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Petition to Albert E Carter, Phoenix Field Director, Charles Harrell

Justice For Santiago, taken by ICE

Santiago Nunez is a kind, great and unfailing generous person with a huge heart whom brings joy to so many people around him. But those who know Santy already knew that and to those who don’t know him personally you still know who he is and the impact that he makes to the friends and family that he cares about. He goes out of his way to help those around him. Not because he feels like he needs to but because he wants to. He changed so many lives by just being a good friend and taking the time out to be a great human being.  On the weekend of February 16th Santiago was enjoying a trip to the Grand Canyon with 2 others. On the way back they were pulled over because of his CT License Plates. Unfortunately Santy was taken and has been being detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) due to his residency being expired unbeknown to us all. He is a good human being and doesn’t deserve what they are doing to him. It is despicable and disgusting and certainly not what this country stands for. He has been here since he was 5 years old. He is not a criminal in any type of way and poses no threat to anyone. This is the only life he knows. His freedom is on the line and the only way to help save his life is by asking for your help. Santy has always been there to help others now this is our time and chance to help him. With his mother battling cancer he no longer would like to impose a financial burden on his family. We ask you to please find it in your heart to make an act of kindness by donating on go fund me whatever you can so that we can get him out of this situation he is in or sign this petition so we can raise as much awareness possible. 

Morgan Thibodeau
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Petition to ICE

Help Us Save Our Friend’s Life

We are a community of friends who have come to love Martin - an asylum seeker from Cameroon, Africa. In the last several years, Cameroon has become dangerously unstable as the French-speaking majority government has imprisoned and killed members of the English-speaking minority. Thousands of Cameroons have fled the country, while others are hiding in the bush. Fearing for his life, Martin fled Cameroon in October of 2017, made a long, arduous journey, and turned himself in to ICE as an asylum seeker at the Tijuana / San Diego border crossing. Shortly thereafter he was sent to the Aurora, CO detention center, and we started visiting him. Martin struggled mentally and physically in prison and requested that his asylum hearing occur as soon as possible.  In May of 2018, without an attorney, and due to some inconsistencies in his story, Martin lost his asylum case. We hired an attorney to help appeal and file to reopen his case. Martin was paroled in September 2018, and went to live with some friends in the Denver area shortly thereafter. During a regular check-in with ICE on April 24, Martin was taken back into custody by ICE, and is in the Aurora Contract Detention Facility today awaiting deportation.  The motion to reopen his case is still pending. ICE intends to deport Martin to Cameroon, where he will be imprisoned and likely killed. Martin is a good man, hard worker, and gentle spirit.  He has touched many lives in the community in just a short time, and would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He deserves to be free and safe, and build a life for himself in America. How you can help:  Sign this petition to demand that ICE allow Martin to remain in the United States! Visit and share our Freedom For Martin Facebook for information about how to contact elected officials on Martin's behalf.  View and share this Facebook video to help spread the word.  Contact us at if you have questions or suggestions.  If you want to contribute to Martin's substantial legal fees, you can do so by visiting our GoFundMe site.  Thank you!

Greg Mortimer
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Petition to USCIS , Jared Polis

Pardon and Bring Home a Husband & Grandfather after UNFAIR Deportation!!

On September 12, 2018, my Stepdad, Henry Javier Cruz-Moreno was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It was one of the worst days of our lives.  No family should be ripped apart solely because of a person's place of birth, but our family is very small and Henry or "Dappy" as my daughters (pictured with my Mom and Henry) call their grandpa, has become the staple in our little family and in our community for that matter. My Mom, Priscilla Cruz-Moreno and Henry have been married for almost 20 years. In 2000, still considered "Newlyweds," my parents had an argument in which the police had been called and charges were filed by the DA. Because my stepdad took an ill-advised plea by the courts and our attorney at the time, our lives would be forever unknowingly and unfairly haunted because of the fact that Henry is a native of Honduras.  Since that night, 19 years ago my parents have grown a loving marriage that most people dream of.  They began counseling and started going to church, Henry building a food pantry for the needy in their front yard. They have built a successful (tax paying) carpet cleaning business, which has 5 star ratings across the internet, it was solely run by Henry. We've had to close down the business since Henry has been detained by ICE.  At the age of 19, I became a single mother to my daughter, Cilla.  I was in college and working, so I was living with my parents. They helped me raise my daughter (now 16); Cilla growing an especially strong bond with her grandpa (calling him Dappy). I later became involved with a man, who would become the father of my second daughter 7 years later.  It was ultimately a long-term, abusive relationship.  We left on Christmas day 2009, after he destroyed our house that day and hit me several times in front of my daughters - leaving me with a concussion, bruises and partially blind in my left eye.  My girls and I would not have got out safely if it hadn't been for Henry and my mom. 10 years later I have earned my Graduate Degree, and bought a house 10 minutes away from them, which I would not have been able to do without the love and support from Henry and my Mom helping me with my girls. My oldest daughter has been diagnosed with PTSD.  In 2017 she attempted suicide, in which she spent a week in Intensive Care. When she began to come into a coherent state, she found comfort in being near her Dappy. Her therapist has written letters to the courts, detailing the harm that would be done to her mental state if he is to be deported, but all pleas have been ignored. My mom is not in well health, suffering from Congestive Heart Failure and possible uterine cancer. Henry was taking care of her before he was detained by ICE.  I have also recently been diagnosed with Auto-Immune deficiency and two pituitary tumors, causing severe migraines. Without Henry being here we have struggled, physically, emotionally and financially since he has been gone.  I am putting the house I've worked so hard for up for sale because we can no longer afford all of our medical, legal and living expenses. I grew up as the only child of a single mother who worked 3 jobs to take care of me. When she met Henry I saw her become happier than she'd ever been before. Their love and happiness has only grown stronger over the last 20 years; not many people can say that about their marriages. My parents should not lose the love of their lives because of a mistake and bad attorney's advice from 19 years ago.  We need Henry home, our lives have been shattered since he was taken from us.  My 9 year old said to me "Mama, if I had known the Sunday before Dappy was taken by ICE was going to be our last hug, I would have hugged him harder. Why won't my eyes stop crying mama?" Please sign our petition in support of a pardon from Governor Jared Polis and to STOP the deportation of our beloved Dappy. We have had many kind people ask to help with legal and medical bills. We have created a  GoFundMe account to help with our many bills.  We appreciate any help, but your signature on our petition is also more appreciated than you know. 

Farah Broomandi
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