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No child should die from the flu

For most of us, the flu season is inconvenient, but for people confined to immigrant detention centers it’s scary. Children held in detention are 9 times more likely to die from the flu than the general pediatric population. With flu season well underway, we urgently need your help to get flu vaccinations to the people who need it most. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is blocking a group of doctors from offering the flu vaccine to children and families in detention.  Immigrant detention camps function like prisons: physically and emotionally stressed migrants are held in these overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, often for months on end. Without the flu vaccine, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll see more outbreaks, putting more lives at risk. No one in 2019 should be dying from the flu in these camps. Carlos' death could have been prevented. Send a message to DHS before the disease spreads even further.  This is a heartless way to punish people who are seeking safety in the United States. Let’s be clear: our government put these people in camps simply because they are seeking asylum; they have not committed crimes. It doesn’t have to be this way. Our organization, Doctors for Camp Closure, wants to offer the vaccine to people in a detention center in California at no cost to the government. All we need is permission to enter. Join us in requesting permission to offer the flu vaccine to vulnerable children and families in migrant detention. P.S. – If you’re a physician, medical professional or medical student, please leave a comment indicating that when you sign.

Doctors for Camp Closure
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Petition to US Department of Justice: Board of Appeals, US Department of Homeland Security, irwin county detention center

Free Pauline!!!! Do it for Samiyah...

Hi,  My name is Millie Mpay Binam and my little sister, Pauline Binam, has been held in an ICE Detention Center in Irwin County, GA for the past two years; It's going on three now. She's been there since Oct. 13, 2017, and they refuse to let her out. A little background: Pauline started off a well-behaved child, who loved kids, friends and having a good time with loved ones. This allowed Pauline to turn into a very generous, caring and fun-loving adult. While not all her mannerisms stayed the same, the caring, fun-loving, generous part of her remained. Growing up, from High School to College, Pauline turned her ways to the wrong associations and wrong crowds. This eventually led to Pauline getting into a lot of trouble. Most of this was caused by the hardship my family had to endure growing up as foreign household without any help or support, other than my Father, who struggled and scrimped, to raise 5 kids all alone. The most recent event took place when Pauline was caught "shoplifting" with a group of people, in SC, that she barely knew. The reason I put quotation marks (" ") around the word shoplifting is because Pauline was not one of the people who put her hand, or had any involvement, in stealing the damaged goods. While all this was happening, Pauline said she was just trying to get a ride to SC to see my family before she headed home. I believe Pauline, in this instance, not because she's my sister, but because I was actually with my parents that day, at their house, and I remember hearing from Pauline, saying she was on her way there (meaning my Parents' house), and that she had a ride. No one thought to question it because Pauline was a very likable person and had many friends. We, also, not having cars, had no way of getting her ourselves. So, we did not think anything of it. The people she was riding with went into a gas station, telling her they were going to pay for gas, and instead came running out with cases of beer in tow, leaving Pauline an innocent bystander, sitting in a car with people committing a crime that she didn't even know. Anyone who knows Pauline knows that she cannot drive and that she does not know how to operate a motor vehicle (Pauline does not know how to drive). She also does not know much about the law. This pretty much left Pauline an innocent bystander, "guilty" of a crime she was not aware of. This was literally a crime of Guilt by Association. Pauline was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time. And if that isn't enough, Immigration Court is trying to use her charges against her, ones she got from 2007 when she was just a child (17 years old), just because they are similar to the crimes she's dealing with now. The crazy thing is, the State of South Carolina and the SC Immigration Court let her go, dropping all the charges. It was the NC Immigration Court that did not want to let her go, due to all the charges she was dealing with in NC. Pauline is currently facing deportation due to the Judge in Irwin County not wanting to let her go. At this point, it is up to the US Dept. of Justice: Board of Immigration Appeals, Clerks Office, in Falls Church, VA (5107 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041) to grant her appeal and authorize her release. I am not a lawyer, and I am not asking for money, but I am concerned sister who wants to see her sister again and does not to see her sent back home to a country she does not know. Pauline came to the US, LEGALLY, at the age of 2 and lost her good standing in the US when faulty/shady Immigration lawyers stole my Parents' money and did not file our Immigration paperwork by the time the documents would have been accepted. Pauline will know NO ONE if she is sent back home. Pauline deserves a fair shot; ESP. when the Immigration System and US Gov't are failing her by not giving her a fair shot, regardless of all the people AND the US entities that are trying to help her. I ask that you sign this petition.... That's All. Maybe this will shed some light on the inaccuracies and fallacies that the US Gov't tries to place on people who don't have a voice in America and do not have the right to speak up, and/or receive help. Pauline has a daughter, Samiyah, who is 11 years old and who she has not seen her mother in 3 years. That's 3 birthdays, two gradutions, 3 Christmases and so many more that Pauline has not gotten to see or be with her daughter. We are her relatives and we love her and miss her very much. We don't need money. We just need you to get the word out. We love her and we miss her, and we cannot do this without you. Your help is so vital. Please help. Thank you. GOD bless you.

Millie Mpay
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