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Petition to Columbia College Hollywood


I am alumni who has too much school pride to allow this to continue. I would like to strip Edward James Olmos of his Honorary Doctorate on behalf of the students who were fired, punished, followed, and had projects stopped stolen and destroyed by Edward James Olmos and his friends, members of the National Hispanic Media Coalition because of the productions negligence. I am the show creator, and execute producer who was fired before the accident on their illegal project. Violations  against everything we are taught, and what is the norm in the industry, they believe they are exceptions to laws; their negligence on set, their attempted solicitation of the female actresses, and students abused for their skills they do rightfully obtained through their investment in their education.  Why is Edward James Olmos still holding his honorary doctorate when he allowed his friends to abuse the students and community?  Why is Edward James Olmos allowed near children and students when he has a history of sexual abuse?  Why is Columbia College Hollywood favoring a celebrity who used, abused, and conducted illegal activities then threatened their careers?  Why is Edward James Olmos allowed to hurt the students, yet profit off of them?  Where is the scholarship for the victims from the National Hispanic Media Coalition, who blatantly hurts latinos and bullies the industry into supporting their ventures financially with claims of racism when they hurt an international hispanic student’s opportunities because she wasn’t willing to sleep with producers? You as a school should have done something about this when it was first reported. Instead chaos ensued. So what came of this for the students? Pain.  You as a school were informed by an alumni, and the executive producer of the show and you did nothing for the students, may I ask why? Is it because you failed to respect your students success? Especially, the success of women? This woman.  Instead, animosity between the students ensued by a circle of people all using Edward James Olmos and his image to scam people into slave labor, and unprofessional sets with false claims of fame and success.  This is a learning experience, for the students, the staff, and the community. Myself mainly, as I had step out of my comfort zone and defend the real victims. The students.  You have an honorary doctorate holder with bully system that messed with the wrong nerd.  I wish to petition Columbia College Hollywood to strip the honorary doctorate of a man who has been publicly accused, and paid off, indecency towards minors and abuse towards females. He has no business being around students or industry hopefuls. His friends help and protect his image and I stand behind Harvey Keitel.  Edward James Olmos is worse than Harvey Weinstein. His friends go through outrageous lengths to protect him, and I am asking for his honorary doctorate degree to be given to a Latino who helps the community. George Lopez.  George Lopez, writer, producer, actor, social media influencer, and a real Latino Success Story.  George Lopez Gives Kidneys.  Edward James Olmos Touches Kid Knees.  #moveoverolmos  I am currently being sued by their shell company for slander yet they were illegally operating before I registered the business entity because I believe they should pay taxes.  So who is going to pay for the students tuition? Loss of opportunities? What are you going to do for the student body against men who just want student’s bodies?  PS: remove Richard Crowe at once as he cares nothing about the students except what they offer him. Thanks!  Everyone’s favorite, Jennifer Saffary! 

Jennifer Saffary
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Department of State, Department of Homeland Security

Keep my fiancé in the United States, allow illegal immigration status change !

My Fiancé has been here for over ten years. He is the love of my life and treats me better than any man I have ever met. He was recently pulled over and has to go to court for traffic violations for the first time ever. He is not legal and this court hearing could open the door to deportation. Sadly even after we are married it’ll be difficult to gain citizenship and he is still at risk. I can’t imagine living without him. He takes care of my heart, my soul, my needs, he is a hard working man and a provider and a lover. I don’t think I could ever look at the American flag with my hand on my heart and feel so patriotic as before if I didn’t have him. This country was built on immigration. And making it nearly impossible to change his status even when we are married is a lack of understanding for the fact that this man has spent ten years building a life here, this man has spent ten years forming relationships here, and if he leaves he will lose everything. His life would’ve been ripped from beneath his feet. I’m proud of the land of the free and the land that is supposed to be accepting of immigrants. Not the land that makes it impossible and will rip their lives away from them... You’re not just affecting the life of an immigrant. You’re destroying the life of a born citizen too.

Mary Weber
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