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Petition to Guatemalan Embassy, Concerned Citizens, We the People, NCIS, Lumberton Police Department, Department of Homeland Security, Donald J. Trump, FOX News, Univision Communications, Roy Cooper, Jimmy Morales

Permission for Hania’s Father to attend her funeral!

ProblemThe problem is Slain and Murdered Hania Aguilar’s father is in Guatemala and he needs permission to be Expedited to the United States in order to see his daughter one last time, say his goodbyes and attend her funeral. No parent should be denied the right to attend their child’s funeral- especially when Hania was a Citizen-born in Tennessee. This   petition is to show support for the father coming to attend the arrangements. Somehow someway the involved agencies should be able to make this work given his family and daughter are victims of a brutal crime that took the life of his daughter! Please sign this petition showing you signed because you support any and all efforts for Hania’s father to come to the United States for this final departing of his daughter! Thank you!SolutionAgencies need to come together diligently to facilitate the process so this father can come to his daughter’s Funeral. Personal storyI am a Mother, a Parent and a Citizen and I feel this is of proper Humanitarian effort, Principle  and our Countries due diligence to allow this man the ability to attend his daughter’s funeral after Hania and her family have been a victim of a brutal violent crime here in the United States! I feel compelled as a human to try any effort at all to help this man and this family unite during such a difficult time! Please sign this petition to show your support of Hania’s father getting here! 

monique cespedes
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Petition to Customs and border patrol, ICE

ICE: Release of Filiberto Saucedo

On Saturday, December 1, 2018 my father, Filiberto Saucedo was traveling from California to Arizona for work when he was pulled over by border patrol. He is now in process of removal (deportation). Before being detained he was able to send me one last text that read “Mija me para migración”. As a daughter of an illegal immigrant I believe that those are the most frightening words you can hear/see. I feel as if my world has come crumbling down because of fear and sadness. Fear, because my father has not visited nor lived in his home country for over 25 years. He doesn’t know what life is like in Mexico anymore. His home is here in Los Angeles with his family and friends. And I am saddened because of the absence of my father. He will miss out on so many thing due to his immigration status.Things that we take for granted like being able to see him regularly, birthdays and celebrations, and seeing his grand children grow up. He is a very hardworking family man that was just trying to earn an honest living. My father can brighten up your day with just his smile, one of his jokes, or even his funny dance moves. Anyone that knows my dad can vouch that he is a wonderful human being and full of life!!  That is why I ask that you find it in your heart to sign this petition so that my dad can come back home where he belongs and is needed. Please pass this along to get as many signatures as we can so that my dad can come home! Thank you,  Stephanie Saucedo  A proud daughter of an illegal immigrant  

Stephanie Saucedo
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