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Petition to Santa Clara County Judge Patricia Lucas, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Joe Simitian, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, Patricia Lucas

Free Parents Protesting the Separation of Families

On May 1, 2018,  Scott Largent was protesting Santa Clara County's family court that had separated him from his own daughter for two years when Judge Patricia Lucas, ordered Largent arrested.  Judge Patricia Lucas, pandering to controversial lawyer Heather Allan, who herself has separated hundreds of moms and dads from their children, is part of a legal culture that uses America's flawed legal system to harm kids and make money for lawyers and fancy courthouses. Courthouses that have become the modern day prison for children legally born in America. Pressure the San Jose Mercury New's Tracey Kaplan, as well as  viral videos protesters posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,  ultimately got the Sheriffs to admit they had falsely arrested Largent  for excessive force and for violating a February 2017 order of presiding judge Patricia Lucas, an order many believe is unconstitutional.  Largent has not seen his  3- year-old daughter for two years as the family courts, and DA Jeff Rosen refuse to enforce the orders and appear instead to be criminalizing Largent and other protesters for speaking out against family courts willing to separate parents and grandparents from their own children, for profit.  Santa Clara County Judge Persky was recalled on June 5, 2018, the first time a California Judge has been recalled in over 80 years, despite millions of dollars and legal effort spearheaded by lawyer James Mc Manis, La Doris Cordell and DA Jeff Rosen. Persky had separated hundreds of families during his tenure on the bench.  Largent came on the retaliation radar after he began speaking up in Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meetings where Mike Wasserman is reported to have used the DA and Sheriffs to silence Largent,  and his supporters,  in an effort to keep the county's family court issues out of the public eye. Controversial divorce lawyer Heather Allan,  recently began representing Largent's child's mother, who is reportedly violating orders and actively engaging in parental alienation, with the help of Allan. Unethical lawyers, corrupt judges and politicians need to be investigated and disbarred, yet California's State Bar only investigates 1% of complaints lodged against lawyers each year, leaving Santa Clara, and other counties ripe for corruption.  Please join us in putting a STOP to the harming of families and children in our local family courts. #familesbelongtogether #recall #disbar

Jane and John Q. Public
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Petition to Donald Trump, David Root, President of the United States, Jeff Sessions AG, US Department of Justice, Enforcement and Removal Operations, U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security, US Citizenship And Immigration Services

Making false reports to police, DCFS, orders of protection, a ploy to stay in the country!

I am writing this because this happened to me in my life, and I am trying to fight to be with my daughter, it started 17 years ago.  This is my daughter and I summer of 2017 after not seeing her in 16 years.  Once again, she refuses to allow (deprive) me to have a father-daughter relationship fundamental right with my daughter and her to me (back then and now).  I am telling my story of how my parental and fundamental rights were deprived of having a emotional bonding father-daughter relationship, because the person I married was an illegal alien unbeknownst to me at the time, I had married this person who was an undocumented immigrant. it was marriage fraud. through a series of events, I found out she has a “Active Deportation Warrant, for illegal re- entry into the U.S., and was previously Deported in 1998,” and was in possession of false identity fraud/theft, and a 10 bar placed on her.  The person I married falsely accused me of abuse.  There should be a law to deport illegal aliens, who make outrageous false allegations reports to, police, DCFS, orders of protection, and Parental Alienation, which is a ploy to stay in the country!  One can bypass the usual sponsorship requirements.  This is a loophole in the immigration laws that permit(s) undocumented persons – who allege acts of domestic violence, often repeatedly, knowingly – to obtain asylum – that is to remain legally in the U.S. (it essentially encourages false allegations of domestic abuse). This technicality has led to many individuals being falsely accused of acts of domestic violence, across the country.  As another example (I hope an obvious one), false allegations of child abuse are intended to get an order that keeps the alleged abusive parent from spending time with the child. Its a form of psychological manipulation, and extreme cruelty, to deprived a parent and fundamental right, and isolated from the kids.  At the end its the U.S. Citizens who becomes affected and is the victim, like myself and my daughter.  All I ever wanted was to be the father should be in his daughter’s life and her in mine!  REAL PARENTS don't keep their children from the other parent!

Mark Smith
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Petition to Nathan Deal, Brian Chesky, Drew Houston

Change the policy of separating families at the border

President Trump's recent policies and opinions regarding the separation of families at the border is truly monstrous. Understandably, the topic of immigration in the US has always been controversial and has become even more so with Trump's vocal opinions on the topic, declaring that "The United States will not be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee holding facility". His new policies separate immigrant families altogether— an act that anybody with a heart would say that it's a horrible thing to do. Just yesterday, an image of a small child, no older than 6, was forcibly separated from his mother by armed troops. In no country should a child be separated from their parents when attempting to live a better life, certainly not in the United States, which has always been a home for the “tired, [the] poor, the huddled masses…” The issue of illegal immigration is one that should be addressed and dealt with, but not like this. This petition calls to reform the policies that separate children from their parents in order to eliminate the heartbreak and pain that our current policy brings. In order for the process to become easier we have to look at what makes it so hard. Families go through far too many hardships in order to get into the US, to the extent that it almost makes more sense for them to immigrate in illegally. Is it wrong? Of course; however, these people cannot be blamed for their actions. The concept of “anchor babies” isn’t new and it isn’t an easy issue to tackle. Women from Russia and China come to America pregnant, and they deliver their children here in order to skip the immigration line. We hope to avoid immoral and possibly illegal actions being done to live in America. The legislators could attempt a reform to have more resources and allocations be sent to the immigration process. It’s understandable to be tough on immigration laws but there are ways to be tough on immigrants without being cruel. 

Alex Bahk
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