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El Niño is Coming: Save Winter Shelter

Tell your local elected officials in Santa Cruz County that we need them to help save winter shelter for people currently living on the street! Every year for more than 25 years, all of our local governments have contributed funding to operate the winter shelter at the Armory.   While local governments have budgeted some funding for the winter shelter again this year, sufficient funds to operate the full program have not been committed. If sufficient funding is not identified, the largest shelter to serve the northern half of Santa Cruz County will be curtailed this winter. The need can be even more clearly seen in these numbers from our local homeless census: -More than 1,354 unsheltered individuals countywide. -More than 120 homeless children are not sheltered. -About 200 people over the age of 60 are homeless. -More than 500 women are homeless. One part of the solution is at hand. The armory is available for use. All that’s needed is sufficient dollars to operate the program. And you can help make it happen. Email your elected officials today!    

Smart Solutions to Homelessness
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