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Diversity at Kenyon

We want to boost inclusivity and representation of students from a wider range of socioeconomic, racial, and ethnic categories. Help us do this by signing this petition. If you have questions, reach out to us at or come to one of our meetings-- Sundays at 5pm! Currently working on: Implementation of Student Ambassador Program: -Student volunteers-Idea that that students know their hometowns (and local public schools) best, can best speak to Kenyon’s current climate, already travel home regularly, care about Kenyon’s diversity, etc.-Program will be overseen by KYDSA-- in terms of advertising and recruiting people to sign up; also holding responsibility for staying informed, answering questions, etc.-Trained by admissions (at intervals over the course of the school year)Data, techniques on how to talk to the guidance counselorsVisiting high schools over breaks, preferably lower-income and more racially/ethnically diverse schools, public schools that are not visited currently-Some student input on these schools, e.g. which public schools in your hometown that have viable candidates for Kenyon that are getting overlooked-Looking at lower income communities-Cities-Native American reservations Addition of specific breakdowns of census-designated groups to the website: -Currently says: “20 percent are African Americans, Asians, and Latinos/ Hispanic- Americans, Native Americans, and multiethnic students” -Should say: 3% African American, 4% Asian, 5% Hispanic (College Board)-This is misrepresenting the student body-- counterproductive, misleading, etc. -Could lead to lower retention rate -"The Company We Keep": 11 of the 20 peer schools listed on Kenyon's website provide specific categorical breakdowns -Kenyon has the lowest student of color population of any of the 20  Increase funding of programs like KEEP and KAP:-Re-allocation of scholarship money to students with more need (with less representation on campus currently-Distinguished Academic Scholarship, Kenyon Promise Scholarship% of tuition money to diversity scholarships

Kenyon Young Democratic Socialists of America
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