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Petition to Congressman Joseph Crowley, Andrew Cuomo, Mazeda Uddin, Lawrence Spivak, Grace Meng, Immigration Customs Enforcement, U.S. Department of State, NY1 , New York Times, Carlene Pinto, Alina Das, Amy Gottlieb, NYU Immigrant Rights Clinic, New York Lawyers for Public Interest

My Father is a Cancer Patient. Release Mohammed Monir Hassan from ICE!

Petition for: The Release of Mohammed Monir Hassan from ICE.  He is a cancer patient. Addressed to: U.S.  Immigrations and Custom Enforcement In 2009, we had an order of removal by the Board of Immigration Appeals. In 2011, one October morning my mother and I heard loud banging on our door. Lo and behold officers from ICE arrested my mother, myself, and my father.Luckily we were given another date in 2012 for supervision. It’s been 6 years since we kept getting dates to check in for supervision at 26 Federal Plaza. One Wednesday morning on January 17th, 2018, my father had an appointment at Federal Plaza. My mother was waiting from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. There was no sign of my father. My mother asked the security guard, “Have you seen my husband?” The security guard replied “How should I know?” in a very crude way. My mother replied “You should know because it’s 5:00 PM and everyone left.” The security guard asked another woman who stated that my father had been arrested and detained. My mother’s world was destroyed. She came home crying in a cab. I was at work. When my brother texted me I left work early, and found out my dad was in Bergen County Jail as a detainee. On Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018, my mom and I have an appointment at 26 Federal Plaza. Luckily she was spared from being detained. Her next court date is on July 24th, 2018. Her case is still pending but who knows what will happen by then? Fortunately I am under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) but what will happen to the two most kind, nurturing, supportive, and generous people who raised me from when I was small, provided a roof over my head, paid my college tuition, and guided me in understanding right from wrong? Both of my parents have severe health conditions which cannot be treated in Bangladesh, and if they leave, and something happens to them, my brother and I will have no guidance and love. No one to look up to, no one to buy gifts for, no one to call our own. Tell me who is going to help me fight this great fight for justice and freedom? Because from this point’s DIE OR DONE! We, the undersigned, ask for Mohammed Monir Hassan to be immediately released from the Immigration Customs Enforcement  in El Paso Processing Center on the basis of Humanitarian grounds.  He is being neglected of proper medical treatment that will have a detrimental impact on his long-term physical and mental health.  Mohammed’s family, which consists of his wife, a U.S. citizen son, a daughter who is a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) holder, U.S. citizen nieces and nephews, U.S. citizen cousins, as well as members of our cultural and religious community who are all U.S. citizens are all suffering and very worried about Mohammed’s health and well-being. Mr. Hassan has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, trauma from an accident that occurred in November 2015, and thyroid cancer.  All these conditions are not treatable in Bangladesh. Furthermore, there is no insurance to treat these conditions in Bangladesh and he would not be given a job.  As a matter of fact, he would be ridiculed and left to starve on the streets. Prior to being elected as president, President Donald Trump specifically stated that he would only deport people who have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, and people who commit robbery.  Mr. Mohammed Monir Hassan has a clean record and is known in the religious community as a man who has good morals and ethics.  He works diligently and with great effort as a cab driver to provide for his wife, daughter, and son, while seeking treatment for his medical conditions. Therefore, Mr. Hassan does not seek permanent residency or citizenship.  He fears facing a fate worse than death! This situation is also having a detrimental on our mental health.  As a Mental Health Counselor and other professionals, this is a traumatizing effect on not only Mr. Mohammed Monir Hassan by separating him from his family but also on the rest of us! We are not asking for much.  We only request for two weeks’ worth of time.  Then we will send him back to Bangladesh on our own.  

Naziat Hassan
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Petition to Department of Justice, Houston Immigration Court, Congressman Al Green

Help the Castro Family #stopseparatingfamilies

We are American citizens, and our family is being torn apart. My dad Henry Castro came to this country as a 17-year-old in 1994. He was told that he would receive a notice of his immigration hearing in the mail, but he never did. There is proof that his letter was delivered to someone he didn’t know. Now, almost 25 years later, he is a father of six and an active member of our community, and he is being asked to leave us all behind. My dad has never committed a crime and was a minor when he came to the U.S. To send him back to Guatemala now is unfair. A week ago, my father was given two choices: voluntarily leave the country or to appeal the asylum case that he lost. On Tuesday, August 14 2018, he has to report back to court with his decision. We’re asking the judge to consider a third option: Let him stay in the country with his family. As a daughter and older sister, I don’t want to see my younger siblings grow up without a father. Please join us in urging the judge in my father’s case to offer us another option that doesn’t break my family apart. Your support will show the judge that my father deserves a chance. Sign our petition to help. If you wish to further your support please donate to the link below. Any amount is appreciated and we thank you for your support.

Family of Roselyn Castro
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Petition to Santa Clara County Judge Patricia Lucas, District Attorney Jeff Rosen, Mike Wasserman, Cindy Chavez, Joe Simitian, Dave Cortese, Ken Yeager, Patricia Lucas

Free Parents Protesting the Separation of Families

On May 1, 2018,  Scott Largent was protesting Santa Clara County's family court that had separated him from his own daughter for two years when Judge Patricia Lucas, ordered Largent arrested.  Judge Patricia Lucas, pandering to controversial lawyer Heather Allan, who herself has separated hundreds of moms and dads from their children, is part of a legal culture that uses America's flawed legal system to harm kids and make money for lawyers and fancy courthouses. Courthouses that have become the modern day prison for children legally born in America. Pressure the San Jose Mercury New's Tracey Kaplan, as well as  viral videos protesters posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter,  ultimately got the Sheriffs to admit they had falsely arrested Largent  for excessive force and for violating a February 2017 order of presiding judge Patricia Lucas, an order many believe is unconstitutional.  Largent has not seen his  3- year-old daughter for two years as the family courts, and DA Jeff Rosen refuse to enforce the orders and appear instead to be criminalizing Largent and other protesters for speaking out against family courts willing to separate parents and grandparents from their own children, for profit.  Santa Clara County Judge Persky was recalled on June 5, 2018, the first time a California Judge has been recalled in over 80 years, despite millions of dollars and legal effort spearheaded by lawyer James Mc Manis, La Doris Cordell and DA Jeff Rosen. Persky had separated hundreds of families during his tenure on the bench.  Largent came on the retaliation radar after he began speaking up in Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors meetings where Mike Wasserman is reported to have used the DA and Sheriffs to silence Largent,  and his supporters,  in an effort to keep the county's family court issues out of the public eye. Controversial divorce lawyer Heather Allan,  recently began representing Largent's child's mother, who is reportedly violating orders and actively engaging in parental alienation, with the help of Allan. Unethical lawyers, corrupt judges and politicians need to be investigated and disbarred, yet California's State Bar only investigates 1% of complaints lodged against lawyers each year, leaving Santa Clara, and other counties ripe for corruption.  Please join us in putting a STOP to the harming of families and children in our local family courts. #familesbelongtogether #recall #disbar

Jane and John Q. Public
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