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Petition to Marinos Vourderis, Italian Ice Justice

Marinos Justice for Aaron

Everyone loves Marinos Famous Italian Ices. Some people like Cherry, others like Lemon. I happen to prefer Rainbow, the ultimate ices flavor. With Rainbow, you not only get the sweetness of Cherry and the sourness of Lemon but the Blueberry too. For as long as I can remember, I have been a Marinos ices aficionado. During those hot summer days of my childhood, I would walk over to the nearby Stop and Shop and pick up a sweet pack of Rainbow flavored Marinos ices. For years I had gotten used to and expected a level of quality. When I ripped open that box and pulled out a container, I felt a sense of security. As I peeled open the top and was greeted by an equal distribution of flavors, I felt the greatness of living in America. One day, however, my world was shaken. It was a normal afternoon and I opened the fridge to grab a Marinos Ice, but my day took a dark turn when I peeled back the frosty top. I was appalled when I saw that my beloved Cherry flavor was all but missing. Instead of getting an equal third, the red colored flavor was all but a smidge at the edge of the cup ( My heart broke as I realized the red on our nation's flag was not being represented. My Marinos fantasy came crashing down. At that moment, it felt like my childhood had been tainted. After seeing such an abomination, I felt it was my duty to stand up for the reds in the world, the ones who are marginalized by those who seek the overtake them. I sent an email to my friends at the Marinos factory asking for just compensation. I asked for a Marinos shirt to help me dream on. I was offended when my supposed "friend" Frank ridiculed me and insulted me and my loyalty to Mr. Marino Vourderis with a mere $3 rebate. So I ask you to stand with me and help me seek justice for my tragedy. Help me reinstate my dream with a Marinos Shirt. Let my Marinos fantasy live on. #MarinosForAaron #RainbowJustice #RedDiscrimination View the emails:

Aaron B
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Petition to Jim Kenney

Mayor Kenney: End the PARS/ICE Contract

Today we ask you to stand with immigrant communities in Philadelphia by helping to remove a crucial weapon in ICE's deportation machine. Since 2010 the City of Philadelphia has shared PARS (the Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System), a real-time legal information sharing database, with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement.) This has led to a ballooning of deportations inside of our city and has facilitated the local Philadelphia ICE office to become the most aggressive in the country. On August 31, 2018 we have the opportunity to end ICE's access to PARS by not renewing their contract. PARS is a local database used by our legal system. It collects personal information, including social security number, date of birth, country of origin and address. Although it does not collect immigration status, ICE uses the information in the PARS database to racially profile our community through proxy searches. Because of this access ICE conducts dangerous raids across our city, in our homes, at our jobs, and across our legal system. This puts anyone who has been touched by the database and their families and loved ones in jeopardy of a deportation and family separation. If we truly would like to be a sanctuary city we must close all the loopholes ICE uses to target our community and expand our definition of sanctuary. The city of Philadelphia's contract with ICE is up for renewal on August 31st. In order to continue the contract needs to be signed by the office of the District Attorney, the Mayor and the First Judicial District (the courts) D.A Krasner has already publicly made his commitment to discontinue this contract. Therefore, we urgently ask Mayor Jim Kenney to not renew the PARS/ICE contract as well. If you would like to sign on to this demand. Please sign and share this petition. En La Lucha,Juntos

Juntos .
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Petition to Eric Holcomb, Rick Niemeyer, Douglas Gutwein, Joe Donnelly, U.S. Department of State, Todd Young, Indiana State Senate, Indiana State House

No ICE Detention Facility in Newton County

It has recently been revealed through the press that Geo Group is considering building a for-profit private ICE Detention Facility in Newton County Indiana.  Local citizens are concerned and many have no desire for such an entity to be established in the community,  having seen the recent events if other nearby communities rejecting similar plans, and sharing the same concerns.  Many are especially concerned by recent zoning decision by the county commissioners to zone a large plot of land in Lincoln Township PGD. The petition was brought forth by El Dardo llc, otherwise known as Matt Anderson, a private citizens and owner of the property,  who sought the rezoning in order to make it "shovel ready," citing that he couldn't sell the property if the entity had to go to the trouble of seeking the zoning on its own. The Newton County Planning Commission (which Commisioner Drenth is a part of), voted unanimously against the petition,  however the county commissioners disregarded all concerns and unanimously accepted it less than a week later. This makes it possible for Geo Group to build this facility and the local community to have no say in the matter.  Lincoln Township is the largest residential community in Newton County. This facility would be surrounded by homes and just minutes from Lincoln Elementary School if it were to be placed at this site. Local residents want to know if this is the site Geo Group is looking into, and if so what will the elected leaders do to represent the best interests of the community. 

Ryan Farrar
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