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Petition to Kyle McCarter, U.S. Department of State, Carl Risch

Grant a Visa to Pastor Michael

Since November 2017, Kenyan pastor Michael Omondi has been stuck in the Department of State's "Administrative Processing" for a visa to come to the US.  As the spouse and soon-to-be-father of American citizens, he wants to be able to visit the US with his family! Ndoto ( is a faith-based mission organization whose mission is to Educate, Disciple, and Develop at-risk people in western Kenya.  Founder and Executive Director Allison Schlack has been working in Kenya since 2003 and living there since 2011.  In that time, Ndoto has sponsored more than 450 students to schools from kindergarten through university, launched a thriving church, and started several businesses to create jobs.  Michael Omondi has been part of the ministry for more than a decade, as a student in Bible college, as a staff member, and as the lead pastor of Ndoto Community Church. In April 2018, after a long relationship, Allison and Michael were married in Kenya and nearly two dozen people traveled to be with them on their big day.  They are expecting their first child in May 2019. In 2017, they started the process with the US Embassy in Nairobi to apply for a B1/B2 "tourist" visa so that Michael would be able to visit the United States with Allison.  He has never been to the US, although he has been to several other countries with Allison.  This visa would allow him to meet the rest of Allison's family, see her home, and be part of Ndoto's ministry and fundraising in the US.  Perhaps most importantly, it would allow them to be legally married in the US and for him to travel with Allison and their child when they come to the US. Neither Allison nor Michael want to permanently move to the US.  Michael could apply for a green card to immigrate as the spouse of an American citizen, but he is the sole pastor of a thriving church and Allison directs the Kenyan operations of Ndoto's work.  Michael only wants to be able to visit. On November 13, 2017, Michael had his visa appointment in Nairobi and received approval.  However, within days, his application was moved to "Administrative Processing" which is supposed to take 60-90 days.  It has now been well over a year.  Michael has no criminal history, has a bachelor's degree, and is gainfully employed.  He has purchased land for his mother, takes care of his grandmother, and supports his sister and nephew. Everyone from employees at the State Department in DC to various Embassies' employees to the staff of a US Senator have said that this case is highly unusual but there is nothing that they can do.  Only the staff at the State Department in Washington D.C. can finally issue this visa. We are asking for Pastor Michael to receive his visa!

John Seale
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Petition to Thomas Giles


ALLOW THE FAMILY OF YESENIA AND OMAR CAMACHO TO STAY IN THE UNITED STATES! NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION! Teachers, parents, students, and the community of Santa Ana, California demand that the ICE Field Director of the Los Angeles Office, Thomas Giles, allow the family of Yesenia and Omar Camacho asylum in the United States.  Their mother, Irma Alvarez Torres, fled their hometown in Michoacan, Mexico in 2016 with her children because they were threatened with violence by a drug cartel who asked them to pay for “protection.” I know their mother was hesitant to leave at first, for she would be leaving her home and everything she had worked for. But one day, two armed men in a car followed 15-year-old Yesenia to school and threatened her for the second time, and that was when Yesenia’s mom, a single parent, decided she could not wait around and see what came of these threats.  Yesenia and Omar are without a doubt two of the most outstanding young people I have ever known. As their AP Spanish teacher, I had the opportunity to work with them for the past two years.  Many teachers at our high school in Santa Ana know the Camachos as students of integrity with a drive to succeed academically. When Omar started at our school, he was forced to wear an ankle bracelet in my class sanctioned by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  At this time, he helped his mother by working night shifts to make ends meet at home. Because of this, he would come to my room at lunchtime to finish his homework. Yesenia, his younger sister, would join him. She also had little time to socialize with friends in order to excel in her education. For the past two years, I have been a witness to Omar and Yesenia’s discipline and dedication, who both had to learn English to succeed academically.  It paid off; this year, both of them are graduating high school, and Yesenia was accepted to UC Santa Barbara. She wants to study accounting in the future.  Omar has worked all through high school, and he wants to continue his studies at a local community college so that he can achieve the dream that this country has provided for so long: a good career, a stable home, and for his siblings to grow up in a safe environment. This is why we are calling on the Field Office Director of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Los Angeles, Thomas Giles, to grant Yesenia and Omar’s family asylum in the United States.  If this agency really wants to make America great, they will allow these young, talented and hard-working people to stay in the United States with their family to achieve the dream that this country offers.   ALLOW YESENIA AND OMAR’S FAMILY ASYLUM IN THE UNITED STATES!! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION FAR AND WIDE!

Elizabeth Guerrero
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Petition to Albert E Carter, Phoenix Field Director, Charles Harrell

Justice For Santiago, taken by ICE

Santiago Nunez is a kind, great and unfailing generous person with a huge heart whom brings joy to so many people around him. But those who know Santy already knew that and to those who don’t know him personally you still know who he is and the impact that he makes to the friends and family that he cares about. He goes out of his way to help those around him. Not because he feels like he needs to but because he wants to. He changed so many lives by just being a good friend and taking the time out to be a great human being.  On the weekend of February 16th Santiago was enjoying a trip to the Grand Canyon with 2 others. On the way back they were pulled over because of his CT License Plates. Unfortunately Santy was taken and has been being detained by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) due to his residency being expired unbeknown to us all. He is a good human being and doesn’t deserve what they are doing to him. It is despicable and disgusting and certainly not what this country stands for. He has been here since he was 5 years old. He is not a criminal in any type of way and poses no threat to anyone. This is the only life he knows. His freedom is on the line and the only way to help save his life is by asking for your help. Santy has always been there to help others now this is our time and chance to help him. With his mother battling cancer he no longer would like to impose a financial burden on his family. We ask you to please find it in your heart to make an act of kindness by donating on go fund me whatever you can so that we can get him out of this situation he is in or sign this petition so we can raise as much awareness possible. 

Morgan Thibodeau
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