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Stop Appalachian State University From Becoming A Sanctuary University

--- WE THE STUDENTS OF APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY AND/OR CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HEREBY REQUEST THAT THE LEADERSHIP OF UNC SYSTEM / APPALACHIAN STATE UNIVERSITY IMMEDIATELY AND PUBLICLY DENY THIS REQUEST. --- Appalachian State University's Student Government Association President Mr. Howard and Vice-President Mr. Dawson have recently announced that the SGA officially urges the Appalachian State University Board of Governors and Administartion to declare the the University as a SANCTUARY UNIVERSITY (akin to Sanctuary Cities). The announcement can be found here: ASU SGA - Official Announcement 030717 This ridiculous request from the SGA for the University, a federally funded institution, to engage in an act of defiance against Federal laws is not only shame to the University system, but a danger to all citizens of the United States of America. It also potentially endangers federal funding.   It requests: That the University and Administration and Campus Police do not assist, or prevent, or actively work against Federal agencies or law enforcement. Implement new costly programs to continue to provide education to "undocumented students" even after they are arrested, imprisoned, deported, "or afraid to appear on campus". Mandatory training for University employees and optional training for students to indoctrinate political correctness. Create funds to directly assist individuals and families of undocumented students, and faculty/staff. Create more "safe spaces" on campus for undocumented students and others, where freedom of speech is restricted. And more!  

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We the People, in our concern for border safety, the safety of American citizens, the safety of visitors to the US, the safety of legal immigrants and with legal status, and preventing the continued lawless illegal aliens of unknown origin, background, criminal status, intentions, and in cooperation with our Federal immigration laws,  hereby would like to volunteer our services in any way possible within our capacity to help in building the wall on our southern border. We are patriots of this nation that agree with the reality that without borders we have no country of laws, ethics, ideals, principles, culture, or protections of our freedoms and benefits we work hard to create for ourselves through our hard earned tax dollars. We agree that without borders, we have no protections for our property we worked to purchase, no protections for our children, and our livelihoods as adults. We understand the risks and burden that illegal aliens pose as being undocumented in our presence with no record of them in any data base, no bio-metrics, police background checks, before they have entered this country, like legal immigrants and VISA holders are required to provide before even being admitted into the US. We understand that being a citizen in the US is a privilege that holds certain rights, as long as you obey the laws of our country. We agree that if someone wants to become a citizen and assimilate as an American, and nothing but an American, they are welcome to enjoy and participate in those same ideals and benefits that comes with being a US Citizen, but to do so legally through the immigration process, as millions have already done in our nations past.. Our nation is $20 trillion dollars in debt, and we are very concerned. We cannot afford to take on any more burdens, and going more into debt. This is why we feel that with our volunteering help in this endeavor, we as a nation can evolve into a more fruitful cooperation in prosperity without the worry of who may be among our midst. The threat of terrorism coming through our Southern Border is immense by the very fact that we already have so many illegal crossings on a daily basis. This to us is a very real problem and as our nation moves forward to rebuild this great nation, it must start with having a nation to rebuild. The only way to define us as a nation is to have borders within which we can be called "Americans". In conclusion, we make ourselves available to a proposed team of volunteers that are willing to be part of a historic chapter in our countries history. We submit our patriotism to the dreams of our founding fathers, and hope that with our help we can continue to help keep sovereign the greatest nation ever known to man. By creating this team of volunteers, we can accomplish what the original patriots did that fought for next to nothing, and many volunteered to achieve. We feel we cannot let our forefathers, and all those who fought in the wars for our country since, all be in vain by allowing the continued abuse of our laws and Constitution. We will not allow our Constitution to be perverted into open borders. Our Constitution does not give foreigners the right to citizenship without them first applying for it. Foreigners do not have a right to demand we allow them to come to this country, and to turn our country into what they want us to become. This is America, and we understand what that means. Therefore, we volunteer to help build the wall that is essential to the protections of what America is all about.

Paul Millar
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