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Petition to Sajid Javid, home office

Stop tearing families apart based on earnings! Scrap minimum income requirement

I’m Tony, a plasterer from Edinburgh. My wife, Juli, is my rock and the light of my life. But she’s been sent thousands of miles away.  She recently had to leave Scotland and return to the US to apply for a spousal visa. We were astounded when it was rejected because the Home Office says we don’t earn enough money. We have been separated for 3 months now, and I don’t know when I’ll see her again...  We are pleading with the Home Office to scrap the rules that have separated us and bring my wife back home.  The “minimum income requirement” means a British person must earn more than £18,600 per year or have thousands of pounds of savings in order to live here with a partner from outside the EU.  My plastering business makes that, but the Home Office says it doesn’t count because I’m self-employed. We are financially stable, even after shelling out thousands of pounds for a series of visa applications. Being self-employed and being able to support myself is an accomplishment that should be celebrated, not insulted by the government. As it stands, this policy discriminates against lower-income families, and keeps some apart for years on end.  I met Juli while she was studying in the UK for her master’s degree. She has already paid into the system, and wants to continue contributing by working in the arts. She has been a key support for me, and has been by my side as I battle through struggles with mental health. The Home Office, on the other hand, has ignored letters from my GP detailing the depression and anxiety I suffer from, and is putting my progress so far at risk by splitting up my family.  We’re not the only ones to be torn apart. The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI), which is backing my petition, works every day with families that have been split up because of their income. Thousands of children are growing up without one of their parents because of these cruel rules. We believe this is wrong. We want to build a life together and start a family of our own, but have been held back for nearly two years because of the Home Office’s rules.  Please sign this petition and make sure hard-working people like myself aren’t penalised for falling in love with someone from another country.  

Antony Duffy
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Petition to RT HON Sajid Javid

Stop Family Separation! Reunite My Family In The UK.

My 11 year old daughter Betsy has been separated from her father for over a year because the Home Office refuse to let us be a family. I was born in Northumberland and spent over 20 years in the UK. I met my husband Craig in Canada and we married in 1999. We owned a home in the UK and our daughter was born here We lived abroad but returned to the UK to care for my elderly mother who is 82. Craig was advised to return to Canada to apply for his spousal visa, which we thought would be straight-forward. The Home Office refused his visa and he hasn’t been able to come home. Please help us call on them to reverse it. I work 30 hours a week over 5 days at a local school. But the Home Office say it’s not enough. Craig has a job offer for a Production Manager at a North East Distillery. The distillery would like Craig's specialised knowledge and expertise in this field to help expand growth in this market sector. This position carries a good salary to enable Craig to support us. Betsy has settled into school and her friends are here too. She is part of Hexham Girls Football Team, Athletics club, The Hexham Abbey Choir and a local Drama group where she is playing the Queen! We have spent a significant amount of money on an immigration lawyer - all we want is to be together as family. I can’t leave my mother behind. She is already so much happier knowing she has us close by to assist her with her day to day life. Having her granddaughter close by has brought her much joy. Families like mine should not be separated because of money. Thank you so much for your support. The Gair Stock Family

Rachel Gair
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Petition to Liberal Party of Australia, Immigration Spokes Person of all political parties in Australia, Department of Home Affairs, Minister of Home Affairs, Australian LABOR Party

Australian Parent Visa policies are not FAIR. Political parties must address this issue.

My name is Supreet and I am proud to be Australian. I am living in Melbourne with my parents but my "Grand Parents" cannot join us quickly and/or permanently. My dad told me the options to bring them here, but both options are not fair. In option one, this visa takes 25 to 30 years and in option two we have to pay nearly AUD 95,000 but the visa will come after 4-5 years. My parents are Australian Citizens too but look like we still don't have equal rights. Please help me to sign this petition, so that we can fight for our fundamental right to live together as a family. We have provided a matrix below to compare, how Australian visa framework treats our parents. It is about time now, change the visa framework so that our grandkids can be with their grandparents. Isn’t it unfair and discriminatory for Australian Citizen/Permanent Residents and Tax Payers, that it is complex and expensive to bring our parents to Australia? It is clear from the matrix that how unfair and biased our parenting visa is. Under the current policies of the Department of Home Affairs, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for any migrant family to bring their parents to Australia.  Every migrant family have to pay approximately AUD 90,000.00 (For mother and father) to bring the parents here or they have to wait for 30 years (which is unrealistic). Is it the price that we have to pay because we were not born here? What about our kids, who were born here don’t they have the right to be with their grand-parents. This kind of policies are dividing the Australian Citizens, one with full rights to live with their parents and others have to pay the above-mentioned amount or they have to wait for 30 years! THEY FEEL LIKE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS. We feel it is against Human Rights and will be a big deterrent for the migrants.  What we are asking for: Reduce the cost of the contributory visa, which is now around AUD 45,000 per parent (Under Subclass 143 or 173, Parent Visa). We believe there should not be a contributory visa. Reduce the Processing time under the non-contributory visa, which is now 30 years should be in line with other permanent visas. (Under Subclass 103, Parent Visa). Remove the 'balance of family' condition (Under Parent Visa). Because in most cultures have their own heritage. Therefore in most instances, it is not possible for the family with two or more children to meet the balance of family test as the daughters are still in India with their in-laws.  Remove the quota and a limited number of visas for the Sponsored Parent (TEMPORARY) Visa (Subclass 870). As it is high paying visa subclass, the government should remove the ten-year limit on the total number of years it can grant.                       Australia        NewZealand*     Canada          USA___________________________________________________________________Permanent Residency for                       Yes                 Yes                   Yes               YesParents available___________________________________________________________________Fee                $6100/person    $1700 app.       $1040          $1225**___________________________________________________________________Processing    25-30 yrs         12-18 mth       20-24 mth   8 to 14 mthTime                                                                                 after final filing   __________________________________________________________________Family Balance            Yes                    No                     No                  NoTest___________________________________________________________________Contributory     Yes                   No                     No                  NoVisa___________________________________________________________________Contributory  $47,455              N/A                    N/A                 N/AFee   ___________________________________________________________________Sponsor            Yes                   Yes                   Yes                  YesCriteria    ___________________________________________________________________Links                    For Australia                                                                                             For AustraliaFor New ZealandFor CanadaFor USAFor USA In Canada the government also gave the option to the sponsor, where they can also apply for their Grandparents as well. *In October 2016 New Zealand National led government closed the parent visa but current government have plan to open it up again. **The fee doesn’t include the petition fee, according to the US process. It may have an extra cost of another USD 1000 for USCIS. KEEP IT SIMPLE, sign and share the petition. Ask the questions to all the political parties and then decide your VOTE. Because it's your parents.

Radio Haanji
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