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Petition to Kate Gallego (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Thelda Williams (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Sal DiCiccio (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Jim Waring (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Michael Nowakowski (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Debra Stark (Councilwoman, City of Phoenix), Laura Pastor (Vice MayorCouncilwoman), Daniel Valenzuela (Councilman, City of Phoenix), Doug Ducey, Kimberly Yee, Greg Stanton, 668 North LLC, Lela Alston, Ken Clark, Katie Hobbs

Save the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center

Please find the latest update at In June 2017, a local Scottsdale based True North Companies’ subsidiary purchased 97 Units of this commercial condominium units, and started its plan to remove all features connected with Chinese culture and history from the exterior of the buildings to create standard "modern" office buildings despite disagreement from another condominium owner. This would destroy an important piece of Arizona's history. We urge you to preserve our Chinese cultural heritage, Phoenix's only Chinatown. The Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center, also known as the COFCO center, was built by COFCO with help from community volunteers and donations from local Chinese immigrants with support from the City of Phoenix government. The Center was created according to the public art requirement by the City 20 years ago.  Special materials and supplies were brought from China, and skilled workers from China spent years making this one of the most beautiful Chinese Cultural Centers in North America. The names of donors are engraved in the Wall of Honor, and it has become a Phoenix landmark, and part of Arizona's history. For the last two decades, the Center has played an important role in the Valley of the Sun. Chinese New Year performances and celebrations have educated both tourists and locals about Chinese culture, and the garden and its artifacts are an important example of Chinese workmanship and cultural significance. While the new owner has recognized the historical importance of the Center, and has offered the garden artifacts, we want to save the entire Chinese Cultural Center. It would be impossible to fully disassemble and restore the center's heritage at another location. Conservation of culture and history encourages building strong relationships with the local community to address its needs; preserving the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center will benefit business and long-term development of the area, and maintain an important piece of Arizona's history. Please sign this petition to share your support for preventing the destruction of the Phoenix Chinese Cultural Center.

Jennifer Yang
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Petition to U.S. Department of State, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security

Do not extradite Mr. Miroslav Fejfar from the USA to the Czech Republic

We the citizens and legal residents of the United States of America respectfully urge the U.S. Department of State to revoke the decision to extradite Mr. Miroslav Fejfar to the Czech Republic where he has been unjustly prosecuted for the last 18 years, and allow him to continue seeking asylum in the United States. As a small business owner in his native Czech Republic, Mr. Fejfar was regularly targeted by corrupt police and law enforcement and frequently asked for bribes. Because he has always denied and decried this practice, now as well as then, the law officials in the area framed him for crimes that never happened. In 2001, he was sentenced to 3 years in prison. He fought this decision with all legal means and tools available to him by the Czech judicial system, and after he realized there was no chance to get justice in the Czech Republic, he fled to the United States. Mr. Fejfar applied for asylum in the USA in 2012. His asylum claim was admitted by an Immigration Judge, and his final hearing was set up for April 14, 2016. Three days before this hearing, Mr. Fejfar was arrested, and the Immigration Judge was ordered to close the asylum case. The Judge argued the important nature of the relief requested and the risk of violation of Mr. Fejfar’s due process rights, and refused to close the case. Nevertheless, his decision was overruled, and the asylum case was administratively closed. Mr. Fejfar is a 49-year-old resident of Beaverton, Oregon. With Barbara, his domestic partner of 20 years, he raises two sons, Christopher (8) and Charlie (3), who were born in the USA; and runs small business supporting the local economy. Both of his children were born extremely prematurely, the younger son weighing just little over 2 pounds. Despite his parents’ dedication and care, Charlie is legally disabled and suffers from on-going health problems which require continuous attention. In the attachment to this petition, excerpts from support letters written by local community representatives and leaders attest to Mr. Fejfar’s character and actions and sharply contradict Government's claim that extradition of Mr. Fejfar is in “public interest.” We the undersigned believe that extraditing Mr. Fejfar to the Czech Republic, particularly before granting his asylum case to be heard in the United States violates fundamental human rights and International Laws and Treaties which bar extradition of an asylum-seeker while their asylum proceedings are still pending. Therefore we kindly ask the Department of State to revoke its decision and refuse the Czech Republic’s extradition request. Attachment: The Mayor of the City of Beaverton states: "People in our community see Mr. Fejfar as a valuable, contributing member of our community, and a man with many qualities we greatly value in this country. A well-respected, hard-working, honest, responsible business owner. A generally good and decent person with firm moral values and integrity. Law obedient citizen. A good partner and loving father. I remain hopeful that he will be allowed to stay in our great country, to continue to live and work in our beautiful city, and to care for his family." M. Raddish, MD, Development, and Behavioral Pediatrician at St. Vincent Hospital states: "The Providence Children’s Development Institut provides treatment for children with complex medical needs. Both children were born prematurely and medically fragile. Through the intense work provided by Mr. Fejfar and his wife, Christopher is developing normally and attends the mainstream classroom without support. Charles continues to require specialized services to support feeding, communication, and problem-solving. Charles is at high risk for long-term complications of prematurity including learning delays, speech and language delays, and ADHD. Mr. Fejfar has been an extremely active participant in the management and care of his young boys. His extradition would negatively impact their growth and development significantly." The President/CEO of the Beaverton, Oregon Chamber of Commerce states: "Mirek and Barbara have had two darling little boys, and we have watched them grown and admired their closeness and beautiful family. They are a part of our community. They are active in their local elementary school and participate in community events. Mirek is a responsible and respected business owner. His kindness is demonstrated in all of his work with clients and fellow business owners. He is an asset to our community and the farthest thing from a threat that we can imagine." The President of Czech School of Portland states: "I have known Miroslav to be a very honest and open man with strong moral values. He possesses a great deal of integrity and sense of doing things right. I see him as a person truly dedicated to his family, his partner Barbara, and his sons Christopher and Charlie. He is hard working, resourceful and generous individual, who never misses an opportunity to ask how he can be helpful. Judging by his observed respect for law, I believe that should he be given a chance to become a legal resident; he would make a great asset to the society as a whole." Mr. Fejfar also received written support from many other people and organizations, including Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici, other doctors and therapists caring for his sons, teachers, neighbors, clients, and others.

Mirek Fejfar
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Petition to President of the United States

Children don't belong in cages

The Trump administration is trying to indefinitely imprison immigrant families and children in cages. If he is successful, we’re going to see babies celebrating birthday after birthday from behind a chain link fence – all because their families tried to escape unspeakable violence in their home countries. Join our campaign to end long-term, indefinite detention of immigrant children. Earlier this year, the Trump administration enacted a “zero tolerance” policy, prosecuting and detaining immigrant adults for the “crime” of crossing the U.S. border. Because of a 1997 settlement called Flores, children are not allowed to be detained in prison-like environments such as adult detention facilities for more than 20 days. But now Trump’s new Executive Order would allow for immigrant children to be held in detention indefinitely. The separation of families fleeing violence is cruel and inhumane – but keeping babies in cages indefinitely is much worse. Immigrant detention centers are unsafe for any human being. In the past few years several allegations have surfaced of abuse and sexual assault against detention center guards and we know that people in detention are denied access to basic healthcare services. Already adults are held in these facilities for months on end; it is unimaginable that children would find themselves growing up in these prison-like facilities. If we want to keep families together we should stop prosecuting their parents for making the same decision we would all make: fleeing to the U.S. border to keep our children safe from violence at home. Children don’t belong in cages. Sign our petition to keep them out of long-term detention.

Kids In Need of Defense
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Department of Homeland Security, United States Department of Health and Human Services, E. Scott Lloyd

#ReuniteEveryChild Now

Between May 7th and June 20th the Trump Administration separated nearly 3,000 children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border, when they instituted a new “zero tolerance” policy. These kids, many of them toddlers who cannot speak for themselves, are concentrated in camps far from their parents, with no plan to reunite them. The government even had the gall to demand that parents agree to “self-deport” in order to get their kids back. On June 26th, a San Diego judge ordered the administration to #ReuniteEveryChild under the age of 5 by July 10th, and the remaining by July 26th. However, as of July 9th, the administration says they can only reunite 54 of the roughly 102 children under the age of 5, that’s less than 2% of the total separated. The administration requested an extension to these dates and on July 9th, a federal judge granted that extension. Our federal government is inflicting harm and trauma upon these children through this mistreatment. Their policies include not allowing staff to touch or hug the imprisoned children to comfort them. Meanwhile, parents who are desperately trying to call their own children can only call a single government hotline – a phone number which has been proven to be mostly ineffective. At Define American, we are asking everyone, especially journalists, demand a plan from the administration to immediately #ReuniteEveryChild with their parents on U.S. soil. Will you sign on and demand that the Trump Administration immediately #ReuniteEveryChild? 

Define American
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