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Operation Release Miguel Castro Alvarez, from Immigration Detention

Miguel Angel Castro is a loyal, caring husband and the stepfather to his four stepchildren. He lives in East Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains, where they call there home, two cats and there dog sandy.  He is a committed hard working man that is full of pride and love for his family, and also his friends. Miguel is a partner of a small contracting company that him and his wife Christina run in East Tennessee.  Miguel came to the United States from Bolivia in 1996  with his passport on a student visa, and then he applied for his Immigrant petition. The Application for Citizenship had been a long processing and had fell through the cracks of United States Immigration Services, although his I-130 had been approved.   Miguel has a love for music and is something he is very passionate about, he was traveling around the U.S as a musician while being in school in New York City, studying Music and English as his Major and also taking classes in Web Design.  Just over Mothers Day weekend Miguel had been taken by United States Customs and Border Control. While traveling home on a greyhound bus with his wife Christina. She just had a successful surgery in hopes that they could have children. Christina had the surgery on Thursday May 9th, 2019. Miguel was taken away on Sunday May 12th, 2019. It was a horrifying tragic shock to them both, he had proof of his valid passport and valid photo ID. Border control wanted documentation that was in there home in Tennessee. Miguel expressed to the border control he did not know he needed proof riding on a bus home from California from his wife's surgery. Miguel was then detained in an Immigration holding center in Serra Blanca, Texas.  Miguel Castro is a husband, stepdad, and great friend to many living here in the United States. He has lived here since he was 21 years old. Miguel is 43 years old now. Miguel has never been in any trouble in the United States, just working hard to take care of his family and making memories with his friends and his family that he loves. Miguel is seeking to remain in the United States with his loving wife and his step children. To continue with the hopes and dreams with his wife in the United States and raise there family.  We respectfully, ask DHS/ICE to please release Miguel Angel Castro on his own recognizance or on bond for the remainder of his immigration proceedings. Christina just had surgery, and is trying run there contracting company. Christina is also employed with a hotel in Knoxville,Tennessee. It is taking everything to make ends meet for there family.  Christina is also enrolled full time in a university and raising her children. She desperately needs Miguel's support at home.  This is the letter from his wife from her go fund me page,  Hello, I am kindly asking that you take the time to read or story. My husband, Miguel Castro, and I traveled to California so that I could have surgery that could not be performed in Knoxville Tennessee where I live. Due to the surgery I was not able to fly back home to Knoxville, TN, to prevent complications we had no other choice than to take Grey hound bus services as our transportation. We on our way home near El Paso, Texas my husband Miguel was taken away from me. Miguel then was detained by United States Border Patrol. After a week of being locked in a very small holding room with several other men in extremely bad conditions, he was transferred to West Texas Detention Facility. that is still where he is. Now he is placed with around 90 men, sadly only one bathroom and there is no privacy for anyone. The inmates there suffer greatly because the conditions of the facility. The water there is very bad and contaminated. They receive harsh treatment from the Ice Officers. Miguel is currently waiting for his documents from the U.S government. ( He was taken away from me because of his Indigenous features under suspicion that he was illegally in this country.) The border control did not care about any specifics of his identity or proof that we have in Tennessee. Miguel has never been in any trouble on the United States or in any other country. I was forced to leave him in the middle of Texas, border control would not even let me tell him goodbye. For those of you who know my husband Miguel he is the most kind heart, gentle and caring person who would do anything for anyone. He is my best friend and I simply adore the man he is. Miguel is also an amazing father figure to my children. He is always wanting them to become everything they can be, while being there friend as well. I am a survivor of domestic violence and since the termination of that relationship Miguel has helped me to understand life in a way no one else has. I am kindly and humbly asking for the support of our friends, family or compassionate strangers to help me bring my husband back home as soon as possible! No person or human being deserves to be locked in an Ice Facility. Being in United States Immigration Detention we are required to pay alot of fees. There is the cost of the immigration lawyers $2,000 - $5000. The cost to send Miguel money so he can make phone calls to his lawyer and to get small essential things he needs while being incarcerated. Then there is the upcoming cost of Miguel getting a bond for release that is going to cost an additional $15,000 Then there is additional court fees and cost that we will have to pay to the Immigration Services for Miguel's case and we already know he is going to have to pay a large fine. I'm asking for help for Miguel. Even a small donation will help to bring Miguel back and your generosity will always be deeply appreciated.    

Christina Rickett
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Petition to Department of Homeland Security, Jeanne Shaheen, Ann M. Kuster, ICE ERO El Paso Texas, ICE - D.C. Headquarters

Please release my nephew and sister-in-law from detention

My sister-in-law and her 12-year-old son came to the U.S. seeking asylum from horrific violence, yet since their arrival in May have been separated and held in immigrant detention. They are not doing well. Please help our family and sign to ask that they be released into our care until their next court date. Jessica (we share the same name) and Mario made the dangerous journey to the border from Honduras. The violence there is beyond any hell you can imagine. Family members have been killed and siblings robbed. On top of this, Jessica suffered abuse from her boyfriend that she couldn’t get away from. They were desperate to escape. Now in detention, Jessica is suffering extreme panic attacks and can’t eat, and Mario is constantly crying for his mom. He doesn’t understand why they are separated and  tells his aunt he can’t take another day inside. We are so worried about him. There is no ‘line’ for Jessica and Mario. Asylum is their only possibility, and that is why they came here the way they did. Our hearts are broken. No child should be forced to be separated from their parents. Please sign this petition to have her reunited with Mario and released to me and my husband (her brother), or her other sister who lives 2.5 hours from us. She can wait for her court date with us without being a burden to society.

Jessica Garcia
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