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Petition to Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security

Keep my fiancé in the United States, allow illegal immigration status change !

My Fiancé has been here for over ten years. He is the love of my life and treats me better than any man I have ever met. He was recently pulled over and has to go to court for traffic violations for the first time ever. He is not legal and this court hearing could open the door to deportation. Sadly even after we are married it’ll be difficult to gain citizenship and he is still at risk. I can’t imagine living without him. He takes care of my heart, my soul, my needs, he is a hard working man and a provider and a lover. I don’t think I could ever look at the American flag with my hand on my heart and feel so patriotic as before if I didn’t have him. This country was built on immigration. And making it nearly impossible to change his status even when we are married is a lack of understanding for the fact that this man has spent ten years building a life here, this man has spent ten years forming relationships here, and if he leaves he will lose everything. His life would’ve been ripped from beneath his feet. I’m proud of the land of the free and the land that is supposed to be accepting of immigrants. Not the land that makes it impossible and will rip their lives away from them... You’re not just affecting the life of an immigrant. You’re destroying the life of a born citizen too.

Mary Weber
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Petition to City of San Antonio

Demand San Antonio follow Texas Law and Federal Immigration Law

On December 23, San Antonio Police Chief Bill McManus directed the release of 12 illegal immigrants detained at a human smuggling crime scene without checking their immigration status or even running a basic background and/or ID check.  It is reported that these illegal immigrants were in police custody for several hours, yet the Chief decided to put our community at risk and apparently violate federal and/or State laws by releasing them to a pro-sanctuary non-profit.  This decision not only shocks the conscience, but it abandoned what had been for years the standard procedure within the department of working closely with Federal and Municipal agencies in human smuggling cases. This petition calls upon the San Antonio City Council to immediately suspend and investigate Chief McManus for violations of City & Department Policies and/or State & Federal Laws.  It also calls upon the Texas Attorney General to investigate whether his actions (and potentially more importantly the actions of other, elected officials) would constitute a forfeiture of office under Texas Law (SB4). Petition: Whereas the Texas Legislature duly passed Senate Bill 4 (SB4), in the 85th Regular Session, which included in part, an explicit prohibition on local entities, to include law enforcement officials from adopting, enforcing, or endorsing a policy that prohibits or materially limits the enforcement of immigration laws; and Whereas SB4 also prohibited local entities and law enforcement officials from prohibiting or materially limiting the enforcement of immigration laws through pattern or practice; and Whereas Chief William McManus, on December 23, 2017 apparently dismissed a Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) agent from the scene of an ongoing human smuggling investigation in San Antonio; and Whereas Chief McManus further sought to deliberately to confuse residents and misrepresent the facts and circumstances of the incident, by sleight of hand and misuse and conflation of the very specific legal terms, “human trafficking” and “human smuggling” in an apparent attempt to minimize the severity of this crime and provide him with plausible excuse for treating these 12 participants in an illegal smuggling operation as victims; and Whereas Chief McManus is not only familiar with Texas SB4 and Federal Law, he is duty bound to uphold these laws for the safety of our citizens and the integrity of the law enforcement process.   Therefore, be it resolved, that we the undersigned call on the San Antonio City Council, Mayor, and City Manager to (1) immediately suspend Chief McManus and place him on Administrative Leave until the full facts and circumstances are fully understood; (2) immediately inform SAPD that they are to fully comply with Federal Law and Texas law in letter and spirit; (3) immediately reassure San Antonio and the surrounding areas that it remains a priority to ensure San Antonio is a law and order city where human smuggling, human trafficking, and law breaking of any kind shall not be tolerated. Be it further resolved that we call upon the Texas Attorney General to immediately investigate Chief McManus, and any other city officials or staff who participated in the decision to flaunt Texas law and Federal immigration laws, to determine (1) if, in fact their actions constitute a forfeiture of the person's office under  Sec. 752.0565 of Texas Government code, and (2) if such a finding is warranted, we call upon the Office of Attorney General to begin proceedings under Sec. 752.0565(b) to remove such officials from office.  

Matt Beebe for Texas House
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