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Trouble with being different

I came Australia 2 years ago for the 1st time and fell in love with it. Loved it so much that I decided to return to attempt to start a new life here. After seeing a GP and being referred to a diabetes specialist, I had the shock of my life to be advised that I need to pay $295.00 just for the appointment and then a further $9000.00 for a insulin pump. Backpackers normally work on a piece rate meaning they are only paid for the amount of fruit or vegetables that they pick. I make about $50.00 a day which is about £25.00 GBP. I'm asking the Australian government David Hurley and Greg Hunt (health minister) to waive all medical fees for Backpackers in Australia that have reciprocal agreements from their country. This includes free or subsidised medication, free or subsidised ambulance cover for anyone suffering from a long term medical condition and free appointments for those who need medical advice, support or help from a specialist related to their medical condition. Considering I earn less than the minimum wage for Australia but my wages are still taxed. Please help me to help others in leading a normal life without being penalised for a health condition that many of us did not have a choice in having. By asking the health minister and the governor to treat us as they would treat their own so that backpackers like myself have a better chance of survival.  I like to think of myself as a normal individual that enjoys trying or experiencing new things but as someone who is struggling to pay their rent, let alone their food amongst so many other Backpackers. I don't feel my life should be even more difficult just because my body does not produce enough insulin. Life is already hard as a backpacker, please don't make it even more hard because I'm different. In fact I'm not different, I'm just diabetic.

Shortie Spyriadis
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Petition to UK Home Office, Keir Starmer, Sajid Javid

URGENT! Give Natasha the right to stay in the UK with her husband of 6 years!

Aidan met Natasha in 2011 when he moved to London. The next year they married, and built a life together. But two years ago, Natasha who is originally from Canada, had her spousal visa renewal refused. We campaigned and managed to stop immediate deportation but now she could be forced to leave. Please sign this petition to help keep them together in the UK. Aidan is my friend who I met 14 years ago in the music community, so when I heard that they were being threatened with being torn apart, I started this petition. We need to keep up the pressure until Natasha gets the right to stay. Natasha cares for Aidan daily due to a serious illness that he is fighting. He is diagnosed with nerve damage caused by a prolapsed disc and degeneration of his spine. He’s suffered from minor pain up to full blown partial paralysis of one side; Natasha has stood by his side providing him with financial support and a lot of loving care to help him get back to good health. His poor health has prevented him from working full-time, though when possible he’ll do an the occasional gig. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome which is exacerbated by the attempt to deport Natasha. The Home Office do not deem Aidan's illness as severe, despite notes from doctors and hospitals proving otherwise. And despite their income being over £25k a year (well over the £18.5k threshold), it is not deemed as acceptable – because some came from Natasha’s self-employed roles and Natasha's family during a difficult time. We petition Sajid Javid and the Home Office to reverse their decision to deport Natasha. Natasha and Aidan are inseparable, completely reliant on one another, and deeply in love. This decision is destroying them, and Aidan's health is already being severely affected by it. The Home Office should not be able to separate legitimate, loving couples who, until they were told the truth about Aidans entitlement last year, had never turned to the state for financial help.  Please sign and share this petition 

Cinnamon Francis-Burnett
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Taking down Mexican Wall

Having a wall at the border DOES NOT REDUCE illegal immigration, it in fact INCREASES illegal immigration. America needs to start getting their act together understanding the best way is to take down the wall allowing a bridge between Mexico and America to unite as one.  When there is no wall, people from America and Mexico can freely walk across the border at their own free will. Because of how America has tried to strengthen the wall, the level of illegal immigration rises as people moving to and from now have a high probability of being unable to go back to their family and home. This is something that America has not addressed properly which represents incompetency.  Considering the inhumane actions by Jeff Sessions and how Donald Trump has, from time to time again, blamed other parties for his decisions results in one of the worst acts by ANY United States Government. Making a lie the truth, this has resulted in extreme captivity of innocent lives which doesn't seem like this reality is going to dissipate with views of xenophobia/discrimination/racism/torture due to locking up people in caged areas. First most, it's wrong to ANY degree to lock up innocent lives and this shows how much the US Government has gone downhill ever since January 20 2017.  My point is this: No wall means lower Illegal Immigration My point is not this: Having a wall means lower Illegal Immigration America is a nation built up of immigrants and vast migrant history where now is seems as though most Republicans and US Citizens are now advocating a supremacy status. It's wrong to any degree to support Supremacy views considering they're immensely extreme plus it's a definite human right to ensure every... EVERY human being has their choice to live and travel where they want to, not by the command of the US Government. The first step of success to achieve stronger immigration is to take down what divides another country and it's people which being is the wall. Citizens of Mexico flock in and out at their own ability considering some regions are poor in condition as they thrive on living in a better world. THAT IS THE REASON WHY THEY CROSS THE BORDER. If we strengthen the wall, we have just given way to permanently being unable to stop Illegal Immigration once and for all.  If the wall were to be completed, it would have to go through many housing/rivers/trees which means a lot of damage to the environment plus would come at expense of billions if not trillions of dollars. Implementing the wall was a bad idea from the beginning and has made tackling Illegal Immigration more difficult. Having a wall at the border does NOT make things better, it violates human rights and hurts the American economy. As for me not being an American citizen, it's common sense that the best decision is to strip down the wall completely to save our environment and provide security to Mexican citizens as they, as much as anyone, should have their own will to travel freely without authoritarian exhaustion.   *The wall at the border in the middle of America and Mexico needs to be taken down. One should be saying that countries working together is a better result than countries working against each other*

Ray-Park Fisher
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Petition to Council of the European Union, Member states of the european communities

Prevent children from experiencing a forced inhumane deportation (the dublin regulation)

    Hello, this is written by Sara Hussein, a 16-year-old Kurdish girl who has been obliged to move to Europe. Therefore, I have been motivated to write this petition as a purpose of preventing further extreme actions taken on children whose only needs are a safe environment, education, and human rights. The reason that I have a concern about this slight change of exception for children is that I have faced a forced inhumane trauma myself.     To begin with from what I have been told, "The Dublin Regulation" states that one who wishes to seek asylum in Europe must apply for asylum of the country in which they have given their access of fingerprints to. Which we had those of France.       Furthermore, my family who has been experiencing tragic and unfortunate series of events was forced to leave our homeland, Kurdistani Iraq. However, due to the circumstances of my family facing in France, my mother was obliged to apply for asylum in Germany, aware of the consequences we could face due to the Dublin regulation but rather hoped for an exception as our lives were at stake. My family of a single mother, I and my brother have been able to live comfortably in Germany for a complete 9 months completely without receiving any letter informing us about the deportation in advance. As well as my brother and I were going to a regular german school.     Notwithstanding, my brother was on the verge of learning the phrases I wrote for him in German, and I was just finishing studying hours for my exams and preparing my presentations. That same night when we were all asleep at exactly 2 a.m., we heard extremely terrifying bang bangs of the entrance doors of the temporary refugee camps we were staying at. Out of extreme fear and shock, we all woke up with extreme speechlessness on our faces. I can barely put into words how I felt at that moment of disgrace as I tried to crumble all over myself and hope for it to be just a nightmare that I haven't woken up from. I could never forget the look on my mother's face, the look that signified how hopeless she was at the moment that she could do nothing to prevent her children from being in this situation. Before we even knew it, those 10 minutes that we spent thinking of whether this was really happening or not were finally over when they came inside our room. I don't specifically remember if they were the local police or not, but I do remember they were 7 or 8 huge polices. I remember I finally burst into tears when I realized what was actually happening and I told them in English in a heartbroken manner how unfair it was for them to give us only 15 minutes to pack our things and leave after spending all these invested 9 months in Germany. Also, I remember one of the polices responding to me in an unfair manner that I was supposed to speak German rather than English and it broke my heart even more. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to take some of our stuff in a hurry in a short time. All our neighbors were as shocked and horrified as we were. They managed to put us in a car, which I thought was a car used for transporting criminals and took us to the airport where they managed to keep us calm and quiet by telling us that they have been in touch with an organization in France who would be waiting for us once we get there and provide us with accommodation and everything we need. Moreover, as time passed and we finally were in France, we waited for hours and hours hopelessly at the airport and nobody had shown up at all.      It may be a little hard to believe but unlike some of the other refugees of the city, we somehow managed to get ourselves accommodation and as time passed we were in the process of asylum in France and we were offered a place where we could finally stay for a more permanent period. However, although this period has come to an end in such short notice, all the nightmares and memories still come to us every time. Every time someone knocks on our door or every time a police officer passes by, it is as if that same shiver of that night enters our bodies again.. All those days and nights spent on all those unanswered questions and this event has harmed us emotionally.      In conclusion, my purpose in writing this is not to answer all my questions and put a change to what has already been done but rather create a change for others. There are many others suffering from the same cause, hopelessly, with only an aim to settle somewhere peacefully. We can help create this change and prevent other children from getting hurt emotionally and receiving this shivering shock in their bodies for a lifetime. Together, we can help make this world a better place to live in.    

Sara Hussein
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