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Petition to Easyjet, Jet2

Direct flight between Newcastle and Madrid

Sign the petition for a direct flight between Newcastle and Madrid. I'm from Newcastle but live in Madrid, and there are currently no direct flights.  Newcastle airport currently runs direct flights to 12 cities in Spain but, oddly, not the populous capital city of Madrid. There used to be twice-weekly direct flights between NCL and MAD run by Ryanair, but they were discontinued last year due to cutbacks – not due to lack of demand. I'd love to be able to visit my family more easily. And hope that this petition will help others (from both Newcastle and Madrid) do the same. I'd like to reduce my personal carbon footprint by taking just one flight each way instead of two (or sometimes three). I hope that this flight can help Newcastle grow as a tourist destination – it's a beautiful city that deserves more visitors! Sign the petition and share it with your friends and family who so desperately wish they could see more of you! _____________________________________ Soy de Newcastle pero vivo en Madrid. Al momento, no hay vuelos directos entre Newcastle y Madrid. Hay muchísimos vuelos desde Newcastle a 12 ciudades en España, pero no hay nada a Madrid, la capital. Solía haber dos vuelos cada semana entre Newcastle y Madrid por Ryanair, pero ya no. Los descontinuaron el año pasado por recortes – no por una falta de demanda. Me encantaría poder visitar a mi familia más fácilmente. Y espero que esta petición ayude a otros (tanto de Newcastle como de Madrid) a hacer lo mismo. Me gustaría reducir mi huella de carbono personal tomando solo un vuelo directo en lugar de dos (o, a veces, tres). Espero que este vuelo pueda ayudar a Newcastle a crecer como destino turístico: ¡es una ciudad hermosa que merece más visitantes! ¡Firma la petición y compártela con tu familia y tus compañeros ya, que querían verte más!

Newcastle Madrid
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Petition to The British Council, British Airways, Downing Street,, Jamaica Tourist, Michelle Obama

Britain to Honour Jamaican Caricom Passport Holders as Visa Free Travel

Can you help get my petition to 99 signatures by the end of today? I started a petition and I need you to sign and share it now. I would like to know the TRUE Reason and VALUE of the Common Wealth Passports and it's Citizens. Also why is there #Discrimination to Enter the UK? Why if the Governer General of Jamaica has to Report to the Queen of Britain, why does it's Citizens who are Members of the Common Wealth, and Members of the Windrush Empire family Need a #Visa to enter Britain to visit family and friends. Tourist Need a Visa - while British Passport Holders do not require one to enter Jamaica and other Caricom Countries? ... We need serious support on this Discrimination issue. We urge ALL who have family in Jamaica and the UK and their friends, and decent people all over the world to support our cause. All input will be appreciated as we develop this petition to move forward. MOST Jamaicans just wish to Travel for a Vacation -, just to family and friends.There are many Jamaicans who have lived in the UK for decades, have lived a decent life, paid their way through, didn't get in any trouble.  Earned their education, worked and earned honestly.  Accumulated enough knowledge and funds to be wanting to set-up a home and business in Jamaica.  Doing business and building a home for our family does not work overnight.  Many of us do not want to change our identify to become British. The current restrictions on entry and time allowed to stay hinders our opportunities to visit our close Family and Friends. We NEED YOUR SUPPORT ... contrary to popular belief Jamaicans are LAW ABIDING people.  Please Share and Support the Cause  Thank You  David Chen a Proud Jamaican.

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