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Petition to home office, UK visas and immigration

Let my fiancé see our newborn baby - Grant his visa now.

Earlier this year my fiancé and I were so excited to have our first baby. But our world came crashing down when we received news that he would not be there for the birth because the Home Office refused his visa. All he wanted was to be there for his daughter’s birth and support us during the first weeks of her life. Alia ended up being born 2 weeks early, which the doctors told me could have been due to stress. I ended up having an emergency C-Section while my fiancé was on the phone to me from Morocco - in shock and despair. When our little girl came along she wasn't breathing. I then had to relay that back to my fiancé in tears. The doctors managed to resuscitate her and get her breathing before rushing her off for an urgent blood transfusion. Now doctors believe she may be carrying Thalassemia. We urge the Home Office to let Abderrahman’s into the country on a tourist visa now so he can accompany us both to our daughter’s crucial upcoming appointment in December. The Home Office refused Abderrahman’s application saying that they could not be certain we could afford to get him a flight back to Morocco - despite us having booked a return ticket in advance. We have been together for 3 years and just want a normal safe life for our daughter. It means that he is ineligible on Alia’s birth certificate as he was not present to register the birth and we are not married. This is very important to us as if anything ever happens to me then my daughter will be placed into care while he proves that he is the father. Our mental health has rapidly decreased due to the unnecessary stress of him not being by his daughter's side and me dealing with this alone. We are devastated and disappointed in the way the Home Office have treated us so far - we can’t bare to imagine what it might have been like if our little girl hadn’t survived. If you have children, you can imagine our pain. Thank you for taking time to read our petition - please sign. We have also had to result to a gofundme page due to finding out costs will be at least £12000 to get Alias daddy over here permanently. This is excessive and a huge amount of money which we can't afford alone even with two of us working full time and Alia being without both parents so if you can donate we would be eternally grateful. You can find our link to our gofund me here: Media Coverage:  

Rebecca Darmon
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Petition to UK Home Office, Keir Starmer, Sajid Javid

URGENT! Give Natasha the right to stay in the UK with her husband of 6 years!

Aidan met Natasha in 2011 when he moved to London. The next year they married, and built a life together. But two years ago, Natasha who is originally from Canada, had her spousal visa renewal refused. We campaigned and managed to stop immediate deportation but now she could be forced to leave. Please sign this petition to help keep them together in the UK. Aidan is my friend who I met 14 years ago in the music community, so when I heard that they were being threatened with being torn apart, I started this petition. We need to keep up the pressure until Natasha gets the right to stay. Natasha cares for Aidan daily due to a serious illness that he is fighting. He is diagnosed with nerve damage caused by a prolapsed disc and degeneration of his spine. He’s suffered from minor pain up to full blown partial paralysis of one side; Natasha has stood by his side providing him with financial support and a lot of loving care to help him get back to good health. His poor health has prevented him from working full-time, though when possible he’ll do an the occasional gig. He also has Asperger’s Syndrome which is exacerbated by the attempt to deport Natasha. The Home Office do not deem Aidan's illness as severe, despite notes from doctors and hospitals proving otherwise. And despite their income being over £25k a year (well over the £18.5k threshold), it is not deemed as acceptable – because some came from Natasha’s self-employed roles and Natasha's family during a difficult time. We petition Sajid Javid and the Home Office to reverse their decision to deport Natasha. Natasha and Aidan are inseparable, completely reliant on one another, and deeply in love. This decision is destroying them, and Aidan's health is already being severely affected by it. The Home Office should not be able to separate legitimate, loving couples who, until they were told the truth about Aidans entitlement last year, had never turned to the state for financial help.  Please sign and share this petition 

Cinnamon Francis-Burnett
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Petition to The Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP, The Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP

URGENT! Home Office: Don’t force my wife to miss her mother’s funeral!

I’m British Citizen who fell in love with and married my wonderful wife Mariya a decade ago. We have a beautiful nine year old daughter Anna, and live here as a family in South Wales. My wife has Uzbekistan citizenship and Russian nationality, meaning she has had to go through the Home Office to secure her right to stay here. After 2 years of refusing, setting an appeal and then withdrawing their claim against her, the Home Office have accepted in writing that she could have the visa. This was on 23rd of Oct - but they still haven’t given her the documents, despite saying it will only take a couple of weeks.   During this battle, my wife’s mother fell ill with cancer. We pleaded with the Home Office to issue her visa and return her passport so that she could travel to see her for the last time. Yesterday, my wife’s mother died. Unless her visa and passport are returned she won’t be able to go to Uzbekistan to attend her mother’s funeral. We are now pleading with the Home Office to let her say a final goodbye. Our MP Owen Smith is also calling on the Home Office to help us. The body of my wife’s mother can only be held for seven days so the funeral will be on Saturday. We don’t have long left. She is the only relative and needs to be there for her mother. My wife is a trained nurse with over 25 years experience and is keen to start working here but without the documents, she can’t. We have built a life and home here. It’s hard enough that the Home Office were trying to separate us but now it is excruciating that she cannot go say goodbye to her mother. Please sign to call on the Home Office to urgently issue my wife’s visa and passport before Saturday.

Richard Kingston
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Petition to The Right Honourable Sajid Javid MP, The Right Honourable Caroline Nokes MP

Help Chennan Fei Stay in Scotland- STOP the DEPORTATION

We NEED your HELP NOW! Last year I started this petition to help a brave young woman #SaveChennanFei, with the support of her then MP Anne McLaughlin. Chennan Fei has lived in Scotland since she was 13 years old. Glasgow is her home. She is now 29 and is in a loving relationship with her Scottish fiancé, Duncan.  The Home Office had planned to deport Chennan to China on 29th March 2017. Thankfully, there was a reprieve and the deportation was halted. But Chennan is STILL NOT SAFE The THREAT of REMOVAL still hangs over her head. Even after a Judicial Review, she is now facing an Appeal Hearing on 20th December 2018. Chennan has done nothing wrong. She came to the UK in  2002 as the dependant of her parents who were legally here on Student Visas at the time. Chennan was educated in Glasgow high schools and went on to study at the University of Edinburgh, receiving an MA (Hons) in Accounting & Business Management. Unbeknown to Chennan her parents visas had expired within a few years of her arriving in Scotland. There is no rule or provision in the Immigration Act that deals directly with the ‘children’ of over-stayers and the Home Office plan to send her into exile, away from the only home she has ever known and the friends and partner who support her. Chennan has lived more than half her life in Scotland. She has volunteered at several agencies in Glasgow including the Scottish Refugee Council, putting the accountancy skills she learned at university to good use. The Home Office HAVE NEVER  permitted her to take up paid employment - She gives her skills and talents free of charge freely to charitable organisations in Glasgow to help others. Chennan contributes to her community and has the love and support of her many friends- yet the Home Office are trying to isolate Chennan and destroy those support networks... to make it easier for DEPORTATION. Although her 16 years living in the UK may not be considered ‘legal’, this is through no fault of Chennan’s. She is BLAMELESS! Let her stay in Scotland. Her future should be here. #SaveChennanFei     #GlasgowGirls2018

Annette Christie
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