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Petition to President of India, Shri Narendra Modi, Chairperson of NHRC

#HameBhiSuraksha To protect Human Rights defenders in India

I am continuously pursuing the case for justice and received the consequence of false implication by the police of Paharganj Police Station in New Delhi.   I and associates of my organization (PVCHR)  filed many petitions, but the NHRC responded with mere eye-wash tactics. We received surprising responses from the Home Ministry of India and office of Honourable President of India, but there is a mysterious silence by the NHRC. Why? I issued an open letter with detailed facts and evidences titled “Threat to my life is judged at office desk in NHRC, I am left to live at Perpetrators’ mercy: Lenin Raghuvanshi” on 9 June 2019  and simultaneously I wrote to the President of India, the Home Minister of India and the Chairperson of the NHRC. I faced intimidation, false criminal implication in Varanasi and Delhi due to support to a survivor of domestic violence in Varanasi.  I protested on the technical fault of the visit of UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders then many key players and elites of civil societies initiated a conspiracy, and mysterious silence on my cases and inside campaign on my dignity. I witness many manipulating discussions in important meetings at Kathmandu and Bangkok.  This matter concerns not only  life and the reputation of a human rights defender, but also the very legitimacy of  human rights work. Join me in asking H.E.President of India, Prime Minister of India and National Human Rights Commission for the following demands 1. To order for the CBI Investigation in the cases registered against me.  2. To develop a national law for the protection of human rights defenders, and strengthen the capacity and mandate of the NHRC’s focal point on defenders.The NHRC needs to establish and resource a full-time dedicated focal point, to intervene in cases where human rights defenders are at risk, and to investigate and promote accountability where threats and attacks occur. #LeninKoNyay

Lenin Raghuvanshi
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Petition to Ministry of labour and employment, Ramesh pokhriyal, HRD MINISTRY, Sanjay shamrao dhotre, Minister of State, Narendra Modi, Smriti Irani, Amit Shah, Ministry of Human Resource Development, cabinet ministry, Devendra Fadnavis, Maneka Gandhi, pmoindia, Ministry Of Electronics and Information Technology, Surinderjeet Singh Ahluwalia, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, MHRD, Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank', Ravi Shankar Prasad, Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Prakash Javadekar

Curb Notice Period of IT Professionals from 90 days to maximum of 45 days

Respected HRD Ministry/ Mr. Ramesh Pokhriyal Sir,  We, the Employees of an IT industry have a major concern with our notice period. Different Companies have notice period ranging from 30 days to 90 days subject to their Company policy. Basically, as we all are aware, the main intent of Notice Period is to hand over/ transfer the knowledge/ train the replacement. This process does not require entire 90 days. Handover or Knowledge Transfer (KT) can be completed within maximum time of 30 days and not beyond that. After completing the KT, instead of relieving the Employee from the Company, Employee is assigned  with new tasks in the rest of the Notice period. Serving entire 90 days of notice period is a mandatory thing, failing which we may not finish our smooth exit with proper documents. Moreover, the next level problem is,  it has become a trend that IT Companies, now-a-days expect us to join within a month. If we are forced to serve 90 days' notice period with current Employer, then how are we supposed to join new Employer in a month's time. There is a major imbalance in serving notice period of 90 days Vs expectations from new Employer to join within 30 days. In this battle of serving 90 days' notice period, we end up losing good opportunities and prospects resulting in forcefully continuing with the current Employer in a hope to find a new Company who is ready to wait till 90 days. This is really demotivating the individuals. Respected Sir, request to consider this matter seriously. Request you to curb the Notice Period from 90 days to maximum of 45 days and standardise the Notice period of maximum of 45 days across all IT companies. This problem is faced by all IT Professionals. I am sure this problem is not just limited to IT industry. I hope petition becomes successful and for this I urge all the IT Professionals to come forward and join me.    Because Together We can!!    

Ramya Shastri
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Started 2 weeks ago

Petition to PUBG Corporation, Krafton Game Union

PUBG Lite Esports in India - Grant Permanent Custom Room Access

Only hope for PC gaming/eSports in India - PUBG PC LITEThe Indian gaming community has seen an unprecedented growth since the release of PUBG Mobile, making the popular Battle Royale available to the masses. Building a decent gaming Rig in India is a challenge due to exorbitant prices, which makes playing the latest titles just a dream for many. PUBG PC is one of these games which many Indian gamers would have loved to enjoy, but cannot due to its price and requirements. Things, however changed with the advent of PUBG Lite, which would allow everyone the PUBG PC experience free of cost and without needing to own an expensive gaming rig.We are ready to host tournament and weekly scrims and that will be sponsored by many companies in the future and streamed by many streamers. Which will help to find out the talent which is hidden in the Indian Gaming Community. But for that we need to get permanent custom access which is provided by the lite developer community if they see much potential. We have already have formed a Pubg lite community on discord which is ready to support us. If you wish to join the link will be in the end. We want that the Lite community supports us and gives the custom access to the streamers and communities that are ready to invest their full time.  By which the game will much recognized in India and the player base will get to know about this game. Right now there are no events of Pubg Lite. Which is the reason why people don't play this game like other games. We are unrecognized by the lite team . so it is our humble request to  share this issue as much as possible . And make support request from the link provided below. This is a small step taken by us to make things work out. With the support from the Indian players and Pubg developer community. This will bring a big change in the pc gaming community. PUBG LITE SUPPORT LINK - LITE DOWNLOAD LINK LITE INDIA/INDIAN BATTLEGROUNDS DISCORD LINK - Don't forget to share the link to help support this petition.

Puranth Tak
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