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Petition to President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Wildlife institute of India, Wildlife Protection Society of India

Tell India to stop allowing the torture and burning of elephants!

The human-wildlife conflict in India has recently come to light for millions of people worldwide due to the disturbing image of a baby elephant set on fire, photographed by Biplab Hazra taken in Bankura district.. The photo shows a baby elephant, screaming while on fire, as it and an adult elephant run for their lives.The photo was taken in West Bengal, where human-elephant conflict is rife and it's disturbingly unclear as to what eventually happened to the two elephants after the photograph was taken. An insert from an article written for BBC reads, "A "crowd of jeering men" were flinging "flaming tar balls and crackers" at the two elephants when Biplab Hazra took the photograph. He recalls the calf screaming in "confusion" as it fled."For these smart, gentle, social animals who have roamed the subcontinent for centuries, hell is now and here," he added. Mainak Mazumder, who lives in Bankura, commented that villagers were responsible for "heavy habitat destruction" and that "elephants have been subjected to terrible abuses and tortures". " Upon further research there have been countless documented incidents of extreme animal cruelty as well as many lost human lives, property and crop damage due to this conflict. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Training citizens in the use of non harmful preventative measures so as not to aggravate the animals would greatly reduce the amount of conflict. Such preventative measures could include: *Electric fencing- It has been proven to be a long-term deterrence against elephants. Some ways to reduce the cost of having such a fence include: A single live strand of electric fencing located 1.5 meters (4.9 ft) above the ground can be sufficient to deter elephants, while allowing other animals to come and go untouched. Use bush poles instead of metal stanchions to reduce the costs and when possible, solar panels to create the electricity.* *Plant crops that elephants don't like- If growing crops to sell, crops of good value that elephants don't like include ginger, cocoa, sisal, tea, oil seed, and chili. If crops are grown for personal food, elephants cannot stand chili peppers and if they're liable to get a mouthful of chilis with the crop, they're more likely to avoid it. Other ways to use chilies to deter elephants include mixing chili pepper with old engine oil. Paint twine or string with this mixture and hang the twine around your field or garden. Collect elephant dung and pile chili peppers onto the dung and burn it. The pungent smoke will release chili pepper residue into the air (citizens should steer clear too) Tobacco can also work when ground up and mixed with engine oil and ground chili. Smear this concoction on ropes surrounding the food garden or crops. Tobacco dust from tobacco factories can also be used, even without chili.* *Use strong flashlights, spotlights, or floodlights at night to deter night raids. Elephants are partial to feasting by night so if you can rig up a motion detecting spot or flood light, this can scare the elephants off.* *Keep crops clustered together. Crops that form islands dotted here and there have proven to be more vulnerable to elephant raids than crops clustered closely together.Try planting crops or food gardens in large communal fields. Band with neighbors to grow large, square or rectangular fields with fences or hedges grown using thorny and spiny plants.* *Adding beehives to the perimeters of  crops or food gardens. Elephants are afraid of bees and strategic placement of the beehives could help keep elephants at bay. Citizens can also harvest the honey and sell to generate income.* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Humans and animals are both suffering in your country and a humane solution MUST be found and instituted IMMEDIATELY. We urge you to address this horrible situation as a top priority and enact and enforce laws forbidding this sort of torturous behavior on innocent animals with severe punishment!    

Laurie Bennett
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Petition to President of Indian National Congress Party, Congress Working Committee (CWC) and AICC members of Indian National Congress Party, Congress Party Leaders and Members of the State Units, Congress Parliamentary Party, Members of Congress State Legislative Parties, Office Bearers of the Indian National Congress Party

Elect Jyotiraditya Scindia or Sachin Pilot as the Indian National Congress Party President

President of Indian National Congress Party, Congress Working Committee (CWC) and AICC members, Congress Party Leaders and Members of the State Units, Members of Congress Parliamentary Party, Members of Congress State Legislative Parties, Office Bearers of the Indian National Congress Party, First of all, a big "thank you" to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for leading the Congress party for the last 18 months. We thank Mr. Rahul Gandhi, as the outgoing President of the Party and a member of the Gandhi family, for all the efforts to bring a change in the party to make it more democratic and equal.  We also appreciate your efforts to open up the top leadership post (Party President) for anyone in the party and not to make it exclusive to just one family. There was always this lingering question that bothered many congress supporters: why should anybody join Congress party, when the ultimate prize of leading the party, and the country is reserved solely for the members of Gandhi family.  As you know in the last so many years, there was absolutely no mechanism for an ordinary party member to rise through the ranks to become the leader of the party - independent of the influence of Gandhi family. Many supporters have been asking for these significant changes for quite some time now. Mr. Rahul Gandhi as a member of the Gandhi family acted as the agent of these particular changes, otherwise, these changes would have never happened. So thank you, Mr. Rahul Gandhi. As the process of electing the next President of the Indian National Congress has begun, it is very refreshing to see that as an agent of the change for the future of the party Rahul Gandhi has asked for broader consultation in picking the next Congress Chief. Hence we, the supporters of the party, want the party to break the shackles of nepotism and sycophancy and once again be a political party in the real sense of the word. As we all introspect as a party the reasons for the electoral decline in the previous years, it would now be a great opportunity for the party to reach masses, and also a great responsibility for all of you leaders of the party to use sound judgement in electing the new chief. India needs a strong Indian National Congress. However, without any meaningful change leading to internal elections, the party will continue to suffer. As congress supporters, we are ready to swallow further humiliation in short term defeats as long as it triggers a dynamic change for the better. We want the party to be democratic first and then think about mounting a challenge to come back to power. Promoting inner democracy is the only way if the party wants to succeed nationally on its own terms and not be happy with winning one or two state elections with the help of fickle allies. From the recent elections results, the writing is clear on the wall. There is no alternative. The Congress party doesn't have the luxury to waste any more time. The current senior party leaders need to recognize the fact that in the last two consecutive Lok Sabha Elections you all have failed to enthuse the masses. The country can't afford to wait to give BJP enough space to destroy the progressive and diverse idea of India. Thus, to become a serious opposition, we need to have a true democratic set up internally without any place for sycophancy. We call ourselves the party of the youth, and we still don't promote the youth or listen to them in our party hierarchy. The party should recognize that there is a growing constituency of congress supporters who want a working political party based on true democratic principles and that progressive viewpoint is not dissent. The party is not short of inspirational leaders. In fact, it is blessed with them at least for the moment and they are the only reason that party supporters like us still keep faith in the party hoping that not before long it will see its glory days again. We support energetic and forward-looking leaders of the party, and we support the candidature of either Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia or Mr. Sachin Pilot as the next party chief. This is also an appropriate time for a complete restructuring of the party at the top. Congress Working Committee (CWC) should include forward-looking and progressive leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Jairam Ramesh, Sachin Pilot, Shashi Tharoor, Milind Deora, Jitin Prasada, Rajeev Gowda. The other senior leaders who are running the party for decades needs to retire from CWC gracefully, as they have lost touch with people, common people's aspirations and the ground reality. A priority today for the party is also to limit the Party president tenure going forward to two terms of either 1 or 2 years, which would help the party to build a process for succession and also help to build successors. The party must evolve and change for today's India. We request all grass root level party workers and supporters of Indian National Congress who are fed up with the systematic manipulation of party constitution to favor only the select, and who aspire India to be a truly democratic country where all the political outfits function democratically, to sign this petition to bring about a change in Indian National Congress and support either Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia or Mr. Sachin Pilot to be the next Party President. Please share and urge your friends to sign. Thank you.

Congress Party Supporters
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Petition to Public

Want to have equality for the Caste in India

We are in the 21st century and still talk about Caste in India. We have travelled to the Moon but still Indian people are not ready to change the mentality. We talk about some section of  people  belonging to particular caste's are  getting harassed on a daily basis . But no one talks about how those community caste are using law to harass the other caste.  Today I came across a scenario near my home town, where some of the people who belong to those caste communities are not allowing the other community  people to construct their home. Even though they have all the documents and paperwork related to the property they own.  SI(police inspector) also belong to the same caste community and was not ready to help the people to get this sorted. This has been a long going issue  and such people are misusing their rights  and I have taken initiative to spread this so that if any other people are facing the same issue we can support each other and raise our voice to this injustice. when voice rased against this issue those people  complaint against the other community people stating they have used some language targeting their caste. Which was not true and this shows our system is biased and not equal for everyone. Let us get together and ask the government to make equal law for this, that some section of  people belonging  to particular caste's are misusing it and easily exploit the other community without any proof.....

Ramya Gaini
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Petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Narinder Nath Vohra, rajnath Singh, Ravi Shankar Prasad

Stop attacks on witnesses & lawyers of India's 8-Year-Old Rape Victim from Kathua

Witnesses and lawyers representing the 8-year-old Muslim girl who was gang-raped and murdered in Kathua, India, this year, are being attacked and intimidated, as the trial unfolds. We need to put a stop to this! Sign this petition and join Apne Aap and Equality Now to ask Prime Minister Modi to ensure that justice is not denied to her family! Despite the brutal nature of the crime committed by powerful men against an innocent child, some groups have politicized the case by presenting it falsely as a case against the Hindu community. They are running media trials, trolling, filing false cases, deflecting blame and holding rallies in support of the perpetrators and against the lawyers. Some of these rallies have been attended by ministers from the Prime Minister's ruling party.  They are even hounding the entire nomadic shepherd community of Bakarwals, that the little girl belonged to. Attempts were been made to physically prevent the charges against the accused rapists being filed in court and later to weaken the investigation by shifting it to the CBI.  Though an increasing number of rape cases are being reported in India every day, survivors of sexual violence struggle to get justice within the legal system. Between 2015 and 2016 alone there was an 82% spike in reported rapes of children. Another 133,000 rape cases were pending trial in the same year. Please sign the petition and raise your voice to demand a fair and impartial trial in the Kathua case, so that the family of the 8-year-old gets justice. Insist that the Modi government take immediate action to stop the intimidation and to address the larger systemic problem of sexual violence within the country. Thank you. Ruchira, Tinku, Divya with the Apne Aap and Equality Now team 

Ruchira Gupta, Mona & Apne Aap Team
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