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How Smart is a "SMART-KEY" If Anyone Can Drive Off Without It?

 DO YOU OWN A KEYLESS IGNITION CAR? DO YOU WANT TO BE STRANDED OR HAVE YOUR CAR STOLEN? There are MAJOR defects in the design of the new Keyless Ignition Automobiles, and there are MAJOR SAFETY CONCERNS for EVERYONE who owns one of these cars. ONE OF THE BIGGEST SAFETY CONCERNS IS THAT THESE KEYLESS AUTOS CAN BE DRIVEN ANYWHERE WITHOUT THE KEYFOB (SMART-KEY) PHYSICALLY PRESENT IN THE CAR LEAVING PEOPLE STRANDED AND MAKING THESE AUTOS MORE PRONE TO THEFT! There has recently been an increase in the number of cars being stolen which have been left idling and unattended, even momentarily. Others have found themselves stranded, sometimes in dangerous situations, or far from home after driving without the "key fob" in the car. Maybe this has happened to you, or you know of someone who has experienced this type of incidence, which is not only VERY INCONVENIENT, but can be COSTLY as well as EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! No automobile should ever be able to be driven anywhere without the actual "key fob" in the car! In order to remedy this problem, they should require the key fob to be quickly recognized a second time and be WITHIN THE WALLS OF THE CAR before the car can shift from "PARK" into a drive gear. This will prevent auto theft if a car is left idle unattended and also will prevent drivers from ever getting stranded! The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) are U.S. federal regulations specifying design, construction, performance, and durability requirements for motor vehicles and regulated Automobile safety-related components, systems, and design features. FMVSS 114 S5.2.2- Except as specified in S5.2.4, the vehicle must be designed such that the transmission or gear selection control cannot move from the “park” position, unless the key is in the starting system.  The problem is that with Keyless Autos there is an issue with the interpretation of "Key in the starting system". The "key" is now just an electronic code.  This section of the law needs to be rewritten to state that "the transmission or gear selection control cannot move from the "Park" position, unless the key fob is authenticated a second time and is within the walls of the car." If you agree with me on this issue, PLEASE get involved and SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY!  THERE IS CURRENT PENDING LEGISLATION TO CORRECT THE FLAWS of KEYLESS IGNITIONS and WE ASK FOR YOUR INPUT NOW! We want the NHTSA and Department of Transportation to understand how many people have been negatively affected by the flaws in keyless automobiles, and We want these flaws to be fixed! If you will take just a minute of your time, changes WILL happen. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TODAY !! Additionally if you have experienced these problems with your keyless auto it is imperative to log your complaint on the DOT website: NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNLESS PEOPLE MAKE THEIR VOICE HEARD! let them know your specific story or problem you’ve had of getting stranded or without your key fob or theft of your keyless automobile!  Thank you very much for your attention. Susan Roberts

Susan Roberts
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