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Petition to UK Government, home office

Hero Afghan Military Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak Must Be Let into the UK

Hero Afghan Interpreter Mohammed Nabi Wardak, 30, is sleeping on the streets of Athens and fled his country of Afghanistan since he helped British armed forces in the fight against the Taliban. This simply cannot be right and it’s our duty to help him. Mohammed served on the front line in Helmand Province between 2008 and 2011. His commanding officers during this time described him as an “excellent interpreter” who risked his life on many occasions. Earlier this year a review in policy meant that over Afghan interpreters had been given the right to stay in the UK to protect from the threat of extremists and as a way to recognise the work they have done for us. Mohammed deserves that too.Mohammed was threatened during his service with our armed forces and continued to receive threats by the Taliban which have been directed to his family and to him. He was forced to leave the army because of it and leave a second time to look after his sick mother. Again he has had to leave his wife and family in Afghanistan, with four children, aged eight, six, five and three. He is now alone and living on the streets of Athens. I’m the founder of Faith Matters and we work on building stronger community relations in the UK and in tackling hatred, prejudice and intolerance. We also work on countering far right and Islamist extremism in the UK and beyond. This is why we are disgusted that this brave man, who had to leave his country since he helped our military and who now is a target of the Taliban, is left to fend on the streets of Athens. Risking his life for us, he was told "that he and his family do not qualify for relocation to the UK". This simply cannot be right. We are working with an NGO in Athens to help bring him here but we need your help. Please sign this petition to collectively send a message to the Government that this brave man who risked all for us, cannot be left to fend for himself, with his family also at risk. This Government talks much about tackling extremism and terrorism. The least we can do is to provide sanctuary to those who stood with us in the fight against it.

Fiyaz Mughal
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Petition to home office, UK Parliament, Theresa May MP

HOME OFFICE unlawfully holding my husband's Passport! Stop tearing families Apart!

Spousal VISA: My husband Ryan’s renewal on his Spousal VISA was denied because he didn’t provide an A2 English Language Certificate as we were unaware the requirements had changed. Instead, we provided an A1 Certificate that Ryan took for his initial Spousal VISA. We are both South African nationals with English as our first language. Ryan now wants to sit the exam before his VISA expires on the 30th September but in order to do so, he needs this passport back that the Government has detained!!! He's being treated like a criminal! We call on the Home Office, Home Secretary Sajid Javid, Minister of State for Immigration Caroline Nokes, Prime Minister Theresa May to simply give it back. Your actions does not fulfil your Motto: " Building a Safe, Just and Tolerant Society. I am part of that society, and right now I feel anything but Safe, treated fairly or tolerated. We only have 7 days before our family may be torn apart. We are High School Sweethearts, been married for 3 happy years and built our home and life in Nottingham. Ryan is a Professional Chef and currently holds a lucrative position at a prestigious Hotel. He’s well loved by his employers and colleagues and has recently won an award for his work. I have established a 16year career in sales here too. We are scared that the life we have built may be broken. We’ve requested support from all the news channels, our local MP, every social media site, hoping and praying for as much support as possible. Ryan not sitting his English exam was an honest mistake and has put a great deal of strain on both of us. Luckily our marriage is strong enough to fight together at this trying time. We can’t stand the for our family to be seperated. Sign our Petition to be HEARD! To keep our marriage in tact. We don't have long... Every bit of support is welcome.

Stacey Magnus
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Petition to home office

Home Office is crushing my entrepreneurial dreams.... #savemaktok

My name is Will and I'm the heart of Mak Tok. At Mak Tok, we make one of the best Malaysian chilli paste in the UK and possibly the world based on a secret family recipe. The company was founded in May 2017 and we recently celebrated our first year anniversary with Cllr Majid at the University of Sheffield - which is where we are based. Recently, me and my cohesive team received a very depressing news from the Home Office. I'm currently in the midst of having to leave the UK within 14 days after receiving a refusal letter dated the 5th of June from the Home Office in relation to my Tier 1 Entrepreneur application. Below is my timeline as an entrepreneur in Sheffield: August 2014 - Moved to Sheffield from Malaysia to pursue my Masters in Music Psychology Sept 2015 - Completed my studies and was given an endorsement by the University of Sheffield to work on my business idea Feb 2016 - Granted Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa and Started my first company, BerMuzik, on a self-employed basis. Feb 2017 - Granted an extension on my Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur visa. May 2017 - Founded Mak Tok on a self-employed basis whilst running BerMuzik on the side (which turns out to be a seasonal business). Jan 2018 - Applied to switch to a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. May 2018 - Celebrated Mak Tok's first birthday and had Mayor Cllr Majid launch our new branding. June 2018 - Received a letter on the 7th of June (dated 5th of June) after nearly 6 months stating that my application has been refused. The HO decided to refuse my application because they were not satisfied with one of the criteria - the £50,000 fund. On the day I submitted my application, I have majority of the fund in my personal bank account and the rest in my business bank accounts (Santander & NatWest) which fulfilled the said criteria. The thing is, the money in the business bank needs to be recorded and signed off by an accountant. All these while, I have been using a cash basis whereby I only report the final income and losses to the HMRC (and I do have records of all my business expenditure). I did not know that the money in my business bank accounts are considered "investments" because they are sole trader business accounts (which generally works the same way as personal bank account). I considered money in these accounts as my personal/wage at the end of the day after tax (GOV.UK) and because there is no legal distinction between the business and the owner when they are classed as self employed (Thompson Reuters). Next, the HO said there wasn't any evidence provided of being a director of my company and that it isn't registered for corporation tax. I incorporated my business Mak Tok to Mak Tok Limited only recently (in April 2018) and my other business (BerMuzik) remained as sole trader. On this basis, I can only show that I have been filing my returns to HMRC within the self-assessment tax system. I would've thought the HO have this information anyways since they have my Unique Tax Reference and National Insurance number - of which I noted in the application form. Due to the issues outlined above, the HO decided to refuse my application. Right now, I'm not sure if I have any stand if I were to apply for an administrative review. According to several immigration solicitors, that would only buy me an extra 2-4 weeks worth of time. Also from my understanding, page 6 of the letter said I have 14 days to pack up and leave. If the HO's decision stands, I will have to: Say goodbye to a life I've built in Sheffield and Leeds Leave my friends and family Heavy-heartedly making my team redundant (so sorry team..) Potentially closing down both of my budding startups I really don't know where else to turn to and am hoping you could help me to improve my chances to continue to pursue my dreams here in Sheffield. I would really appreciate if you could share this petition on your social media with #savemaktok Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart.  With all my love and hope,Will :'(-The ♥ of Mak Tok-

William Chew
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Petition to UK visas and immigration, home office

Dad and daughter kept apart by UK immigration system

In February 2018 we received the answer regarding the decision about if my fiance, and father of our unborn baby, could come to England on a VISITORS visa so that he could be present for the birth of our first child together and to help me for a couple of weeks following on from that. Unfortunately, UK Visas and immigration have refused our application. This means that not only will the father of my baby be unable to meet his daughter until she is at least 6 months old (due to needed injections, health checks, passport and birth certificate) but he is also ineligible to be on her birth certificate due to us not being married and him not being present to register the birth. This is very important to us as if anything ever happens to me then my daughter will be placed into care while a long process must then take place to prove that he is the father.  I urge the government to review our situation and to put themselves into our position. This is not only unfair on our baby girl but also on my fiance and myself. Our daughter ended up being born 2 weeks early, the doctors told me this could have been to stress as her heart rate started rapidly dropping. I ended up having an emergency C-Section while my fiance was on the phone to me from Morocco, in shock and despair. When our little girl came out she wasn't breathing.. I then had to relay that back to my fiance while in tears and shock. The doctors managed to resuscitate her and get her breathing before rushing her off for an urgent blood transfusion. Following on from this Alias temperature dropped down to 31.5, she had hypothermia, then sickness and diarrhea, then had a milk allergy, then had blood in her stools, then sever anemia and now the doctors believe she may be carrying Thalassemia. Alia still has more blood tests to have in the coming months and consultant appointments. Her father's and my own mental health has rapidly decreased due to the unnecessary stress of him not being by his daughters side and me dealing with this alone. We urge the Home Office to let my fiance (father of Alia) into the country on a tourist visa now so he can accompany us both to the appointments coming up. We are devastated and disappointed in the way the Home Office have reacted so far and can't bare to have imagined if our little girl hadn't have made it on birth and if I had had to have told my fiance that on the phone.. If you have children, you can imagine our pain. Thank you for taking time to read our petition. Media Coverage: We have also been on BBC Radio Norwich and we will be filming for BBC News on the week of the 10th September 2018. Due to be aired that week as well as preparing a TV documentary in the near future to highlight the hostile environment caused by the Home Office.

Rebecca Darmon
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