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Petition to Prithviraj Chavan

Chief Minister of Maharashtra : #MakeMumbaiSafe for women

The recent incident of the 23 year old photojournalist who was gangraped at Shakti Mills has brought into focus how women feel unsafe in Mumbai. Many call Mumbai a safe city for women, but the truth is that there are thousands of women who feel unsafe. It is not only a matter of identifying 272 unsafe areas, or of installing lights or increasing the police force or changing the mindset of men. We need an Action Plan which is comprehensive and which brings together all the departments and bodies of the government and citizens groups together. As citizens of Mumbai, we have felt safe in our city as compared to other cities in India. But our experiences say that feeling safe and being safe are different. The HT Akshara’s survey shows that 95 % of 4225 women interviewed experienced sexual harassment. Sixty five percent had experienced physical harassment like touching and groping. Fifty six percent had faced harassment at least 2-5 times in a year. Being safe means not having a fear of assault or harassment, it means not thinking twice before getting out of the house - whether it is daytime or nighttime, not wondering whether to ask a friend to accompany you or think whether to walk down the lonely road or use a taxi. Being safe means that you are not groped in a bus or train. It means that you can walk without hearing whistles or comments on your clothes. It encompasses the freedom to wander or sit by the wayside to have a cup of tea. And when all women, the homeless women on the street and those walking across a dark parking lot to their cars, feel safe, we can say the city is truly safe for all its citizens. If one half of its population is constrained in their mobility then it will reflect on their work, choice of career and incomes. Their families as well as the city are deprived of their full potential. Join us in telling the Chief Minister to come up with an Action Plan for women safety in Mumbai. We want one comprehensive Plan which will cover infrastructure, education, cultural, media interventions as well as police and judicial changes. A plan that will look at prevention and justice. Sign this petition and share it with your friends and family, we will take it to the Chief Minister for discussion and implementation.   Nandita Shah, Co-Director Akshara Centre Nandita Gandhi, Co-Director, Akshara Centre

Akshara Centre
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Petition to Mr. Shrivastav, Ms Harpreet Kaur I.P.S, Nitish Kumar

SP, Begusarai (Bihar): Investigate My Sister's #Dowrydeath and Punish the Culprits

My sister Pushpam was tortured, burnt, beaten and killed in front of her sonbecause we couldn’t pay the dowry that her in-laws demanded. Twelve years ago, Pushpam got married to the Kumar Rai family in Bihar. Soon after her wedding, her husband and in-laws started demanding money as dowry. On 11th May this year, as her five-year-old son watched, they brutally beat and murdered her because they did not get the money that they demanded.  We immediately filed an FIR at the local police station. Shockingly, the police failed to take action and asked us to compromise if we wanted this case to go in our favour. The culprits have not been arrested yet.  My nephew talks about his mother’s death everyday. I want justice for my sister. But as a brother who couldn’t do anything to save his sister, I also want to ensure that no woman ever suffers her plight in my district Begusarai in Bihar.  Thats why I started a petition on telling the Begusarai Superintendent of Police (SP), Ms. Harpreet Kaur to immediately start an investigation into my sister's death so that the guilty can be punished. As the SP, it is Ms. Kaur’s duty to ensure that such acts of violence against women don’t occur in Begusarai district again.  Dowry has been a evil in our country for many years, but I want to end this practice in Begusarai and I can’t do this without your support. Please sign my petition and forward it to your friends and family. We need as much support as we can get to ensure justice for my sister Pushpam and to end the practice of dowry in Begusarai.  Looking forward to your support, Uttam Kumar

Uttam kumar
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Petition to Sushil Kumar Shinde

Stop selling acid #stopacidattacks

Two men threw acid on me when I was 15 years old, this happened because I refused to marry one of them.  It has been eight years since this incident and nothing has changed. In the last three months alone more than 60 acid attack cases on women in India were reported. After this brutal incident, I decided to fight against the use of acid as a weapon against women. I filed a case with the Supreme Court of India to seek justice and control the sale of acid in India. Yesterday, the Supreme Court gave the Government of India a final deadline of 7 days to frame a policy to curb the sale of acid in order to prevent acid attack cases.  If the Home Minister acts on this immediately, a lot of acid attacks can be prevented In India. Thats why I started this petition  telling the Union Home Minister, Sushil Kumar Shinde to immediately take measures to regulate sale of acid in retail.  With each passing day, in absence of any regulation on acid sale, innocent women are paying a heavy price. We need to build enormous pressure on our Home Minister Shinde and let him know that the whole country is watching his actions. We have less than a week to do this!  Join me in telling Home Minister Shinde to immediately regulate and control the sale of acid. Sign my petition and forward it to your friends and family to save the lives of many more women in India. Thanks in advance for taking action, Laxmi

Laxmi .
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Petition to Mysore Police Commissioner

Mysore Police Commissioner: Gokulam Women Say Hands OFF! Help us end molestation/ harassment of women

Gokulam is a popular destination for yoga students from abroad who study at the various yoga shalas in the area. If the harassment and molestation of the women in the area during all hours of the day continues, the environment will become even more unsafe for women, fewer people will to come to Gokulam and India, and the reputation of the country and its culture will be damaged. Ladies are attacked by men on scooters, groped, slapped in the face, and pushed about, and exhibitionists jerk off in front of them. A yoga student was nearly raped on her way to the 4:30 yoga class one morning. The neighbors rescued her at the last minute. These despicable event are most frequent during the busy seasons of October to March, every single year. Visiting a foreign country to practice yoga in a beautiful neighborhood such as Gokulam, only to come face-to-face such violence is shocking, frightening, and traumatic for both foreigner yoga students and local female residents. It is just wrong. We are continuing to do what we can on our end to make the environment safer, including: (1) raising awareness within the community about the risks to walking around alone or even with someone, (2) holding discussions with the yoga community on culture-sensitive behavior and attire, (3) promoting self-defense tactics, and (4) communicating with the yoga schools to change class timings and to provide other safety-promoting services to students. Please help us by increasing police patrol of the area to end this unacceptable criminal behavior and abuse, and to make Gokulam safe for ALL women.

Anuradha Ganesh
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