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Petition to home office, Sajid Javid

Grant Bhavani Esapathi a visa so she can live #LetBhavaniLive

My fiancée Bhavani is seriously ill and has been receiving urgent medical treatment. The doctors say she needs to stay here, but the Home Office want to deport her to India. They even threatened her with deportation whilst she was unconscious in a coma.  Doctors say her life is at risk if she would be deported. This means the Home Office could be sending her to her death. Will you sign my petition urging the Home Office to make sure she stays? Bhavani came to the UK nine years ago as a student. After two misdiagnosed operations as a child in India, she got finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the UK. After her studies, she worked in the arts industry in the UK creating a platform for people with chronic illnesses, which has been recognised with the Royal Society of the Arts, the British Council, and the Arts Council England, to name a few: She paid her taxes like you and me, and as a visa holder, she paid even more into the NHS than British citizens – it’s called ‘Immigration Health Surcharge’. The UK has been her home, and it’s also where we have fallen in love and built a life together. When her Crohn’s disease got worse she needed surgery and had to stop working. So she applied to stay, but the Home Office have refused her application.  The Home Office have admitted that she wouldn’t get as good care in India, and pointed out that she could get ‘palliative care’ instead. As if Bhavani’s condition wasn’t critical enough, this whole process has caused her a lot more stress, which is only making her condition worse.  After Bhavani needed surgery last September there were severe complications and she barely survived. She will need more surgeries to get better again, because her stomach never closed properly - but right now she is too weak to even receive surgery. That’s why she is currently on a drip to gain weight so that she can survive the next surgeries. She can’t travel at all and the surgeons say that it is of “vital importance” that her care continued to be coordinated and performed here in the UK. The Home Office are reviewing our case, so we need to put as much pressure as possible on them now! This cruel politics has to end, so that Bhavani can continue to get the care she desperately needs. Will you sign my petition urging the Home Office to allow Bhavani to stay? Thanks so much for supporting our cause. If you are interested in Bhavani's work visit her webpage: You can also donate directly to support her on 

Martin Mangler
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Petition to Amber Rudd MP, home office

Help Jennifer stay in the UK with her family and continue doing valuable research

Dr Jennifer Wexler has worked at the British Museum as a Bronze Age archaeologist for four years and is married to my colleague Dr Sam Nixon. He excavates on some of the most exciting sites in Africa. The Home Office have said Jennifer must leave the UK and I’m calling for her to be allowed to stay. Jennifer is originally from the USA and the Home Office say that her application to remain has been rejected because she has spent too much time abroad. This time though was principally for her archaeological research, which was approved by the Home Office via a series of highly-skilled visas. By leaving, she would be separated from her husband of 3 years. The Home Office suggest that he also leaves the country with her, even though Sam is a British citizen, with no work permit for the US. The UK has been Jennifer’s home for over 11 years. Not only has her Indefinite Leave to Remain been rejected but so has her appeal. Her lawyer said she was “bewildered” by the Home Office’s refusal. And Jeremy Corbyn is also supporting Jennifer’s case by writing to the Home Office, saying the decision puts UK’s research reputation at risk. He said: “Dr Wexler is an obvious asset to the UK due to her expertise and education” and “This is far from a one-off case: there are many academics who have to travel overseas to properly conduct their research and the Home Office should be more flexible.” Archaeologists around the world are shocked and appalled that Jennifer and Sam are both being asked to leave the UK. We would end up losing two highly valuable members of the UK research and academic community, who contribute to UK society in entirely positive ways. Please sign and share this petition, so that the Home Office can see how many people consider Jennifer, and her British husband Sam, valued members of the United Kingdom and help keep them in the UK. Thank you! #KeepJenniferinUK Guardian article on Jennifer’s case: BBC London News coverage:

Andrew Wilson
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Retract this amendment which extremely restricts a refugees' access to Canada

I remember seeing a couple months ago: "Refugees will always be welcome in Canada". What a great lie that was. This amendment allows immigration officers at the border to reject refugee claims if the asylum seeker has already made a claim in another country that has an immigration information-sharing agreement with Canada. Including: Australia, New Zealand, Uk and of course... The US. The asylum seeker will no longer be entitled to an oral hearing and the claim can not be appealed to an independent tribunal. Instead, denied claimants will have the right to submit a written, pre-removal risk assessment, which lawyer Kevin Wiener says has about a 3% success rate. Think of the many reasons a refugee gets denied access to a specific country. That shouldn't stop them from being able to apply for other countries... (Canada). Imagine a woman flees her home country because her boyfriend is a gang member that wants her dead. The US STILL denies her request for asylum because of their screwed up immigration policy. She now has basically a 0% chance of getting into Canada and must return to danger back home. For a country that says "We love Refugees" and takes in every publicised refugee they can get their hands on, this is ducked up. (Yes, duck is correct). This amendment should be stopped. YOU CAN'T MEND A WORLD WITH AMENDMENTS LIKE THESE!!! Here is an article which confirms this: BBC News - Canada to reject refugees with claims in other countries

Kain Clarke
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Petition to home office

Owen has been temporarily granted to stay, but still needs your help to remain!

*UPDATE* We are now raising funds to directly cover Owen Haisley's on-going legal costs in order for him to remain in the UK to provide for his young children and to serve the community of Greater Manchester as a youth worker and musician, following his deportation to Jamaica being halted on Feb 5th, due to overwhelming public interest in his case.   Despite over 100,000 people signing this online petition and MP Lucy Powell directly raising Owen's case in Parliament with the Secretary of State, Owen is effectively in a legal no-mans-land as we continue to fight for his stay in the UK.  Legally, Owen is unable to seek meaningful employment, claim any benefits, or even access the NHS, as the Home Office have revoked his indefinite leave to remain visa - which means he has no access to any support of any kind - which puts a huge strain on his family and friends, particularly when it comes to trying to cover his mounting legal costs. Having taken advice on the likely costs Owen will face, it is anticipated that we need to raise at least a further £5000 - on top of the £10,000 already borrowed from family and friends to pay recent legal bills. We are calling on Owen's loyal supporters to donate to what is set to be a long, mentally challenging and expensive legal process ahead. With your help, your donations will directly pay for: 1) Solicitor and barrister costs (for the ongoing Judicial Review and further legal processes Owen will have to undergo in order to re-secure his residence in the UK)2) Reports from expert witnesses (to be presented to the court to support Owen's stay in the UK)3) Mental health support for Owen as his case continues (having been detained in two rat-infested deportation centres over 6 months, 200 miles away from children - and having witnessed two attempted suicides by other detainees, whilst detained). By supporting this campaign, you are directly contributing to keeping Owen, a tax-paying, hard-working, community-minded, father of three young children who has lived in the UK since the age of 4 (now 45), in the UK.  Thank you in advance for anything you can donate! Owen greatly appreciates your contribution and support in helping him to remain in the UK with his family. :) GO FUND ME LINK: Story So Far Links: Owen thanking his supporters, following his release on bail (04.03.19): Lucy Powell MP raising Owen's case in Parliament: The backstory surrounding Owen's deportation order: Previous Story So Far: Owen arrived legally in the UK in 1977, with his mother and sister, when he was just four years old. He has three children, all of whom have full British citizenship. He is a drum and bass/ jungle MC, music tutor and community worker (AKA Madrush MC), and has been part of the Manchester music scene for his entire life.   He paid £6000 for applications that were incorrectly processed by his previous solicitors. He has been detained and is currently being held at Harmondsworth Removal Centre. Along with 50 other people, he is due for deportation to Jamaica on Tuesday 5th February - the day before the Stanstead 15 sentencing. His case is currently ongoing, and he is awaiting a response from the Home Office. Supporters are very concerned that the response may not be issued until shortly before he is due to leave the country. This is the first plane to attempt to deport people to Jamaica since the Windrush scandal. They will be escorted by large numbers of security personnel. There are more than 50 people who need our immediate support.  The flight leaves in 2 days. (The departure date has changed from the 5th to the 6th) If contacting MP's or the Home Office, please use Owen's Home Office reference number which is: H1269358 People to call: Lucy Powell MP Central Manchester                                       - 0161-232-0872Afzal Khan MP Shadow Minister of State for Immigration    - 0161-226-5546Dianne Abbot MP Shadow Home Secretary                            - 020 721-9 4330David Lammy MP                                                                       - 020-721-907-67 STOP the PLANE - Emergency Meeting Tuesday 5th Feb at 7PM as below: Please sign and share widely... EDIT* The online petition worked. We now ask people to STOP donating to the petition - as the money goes to to pay for advertising the petition (it does not go to the campaign or towards Owen's legal costs). Over 100,000 people have signed it, which is a fantastic result, but we now must focus on using this to maintain media interest to keep Owen and the other men in the public eye, while they remain detained indefinitely. ***

Helen Kenny
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