT JUSTICE FOR THEM  .    JNU IS NOTHING BUT JUST AN INSTITUTION NOW WHERE SEED OF TOXICITY IS PLANTED AND IT'S ROOTS ARE SPREADING .  Some of you might be against what I said but TRUTH IS BITTER ...and I am here to fight for it.

Navya Singh
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Petition to Narendra Modi, bjp, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Ban Times of India Newspaper

PETITION TO THE GOVT. OF INDIA Respected Prime Minister, When the whole nation is mourning the martyrdom of our soldiers in Pulwama and standing behind our Govt in this hour, Times of India accuses Govt of India of blaming Pakistan. This is irresponsible and obnoxious behavior on the part of Times Of India, when Jaish e Muhammad has taken responsibility of the attack. We the citizens of India who are also the voters and taxpayers of this country, petition the Govt to STOP WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT , all advertising assignments and revenue to The Times Group from any and every Govt department, agency, corporations and/or PSUs for at least next six months (even if they do apologizing drama). We seek a complete BOYCOTT of this arrogant media house which has INSULTED the nation. PLEASE ensure that no advertisements are given from taxpayers money to any of The Times Group entities at least for next six months. This is an earnest appeal to our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. Yours sincerely, An Indian citizen �� *********** Dear All Indian Citizens, This is time to teach a lesson to the Times Group. Let's all of us boycott all publications and news channels of Time Group. Let's also send lakhs and lakhs of messages to the Govt to stop all advertising revenue to The Times Group from any govt dept and PSUs. Pvt businesses should also boycott The Times Group. Earnest appeal from,� An Indian citizen � FYI, I have stopped buying Times of India and Economic Times newspapers. Also please make this message viral as much as you can

Sanjay Bhandari
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