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Petition to Mitch O'Farrell

Help Super Pan Bakery of Virgil Village Get More Time to Relocate

Super Pan Bakery has served as a hallmark of the East Hollywood and Virgil Village community for over 20 years. In a community of immigrant families where the majority of family members work at or below minimum wage, items and prices like those of the bakery not only represent culture, but protect it, providing a sense of place for young and ‘old’ residents of the neighborhood alike. Earlier this year, the landlord of the space where Super Pan is located sold the property to another owner, though not without falsely stating to the incoming owner that Doña Elvia and her family had only occupied the space for just two years prior. On August 16, 2018, the new ownership of the space abruptly gave Doña Elvia and her family a 60 day Notice to Terminate Tenancy. At the time of this writing, the family now has less than 19 days to leave their 20-year-old bakery, where Doña Elvia’s children and even grandchildren have grown up. The 60 Days they were given to relocate are not enough to move out 20 years’ worth of memories, items, and other belongings of theirs, and we know we can at least get an extension for the Panaderia to move out until the end of this year in December.We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens and constituents who urge Mitch O’Farrell, the local councilman representative for East Hollywood, whose stated mission is to uphold the quality of life for our neighborhood, to act now to help Super Pan Bakery get until December to relocate.

Este Pueblo De Virgil
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Petition to Charles E. Schumer, Charles E. Schumer, Chuck Schumer, Kirsten E. Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders

Keep Reza Teshnizi in the United States

From Reza: "My name is Reza Teshnizi, a resident of the United States of America. I have been working towards obtaining a work visa in the US. However, on August 20th, my H1B petition was denied, thus forcing me to leave the country. I am writing to you to humbly ask for your support in my immigration case. I am a 28-year-old young professional and a citizen of Iran. I grew up in a lower class family with the hardship of a country under a war. I made it my own goal to make every possible effort to move to the United States of America for my graduate studies; in 2013, I achieved my dream of a living in a society where fairness and equality are of paramount value. In which 'all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.' I was admitted to the Computer Science graduate program in Texas A&M University. I moved to the United States with just enough money to support myself for a few months. I worked diligently to prove my best work ethic because I believed in this country. I had faith that hard work would not remain unnoticed. I published multiple papers in top research conferences and, as a result, my advisor offered me a position as a PhD candidate. I was thrilled by this opportunity! However, I felt responsible for supporting my siblings financially and their own dreams. So, I decided to start my career as a Software Engineer. I was keen to outshine and made it my personal goal to be promoted to managerial positions in my firm within five years. After working earnestly, I achieved my goal in less than three years when I was promoted to team lead in New York. It is devastatingly heartbreaking that after working hard and making my best efforts to prove my worth, my lifelong dream is vanishing before my eyes. As George Washington said 'the bosom of America is open to receive not only the opulent and respectable Stranger, but the oppressed and persecuted of all Nations and Religions; whom we shall welcome to a participation of all our rights and privileges, if by decency and propriety of conduct they appear to merit the enjoyment.' I am humbly asking you to help me in my immigration case as I have done everything in my power to prove my merits to this great nation. I sincerely appreciate your time for reading this letter. Best regards,Reza Teshnizi" For many, the American Dream is long dead. Too far removed from the struggles of our ancestors, our comfort dulls awareness of the depths to which men can suffer. Our grandparents Dreamed that we could have a better life than the strife they escaped. American citizens enjoy security and choice which is rare in history. For Reza, the American Dream is dying. Please help him preserve it.

William Parsley
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Petition to Johns Hopkins University

Support Dr. Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel and all displaced workers

Dr. Tamsyn Mahoney-Steel is a Digital Scholarship Specialist and Adjunct Professor of Digital Humanities at Johns Hopkins University Sheridan Libraries, where she has been working for the past 5 years. She is an important and valued member of our university, providing leadership in building our digital humanities community, helping our patrons and staff develop much-needed skills in this area, and maintaining a crucial link between the library and the faculty, students and staff we serve. Due to recent changes to US immigration policy, Tamsyn is being forced to move back to the UK, where she holds citizenship. She has been given less than two weeks to dispose of her house, home, and nearly all of her possessions. The university has declined to assist her with a Green Card and work permit application and the library has decided not to hold her position open until a more just solution might be found. Tamsyn was fully prepared to repay the university for help with the visa and to use her 403b retirement savings to live on while the process went through in order to keep the job and life she valued. We, the undersigned, protest the policies of our government, and all such policies, which callously damage lives such as Tamsyn's, and communities such as ours. These policies claim to protect our interests, but instead impoverish us of the wealth we find in our diversity. We call upon the university, its peer institutions, and all employers, to sponsor all workers who face displacement. To fail to do so is to surrender a much-needed tool for resisting the ongoing assault to the values that are the bedrock of our society. We call upon the library and all workplaces to hold open the positions of all workers who are being torn from their livelihoods and their lives by these policies. To carry on with business as usual is to signal that the contributions of our international colleagues are not a valued and vital part of our work and culture. We call upon all workers to raise our voices in support of Tamsyn and all those who are being mistreated in our names. Every worker matters. We are better than this.

Drew Heles
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