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Petition to Ralph Northam, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner

Conditional Pardon Petition: children facing adult consequences

At the age of 14, Dustin was sentenced to 70 years in an adult facility for his role in a crime. At such a young age he was described as a boy who was a danger to society. Not just an immediate danger but for the rest of his life. As a mother of 2 almost 14 year old boys, I couldn't imagine looking at them and telling them they'll be a danger and essentially not worthy of another chance for the rest of their lives. Dustin has grown up in a prison, that does not intend to rehabilitate inmates, but to just keep them there. Yet, despite that, Dustin has taken opportunites to recieve his GED, learn trades, work, and his own initiative to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stronger. He has taken great strides to better himself and is more than capable of being a positive and productive member of society. He takes responsibility for his crimes. Dustin has goals in life, upon his prayerful early release, to mentor children to stay far from the path he himself has been on. He and our families would be more than greatful for the opportunity to show him he deserves another chance. To sentence a juvenile to an adult facility for a lengthy stay sends a message that they are incapable of positive change. It should be the intent of prison sentences to allow for rehabilitation and then afford the offenders the right to be released into society and show they are capable of being productive citizens. To condemn him to such lengthy sentences for mistakes made as a  child, is unjust. This directly impacts families and therefore has negative effects on communities they interact with. To grant Dustin a conditional pardon will restore our families and bring healing to those directly affected with his lengthy sentences.It will also allow him to reach children headed on a difficult road themselves, who may otherwise not have the understanding of what potential consequences they could face. According to a recent study published by the ACLU in 2016, the number of juvenile offenders within 12 U.S states serving between 40 years and life, is an astonishing 8,300. When these children are convicted, they are not old enough even enter into agreements, often not old enough to drive. They are sentenced to terms longer than the lives they have lived and aren't qualified by current laws to even be released until they are old enough to recieve social security. This is unjust and we must stand up and urge our government to reconsider the laws in place. Thank you in advance for your help, your voice matters!

Krysti Chappell
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Petition to Ralph Northam

Conditional Pardon, Early Release for Kyle S. Rugg (“Uhura Loyal King Allah”)

On behalf of Kyle S. Rugg (“Uhura Loyal King Allah”), “I am seeking a pardon from the newly elected Governor, Ralph S. Northam. An early release from the penal system to reunite back with my family, friends and the communities surrounded by my permanent residence. My mother who is my world has battled cervical cancer, as well as unsermounted amounts of stress due to choices that led to my incarceration. My siblings are battling with different obstacles including, but not limited to stress, obesity and depression. A major effect of their ailments is due to my incarceration and they not having their big brother home to help keep balance like a nucleus in a cell. Incarceration has been a life changing experience. Being locked up in an animal cage and fed like a starving infant, metaphorically speaking, can and will have impactful neurological thoughts. Truthfully, those thoughts can be very toxic if an individual allows them to be. My experience has widened my horizon through trial and error. I have began to master my thoughts like, John Nash from a Beautiful Mind and even though I haven’t dealt with physiological disorders, I’ve still had to take full control of my thought patterns, as well as, what I feed my mind and body and through the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earths, it has helped me seek a high elevation of knowing myself. Since my incarceration, I have completed and been apart of many different programs such as a custodial maintenance vocational trade, “L.A.B.” - Life and Business program, “I.C.A.N.” - Investing in Community Action Networking program and an elder/mentor training program. I have also completed my OSHA 10 hour construction safety and health course and am currently in the process of earning an electrician’s certificate through a vocational trade. I’ve also been taking drastic steps in refining my overall health and thought patterns. In so much that my passion for health and fitness has inspired me to train 4 individuals on their own health and fitness goals, as well as, mentor them for when they’re released into society this year. As an elder/mentor, I’ve held and conducted 3 seminars as a motivational speaker for individuals in the re-entry program and have plans to conduct more in the near future. My overall goals for myself, now and in the future are to help with the crime of the youth, gang violence, recividism and the total health state (mentally and physically) of our children, women and men in the communities. A new movement in which I am forming to help rebuild our communities internally, as well as, externally to have a much brighter and longer future is a program I call, “PEACE” - which means, “Proper • Education • Activates • Constant • Elevation”. I also plan on establishing two Non-Profit Organizations (NPO). The first NPO will be for young troubled boys and teens who live in a world of poverty, crime and gang violence. My goal is to be a positive role model for young boys and teens who, unfortunately, may not have an active or positive male figure in their life and are seeking positive guidance into becoming a strong, productive, law abiding individual with values and ethics. The second NPO will be a general education and motivational speaking conglomerate who speaks to anyone seeking upliftment on living a positive and healthy life. Another goal of mine is to obtain a certification in personal training, so I can open and run my own personal training business. I would also like to obtain a certification in becoming a life coach and yoga instructor. I want to create other programs that will help inspire and motivate people to be better than they were yesterday and emulate, “PEACE”. Dealing with victim impact, I have realized my poor choices and decisions in life don’t just affect me, but others around me, as well. I deeply and sincerely regret the hurt and pain I’ve put my family, friends and communities in. The only way to make amends is by continuing to elevate myself righteously, so in return, I can affect others righteously, as well. Hopefully through time and effort I will be able to demonstrate the genuine love and care, by and through, my visions. Please, help support my request and future endeavors of change. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign my petition, so I can get a second chance in society.” Sincerely, Kyle S. Rugg (“Uhura Loyal King Allah”)

Veronica Londoño
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