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Petition to Eric Holcomb, Rick Niemeyer, Douglas Gutwein, Joe Donnelly, U.S. Department of State, Todd Young, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House

No ICE Detention Facility in Newton County

It has recently been revealed through the press that Geo Group is considering building a for-profit private ICE Detention Facility in Newton County Indiana.  Local citizens are concerned and many have no desire for such an entity to be established in the community,  having seen the recent events if other nearby communities rejecting similar plans, and sharing the same concerns.  Many are especially concerned by recent zoning decision by the county commissioners to zone a large plot of land in Lincoln Township PGD. The petition was brought forth by El Dardo llc, otherwise known as Matt Anderson, a private citizens and owner of the property,  who sought the rezoning in order to make it "shovel ready," citing that he couldn't sell the property if the entity had to go to the trouble of seeking the zoning on its own. The Newton County Planning Commission (which Commisioner Drenth is a part of), voted unanimously against the petition,  however the county commissioners disregarded all concerns and unanimously accepted it less than a week later. This makes it possible for Geo Group to build this facility and the local community to have no say in the matter.  Lincoln Township is the largest residential community in Newton County. This facility would be surrounded by homes and just minutes from Lincoln Elementary School if it were to be placed at this site. Local residents want to know if this is the site Geo Group is looking into, and if so what will the elected leaders do to represent the best interests of the community. 

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Petition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Support Augsburg Professor Mzenga Wanyama

"Dr. Mzenga Wanyama, a University of Minnesota graduate and tenured professor of English at Augsburg University, who has resided in the Midwest for the last 26 years, attended a meeting Friday, March 9th to review his case and discuss "plans for removal" from the United States. ICE has required Dr. Wanyama, a native of Kenya, to comply with stringent guidelines including regular visits to the ICE headquarters in St. Paul every one to three months. Dr. Wanyama has not missed a single visit. But this most recent demand comes outside of that schedule and signals a shift in priority of his case, putting him at risk for detention and deportation.  Dr. Wanyama’s case was previously deemed a low priority by ICE, in part because he is a full-time professor at Augsburg University, where he teaches writing and literature, and he has no criminal record. He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi and the University of Minnesota, where he earned his PhD in English. Dr. Wanyama taught in the English department at St. Cloud State University before coming to Augsburg University, where he earned tenured status and currently teaches full time. His students and colleagues know him as a beloved mentor and expert in writing, Postcolonial literature and theory, and African American literature. "Professor Mzenga Wanyama is an invaluable tenured member of the Augsburg University Community. Augsburg's students need Professor Wanyama," said Robert Cowgill, chairman of the English Department at Augsburg University.     Dr. Wanyama lives with his wife and has three sons in Minnesota who volunteer regularly with Feed My Starving Children. One of his sons is a US citizen. "Any action ICE may take to prevent Professor Wanyama from continuing his important work must be seen as a direct assault upon deeply held community values and interests," Cowgill said. Meg Novak, a Minnesota-based advocate for families of immigrants, responded to the meeting by saying, "It is an outrage for ICE to remove our community members from their homes, disrupt their lives and rip apart families." Community members are invited to meet at the St. Paul ICE headquarters located at 1 Federal Dr #1640, St Paul, MN 55111 at 12 PM this Friday, March 9th to show support for Dr. Wanyama and his family."GoFundMe Link: Link with updated information: Read more & stay updated at:

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Petition to United States Congressperson Emmanuel Cleaver, Senator Claire McCaskill, Senator Roy Blunt, Mayor Sly James, Thomas Blank

Bring home unlawfully seized deported. The Irreplaceable Letty Stegall. #BringLettyHome

Leticia Stegall, the woman affectionately known as "Letty" and described as "the face of the River Market." Letty is a mother, a wife, and loved as a sister to many. She may have been Mexican-born.   She loved our country despite the hardships it offered her at times. She gave so much to our community and was deeply rooted caring and tireless part of the City Market. She was much more the manager of the Blue Line hockey bar in the River Market. Yet, our nation, her adopted country denied her due process when a Court order was ignored and she was abruptly deported by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Feb. 26. Her work visa was set to expire at the end of March, according to Stegall’s husband. Stegall said Leticia left their home early Monday morning and an ICE agent arrested her on her way to the gym. He also said they drove her car back and parked it in the driveway, but he wasn’t informed she was arrested. A neighbor called Stegall’s parents and told them what happened. "My parents called me and asked if I had heard the news that Immigration had come and got Letty,” Stegall said. He said the hardest part was telling his wife’s 16-year-old daughter. "She came home telling me she got an A on her test, happy. I was like 'Oh god… Honey, that's great but I have some absolutely horrible news,'” Stegall said. Leticia was held in the Platte County Jail for four days. Stegall’s lawyer contacted a federal judge, who ordered on March 2 for Leticia to stay in the country at the Platte County Jail. She was deported the same day.  It’s unknown at this time when Stegall was deported and when the order came down. Leticia’s deportation was part of an operation targeting people here illegally with prior criminal histories. Perhaps the need for stats and figures to pound the drum of division that is now stifling the faint breeze of freedom once known.  Meanwhile, her daughter prepares for graduation while her mother is denied the ability to come home. Stegall said he thought they would be allowed to carry out that legal process to try and keep Leticia here. Stegall has started the paperwork to file for a marriage visa. The process can take up to two years. He’s unsure if that would override the 10-year period that Leticia is not allowed to re-enter the country because she was forcefully detained. The throngs of supporters on a Monday night show the community support for Letty and elected leaders should take note of the votes they will lose as this woman and this issue embodies the ideals that many of us will not sacrifice. On Feb. 26, 2018, deportation officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Leticia Tadeo-Guzman, a citizen of Mexico illegally residing in the U.S., during an operation targeting at-large criminal aliens.  Tadeo-Guzman has a prior conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2012.  She received a final order of removal from a federal immigration judge in 2016. While she was in the process of being removed, the local ICE office received a faxed Writ of Habeas Corpus from the U.S. District Judge of the Western District of Missouri.  She had has been removed to Mexico and is no longer in ICE custody, this Writ is no longer applicable or so the authorities suggest. #BringLettyHome    

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