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Petition to Alexis Kristine

Stop the 'bmx' grounds and fix Platt Park

When my fiancé and I started our search for our first home, the most important thing we wanted was a park near by for our two year old daughter. We kept thinking, “a park will give her a great outlet to run and play and just blow off some energy every nice day”. We ended up finding that ‘perfect’ home just a field away from Platt Park. The park needed some updating but we thought at the time, it was perfect for our daughter, huge field for her to run and play in, fly kites when she’s old enough, pick up pine cones every autumn and make crafts, the works, we literally purchased our home because of this wonderful field and cute park we would feel safe at every time. Now let’s fast forward literally a YEAR we purchased our home... they are dumping dirt. Piles and piles of dirt, for what? We still aren’t exactly sure what the park district is thinking? A ‘bmx’ field? Why? Why not build up the park that we have come to love, the park that needs work to make sure little kids have a retreat to play and feel safe? Now? Now we have trucks dumping dirt, pile after pile... ruining the view of not only the park, but taking away something that meant so much to my family and my new neighbors families. Countless lives were shook all because of? We aren’t being told anything. No one came to our door and told us what was going to happen so close to our home, no one plans on fixing up a park that my fiancé played at as a child. Our view has changed, our property value has plummeted. Now this ‘bmx’ thing is not only seeing people on bikes but ATV’s! It’s DANGEROUS. I’d like to know how the city of Sterling would feel if someone walked into a gorgeous field literally in front of their home and just started dumping dirt, pile after pile, and didn’t care how they felt. How would you feel if you had to tell your two year old little girl that you can no longer go in that field to play because now it’s too dangerous for her to play?! This has put a bad taste in my mouth as a citizen of Sterling, I really wish they would have looked at all sides before they decided to damage the view.I would like you to take a look at the photos and think to yourself "Why are they causing this much damage to a beautiful field instead of fixing up a park that dozens of children would want to play at if it were SAFER". Please, as a parent, as a citizen and tax payer, please consider my opinion as your own and help me fight make Platt Park a better place. 

Alexis Kristine
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Petition to Scott Eisenhauer, Danville City Council

Demand that Danville Mayor Eisenhauer commit to lowering emissions

One of the greatest threats facing not only our country but the world is climate change. There is substantial evidence for the existence of climate change and also evidence that human activity is a significant contributing factor. The effects of climate change and increased pollution will be devastating as it will lead to warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, increase in extreme weather events, ocean acidification, poorer public health and significantly more. As members of the Danville community we demand that Mayor Scott Eisenhauer and the Danville City Council join the 357 Climate Mayors across the country and commit to lowering emissions.   Organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and the American Public Health Association all agree that climate change and increased pollution will have detrimental effects on public health as it will threaten a community's water supply, increase in vector-borne diseases and extreme weather events, and lead to an increase in heat waves. This will affect the most vulnerable in our society such as the elderly, children, the sick, and the poor. Lowering emissions and achieving a healthier and safer community should be championed by all of our elected officials. We can no longer ignore the effects of climate change and it is time for us to take steps to lessen its effects. Many cities and communities across the country have already taken steps to commit to fight climate change. This is an opportunity for Danville to be a leader on a national and global scale and help make our community cleaner and safer for future generations. Join us in demanding that the city of Danville make a commitment to lowering emissions.

Vermilion County Action
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