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Petition to Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute

Sundararājāsana Project - Honouring BKS Iyengar on his 100th Birth Anniversary

A Call to the Worldwide Yoga Community to support the Sundararājāsana Project! We believe that naming a pose after Yogāchārya BKS Iyengar would be a wonderful way to honor his legacy on the occasion of his 100th Birth Anniversary on 14th December 2018. A recognition of his immeasurable contribution to the world of yoga. Please show your love and support of this important project by signing this petition. WHY A SUNDARARĀJĀSANA? ● BKS (Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararāja)  Iyengar brought āsanas to an unprecedented level of perfection by creating a symphony of alignment, symmetry, harmony and proportions: all qualities of beauty (sundara means beautiful). He was the King (rāja) of āsanas! His destiny was already written in his name! 'Alignment is Enlightenment!' is one of his most famous quotes. He revered the body as a temple of the soul and he dedicated all his life to the teaching of āsanas as powerful tools for inner transformation and purification. He taught how all the other 7 limbs of Yoga may be perfected through the practice of āsanas.  His mission was to prove that anyone, regardless of age, creed, gender, status, race can climb the heights of spirituality and realise through their own body that they are sparks of divinity. An āsana dedicated to him would embody his message to the world and would allow anyone whose life has been transformed by his revolutionary teachings to honour him in a way he would have certainly liked. ● BKS Iyengar revived the dying art of yoga and spread its message on a worldwide scale. He changed the course of Yoga history forever by attracting millions of people to the practice of Yoga and by making this noble art accessible to all through the unique use of PROPS.  These are now widely used in all Yoga studios worldwide. The old, the sick, the weak can all practise yoga with the use of supports. Sundararājāsana would be a tribute to BKS Iyengar's all embracing compassion and to the universality of his teachings. ● BKS Iyengar is recognised as one of the greatest Yoga masters of our times by Yoga practitioners worldwide. His demonstrations, books, quotes and talks have inspired generations of seekers on the path of yoga. Sundararājāsana would carry BKS Iyengar's message to everyone's heart. It would encourage all travellers on the path of yoga to become united in the pursuit of inner freedom. ● All the great sages of the past Bharadvāja, Marīchi, Vasishta, Vishvāmitra have an asana in their name. Century after century they stand as an example to follow and they inspire us to deepen our practice. Sundararājāsana would remind us of BKS Iyengar's journey in this world (and what a journey that was!) and his power to uplift and transform us. It would stand as an encouragement to follow in his footsteps and seek what he sought. ● BKS Iyengar once said he would have liked to die in an āsana. So may his memory rest in an āsana. Sundararājāsana would be a wonderful dwelling for him for eternity.  We are aware that there is not an authority as such that can approve this, but we strongly believe that if we start introducing Sundararājāsana this will be incorporated into the Classical Yoga Tradition over time and Sundararājāsana will carry BKS Iyengar's legacy to eternity. Every time a practitioner performs Sundararājāsana it would be a living tribute to one of the greatest Yoga Masters of the XXI century.  SUGGESTED ĀSANAS TO BE NAMED SUNDARARĀJĀSANA: ● Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana  BKS IYENGAR CREATED THIS ĀSANA. It didn't exist in classical yoga literature before! Sundararājāsana would be a tribute to his remarkable contribution to the Classical Yoga Tradition. ● Tadāsana  This āsana represents the quintessence of BKS  Iyengar's revolutionary teaching : alignment.  No matter which asana one is "in" the principle root of Tadāsana should not be deviated from. It is the root, the beginning, the entry to all asana, from which the yogic universe can be measured, like Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.  ● Dvi Pada Viparita Dandasana  BKS Iyengar loved backbends. Dvi Pada Viparita Dandasana is the Yogi Prostration to God. BKS Iyengar was a deeply religious man, completely devoted to the Divine. Dvi Pada Viparita Dandasana was part of his daily practice and is one of his most iconic postures. This is an accessible pose that even beginners can do with support. Please note this is NOT an attempt to replace the classical name of the poses suggested. Sundararājāsana would rather be an additional name of the classical pose.  In the same manner as Paśchimottanasana is also called Ugrāsana or Brahmacharyāsana. For Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana this issue doesn't arise as Guruji BKS Iyengar created it. PLEASE NOTE: other āsanas can also be suggested! If you wish to suggest a different pose which you feel better represents BKS Iyengar and conveys his true essence, please indicate your choice together with a motivation in a comment at the bottom of this page. ALL SUGGESTIONS WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE IYENGAR FAMILY. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHICH ĀSANA IS CHOSEN AS LONG AS WE HAVE A SUNDARARĀJĀSANA!  THE ULTIMATE DECISION ABOUT THIS PROJECT AND THE CHOICE OF ĀSANA LIES WITH THE IYENGAR FAMILY.  The Iyengar family has been informed of the growing interest in and support of this project. However, it is the worldwide community of practitioners that can bring this idea to fruition. The greater the support, the greater the possibility! THIS IS A MATTER VERY DEAR TO US AND WE SINCERELY HOPE YOU WILL CONSIDER SUPPORTING AND PARTICIPATING IN THIS PROJECT. After signing please leave a comment and share the petition on Facebook!

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Petition to Dr Fernand de Varennes

Investigate the H.Rights emergency and attacks on Religious Minorities and Dalits in India

We urge the UN Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, Dr Fernand de Varennes, to investigate the growing human rights emergency in India, particularly the attacks on religious minorities and Dalits Human rights violations which target religious minorities, specifically Muslims and Christians, and Dalits are occurring on a vast and horrific scale in India today. While violence against Muslim and Christian communities have been increasing since the early 1990s, and upper caste atrocities on Dalits are a longstanding phenomenon, there has been a massive escalation in both since Narendra Modi 's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power at the Centre in 2014. Emboldened by the victory of the BJP, Hindu supremacist gangs with links to the ruling party, or in some parts of India directly set up by the state, are the chief perpetrators of these abuses which are occuring unchecked. Below we outline some of the types of extreme violations affecting Muslims, Christians and Dalits. Lynchings of Muslims and Dalits, and stripping, flogging and public humiliations have become widespread. These terrible acts of violence are taking place across India,  including in Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Assam and even in the outskirts of the national capital, Delhi. The pretext is that the victims have eaten beef, or slaughtered cows, or are transporting cows in order to slaughter them. The perpetrators are Hindu-supremacist gangs of so-called Cow Vigilantes. In the vast majority of cases, they have been neither punished nor condemned by the government. Instead the police have often charged the victims and BJP state governments have given tacit encouragement to the violence by making statements and announcing policies which call for harsh penalties for cow slaughter. Christians are also under attack. Here the scale of violence  is demonstrated by the figures for 2016 alone: 10 people were killed and over 500 members of the clergy or community leaders were physically attacked There is a horrifying rise in the rapes, mutilation, acid attacks and other forms of violence, often followed by murder, of women and girls of all communities, but Dalit women and girls and those from religious minorities are being specifically targeted.  Among recent cases are that of a  Dalit schoolgirl raped and killed inside the school premises in Bihar, a Dalit girl gang raped and murdered in Tamilnadu, two Muslim women raped and their relatives killed after being falsely accused of eating beef in Haryana and the gruesome gang rape of the recently buried body of a Muslim woman in UP. In 2016 alone, 34 Christian women including nuns were raped, molested or beaten. Some of the worst violence against Christians is taking place in Chhattisgarh which has long had a BJP government. Muslim or Dalit and so-called 'lower-caste' men in relationships with, or married to, Hindu or upper-caste women have been brutally attacked or murdered - in the name of protecting the purity of the women involved. In the case of Muslim men these murders are being instigated and justified by the baseless trope of 'love jihad' according to which Muslim men abduct and have relationships with Hindu women only to convert them to Islam Many areas, particularly in UP, but also elsewhere have seen attempts at ethnic cleansing with threats and attempts to displace long-established Muslim communities. 2013 saw a pogrom in Muzaffarnagar UP which had a chilling similarity with the genocidal killings of Muslims which took place in Gujarat in 2002 when Prime Minister Modi was Chief Minister of the state. In Muzaffarnagar   some 50,000 people were displaced, many were children. As human rights organisations have noted the attacks in both Muzaffarnagar as in Gujarat were deliberately engineered by Hindu supremacists The election of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of UP, India's most populous state,  in March 2017 has clearly made the human rights situation far worse, further emboldening those perpetrating communal and caste violence in UP and spilling over to other states. Adityanath has a record of hate speech  and has several criminal cases pending against him. He stated in 2005: “I will not stop till I turn UP and India into a Hindu rashtra (state)” Since he became Chief Minister, Hindu supremacist groups and in particular the  Hindu Yuva Vahini  a violent youth  organisation founded by him, have engineered a series of attacks on Muslims and Dalits. Recent incidents include burning and looting of Dalit homes by upper caste mobs in Saharanpur who shouted 'the police is with us, the administration is with us', and the lynching an elderly Muslim man in Bulandshahr on the pretext that he helped a relative elope with a Hindu girl. The cases mentioned above are only a small indication of what is now a human rights emergency with religious minorities and Dalits under attack as never before. We call upon you to investigate this escalating situation as a matter of urgency.

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