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Petition to Department of Homeland Security, Jeanne Shaheen, Ann M. Kuster, ICE ERO El Paso Texas, ICE - D.C. Headquarters

Please release my nephew and sister-in-law from detention

My sister-in-law and her 12-year-old son came to the U.S. seeking asylum from horrific violence, yet since their arrival in May have been separated and held in immigrant detention. They are not doing well. Please help our family and sign to ask that they be released into our care until their next court date. Jessica (we share the same name) and Mario made the dangerous journey to the border from Honduras. The violence there is beyond any hell you can imagine. Family members have been killed and siblings robbed. On top of this, Jessica suffered abuse from her boyfriend that she couldn’t get away from. They were desperate to escape. Now in detention, Jessica is suffering extreme panic attacks and can’t eat, and Mario is constantly crying for his mom. He doesn’t understand why they are separated and  tells his aunt he can’t take another day inside. We are so worried about him. There is no ‘line’ for Jessica and Mario. Asylum is their only possibility, and that is why they came here the way they did. Our hearts are broken. No child should be forced to be separated from their parents. Please sign this petition to have her reunited with Mario and released to me and my husband (her brother), or her other sister who lives 2.5 hours from us. She can wait for her court date with us without being a burden to society.

Jessica Garcia
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Petition to Immigration, Customs and Enforcement (ICE); and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Release DeJuan Callender from Immigration Detention; and approve his Waiver Application

DeJuan Callender is a loving father and husband who has lived in the United States for 38 years.  On July 1st, 2015 ICE agents took DeJuan into custody as he sat in a car in his driveway with his then 5 year old US citizen son.  DeJuan came to the United States from Barbados as a Legal Permanent Resident with his family when he himself was 5 years old.  He remains detained in Orange County Jail in upstate NY despite receiving an unconditional Executive Pardon from Governor Cuomo in December 2016.  “DeJuan’s story” has been covered extensively by News12 Westchester Hudson Valley. DeJuan’s Story: DeJuan experienced severe depression when his mother passed away suddenly when he was 18, and he spent several years going down the wrong path, ultimately being convicted of selling counterfeit credit cards in 1999, and shoplifting personal care items from a drugstore in 2002.  As a result, DeJuan was placed into deportation proceedings in 2005; however, the final deportation order was never executed by the Government.  DeJuan had been working and paying taxes the entire time before he was detained by ICE. At no time was he a fugitive, or in hiding. DeJuan turned his life around and lived without incident for the past 15 years.  His US citizen son is now 7 years old. DeJuan and his son were inseparable before he was cruelly snatched away – right in front of him.  They miss each other desperately.   DeJuan is also happily married to a US citizen.  We met in 2013 and have been in a stable loving relationship ever since.  DeJuan has always worked hard to support his family.   Most recently, since 2007 he was a doorman at a property in Westchester where he remains a beloved employee by his residents.  They have written letters of support for his petition for a Stay of Removal, for his Pardon application, for his Request for Release from Detention, and for his Waiver application. DeJuan's rehabilitation was recognized, and rewarded when DeJuan was issued an unconditional Pardon from Governor Cuomo on December 30, 2016 for his 2002 conviction in order to provide immigration relief, yet ICE refuses to release DeJuan from Immigration Detention. In a letter dated July 11th , 2017, DHS denied DeJuan’s application for a Waiver that would have allowed him to obtain a new Green Card.  The denial stated that he had not shown proof that he was ‘rehabilitated from criminal activity’.  Evidence submitted with his Waiver application included his Pardon from the Governor.  We also included many letters of support from friends, family and residents of the property he worked at. These letters detailed what a good person he is; honest, trustworthy and kind.  Finally, we also submitted a report from a noted forensic psychiatrist who upon examination of DeJuan determined that he was ‘fully rehabilitated.’  This evidence seems to have been ignored. Please sign this petition today to help secure DeJuan’s immediate release from Immigration Detention and the approval of the Appeal we have submitted for his Waiver application Sincerely, Dina Briggs

D. Briggs
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